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You can download the sheet music from the video: Levy – I Like It

Barrington Levy – Like a soldier (answer riddim)

Barrington Levy – Like a soldier.

What does it mean if someone has a levy on your paycheck? My husband was served a notice today saying there was a levy put on his paycheck for 50.00.Will they take all 50 out at once or in increments? How soon after you’re served do they start the levy?No He owes..54.16

You can download the sheet music from the video: Levy – I Like It

Well, first of all I really doubt that anyone would go through the trouble of getting a levy for only $50. I think you have misread the notice.more likely is that it $50 per pay period.But, to answer your questions. They will take it out all at once.and if they have sent the notice to your husband they have probably sent it to his employer. This means the very next pay check and every one after that until the debt is paid.The reason I think you misread the notice is that it would cost more than $50 to get a levy on a paycheck. I hope this helps.

It will probably be $50 per paycheck, and if the $50 is the entire levy, I would say it will be taken out all at once. And as for how soon, it would be first paycheck processed after your husband’s employer has received the levy.

It means they will take $50 out of EACH check until the debt is satisfied. There is no way $50 is the total. It cost them many times that amount to apply for the levy. In the US, this is usually called a garnishment. If the notice came though his employer, you can expect it to start on the next paycheck. Otherwise, it MAY take until the check after the next one.

I don’t think you have the story straight here. Is this really a tax question? Who is owed money? $50 is pretty paltry for going to the trouble of a payroll levy.

That’s odd that they would put a levy for only $50.00. It would cost more than that just to put the levy on his paycheck?

How can i resolve a levy on my bank account? I know where the levy came from, but im not sure whether i should pay the bank or the main source. I dont want to pay one and the other saying i still owe the money. How can i resolve this levy? Should i just put the adequate amount of funds in a new bank account under my name?? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
If the levy is on your bank account then the simplest way of “paying” it is to hand the bank the funds necessary to pay off the levy that froze your bank account.

Who originated the levy? Go to them, pay them, and they’ll contact the bank to release your account. This applies whether it’s a government or private agency.

How long does it take for the levy to clear from my CD account? The IRS put a levy on hold in January and even though I already arranged for payment it shows in my CD account. My CD matured and so I am unable to withdraw the money because of the hold. The IRS is now closed. How long does it take for all this to clear so that I can get my money?
If you have entered into an installment agreement with IRS, it should have released the levy. Give them a call and request that the release be sent.

The way a bank levy works, it attaches to funds in the account when the bank receives it. The bank then forwards those funds to the IRS. Funds put in after the levy are not subject to the levy.Did the IRS take all the money in your CD account? Then it is gone. Are there still funds in the account but you cannot get to them? Talk to the bank. You can also request a levy release from your contact person (the phone number and name on all those nice letters), if you have resolved the tax situation, or have a proposal to resolve it.If the levy is from January, my guess is there is nothing in the account. Check with the bank.

When you say that the “IRS is now closed,” does this mean you don’t owe them anything? If so, call the number on your collection notice and ask that a release of levy be sent to the bank,

How are home owners “threatened” over proposed school levy? Our city is gearing up debate over a proposed school levy. The school district is preparing the not uncommon tactics of threatening to cut busing, sports and other activities.A recent editorialist wrote that she is not against the kids. Rather, she is against home owners being threatened. Of course, she referred to the threats to discontinue services.Aren’t there more direct and overt threats leveled at home owners when we’re talking about property taxes? Please say what other threats are involved. Comment on their nature. To which threats should home owners be most concerned?
The way I look at it is:The school’s JOB is to provide EDUCATION.not busing, extracurriculars, or great wages for middle management and administrative folks.Typically, if the students in a district are doing well, I’m more inclined to look favorably upon renewing levy funding or expanding it for a new building, etc. But if the scores are bad, I see that as throwing good money after bad unless it comes AFTER a regime change on the school board.superintendent etc.A “threat” to kill sports or busing is only a threat if your belief about what school should be is misguided IMHO.

How can Jupiters cloud be scared from the schumacher levy 9 impact? HeyWe all know that Jupiter is almost entirely made of gas but when the schumacher levy 9 comet impacted Jupiter it left a giant impact scar on Jupiter’s cloud but how can a impact scar be shown on a cloud layer because clouds would just reform and all the debris would be blown away in Jupiter’s massive wind stream, so whats going on?
The scar was enormous, so it would take some time for the clouds to reform. There was also a lot of substances kicked up from the lower atmosphere, such as ammonia, so that stayed visible too.

Jupiter may be described as a gas giant, but it doesn’t mean it’s the same consistency as a light fog. The gas becomes dense not very far “down”, and the density increases rapidly just like water on Earth. The Galileo probe that dropped into Jupiter’s atmosphere was crushed having penetrated a tiny percentage of the way in. The meteors you can see most nights on Earth are usually grain-of-sand size, up to pebble-sized, and they cause a small light show on Earth even though they burn up in the thin outer atmosphere. The fragments of S-L 9 were miles in diameter and travelling at hundreds of miles per second relative to Jupiter. At that speed, colliding with anything will cause an extraordinary explosion. The fragments would have vaporised very rapidly. The scars lasted days at least, but did eventually heal.

The scar is like a very slow-motion splash on water. It takes a while to damp out so that the steady state can reform.

Comet Shoemaker-Levy 9 caused a series of massive explosions in Jupiter’s atmosphere. These stirred up the gases in its atmosphere to an extreme extent, bringing darker material up from lower levels to the surface layers of clouds. It took several months before the strong forces in Jupiter’s atmosphere were able to return things to their normal state.