Into The Woods part 5 – I Know Things Now

Danielle Ferland.

Downloadable music scores: Sondheim – I Know Things Now

Into the Woods – Sondheim (‘I know things now’) sung by Eleanor Grant

British singer/actor/musician Eleanor Grant. Age 12. website: Eleanor Grant appears in the film ‘Nativity 2 Danger in the Man…

What song should I use to Audition for Little Red Riding Hood in Into The Woods? I am auditioning for Little Red Riding Hood in Into The Woods, but I don`t know what song and monologue to use for my audition! For my song, I was thinking “I Know Things Now”, I am a alto, but i can sing a lot of ranges, so all i need is a song that fits the part(and a monologue)

Downloadable music scores: Sondheim – I Know Things Now

I would sing “Make Me a Pallet on the Floor” as sung by Jelly Roll Morton. It’s on “The Complete Library of Congress Recordings” But, take warning, some of the words are not suitable or appropriate for persons under the age of, say, 14 to be on the safe side. So make the necessary adjustments. And enjoy your performance. Good luck.

It is never a good idea to sing a song from the musical you are auditioning for unless you are specifically asked to. That’s what the call backs are for. For Little Red, I’d try some of these:Schroeder – You’re a Good Man, Charlie BrownCastle on a Cloud – Les MiserablesConsider Yourself – Oliver!Goodnight, My Someone – The Music ManHere’s to Us – Little MeI’m an Indian Too – Annie Get Your GunLet Me Sing and I’m Happy – White ChristmasLittle Lamb – GypsyLonely Goatherd – The Sound of MusicMama Who Bore Me – Spring AwakeningMatchmaker – Fiddler on the RoofOn the Other Side of the Tracks – Little MePainting Her Portrait – Jane EyrePoor Little Hollywood Star – Little MeThe Girl I Mean to Be – Secret GardenThe Glamorous Life – A Little Night Music (another Sondheim show)The Orphan – Jane Eyre- something Tina sings in “Ruthless!”Break a leg!

Good songs to sing for an alto? I’m an alto so I can sing low or high. I’m right in the middle and I don’t know what are some good songs to sing.. I can sing things like Miley Cyrus, Little Mix (Jade, Jesy), etc.. Help?
I know a classical piece from the show “The folliws”. It is called “losing my mind”. Or something like “Le violette” which is Italian. You can find different pieces but in a different key to suit for your voice.

“Losing My Mind” from “Follies” is, indeed a great song with great dramatic potential .It is, after all, Sondheim.But you should get familiar with the work of the great Broadway team of Kander and Ebb..Not only did they give us shows like “Chicago’, “Curtains” and “Cabaret”, nearlyall of their shows feature a leading lady in the mezzo/alto range.This gives you LOTS of choices.

What do you think of today’s Broadway musicals? Broadway is one of my favorite things in the world, but I am very disappointed with these new musicals. I am not a fan of jukebox musicals because they aren’t original, and the majority of new musicals seem to be just that. Nothing feels like broadway anymore, like my favorites In The Heights, Billy Elliot, and WIcked. What are your views?
People and composers have run out of ideas for musics. They are turning TV shows and movies into musicals that werent really meant to be. Also the quality of performance from todays singers is lacking. We need some fresh ideas and singers on todays stages. hopefully a new generation will arise.

The state of Broadway is following the state of the country in general. Expect to see Jersey Shore- The Musical. That crap sells. Spider Man sells. Shrek sells. It’s sad. very very sad. We need more Sondheims and Schwartzes and fewer guy-who-wrote-Rock of Ages (biggest travesty to hit Broadway since I’ve been alive).

Well a lot of my favourite musicals have left Broadway 😦 like In the Heights and 9 to 5, for example.Aside from Wicked (my all time love lol) and Mary Poppins, I don’t really see any shows come to think of it, and I ADORE BROADWAY!! (my whole room is dedicated to it). And I guess what you’re saying is the reason why. I hope good shows start coming back.Annie is coming back in 2012 which should be awesome, and I’m hoping they’ll bring back some old classics like Les Miserables and Rent.

What is a good audition song for Sweeney Todd? I’m a male tenor, age 14, and I’m looking for a good audition song for the role of Tobias. It can be a song from any musical, except a song from Sweeney Todd? Are there any Sondheim songs that are similar to “Not While I’m Around”? Or another musical song? I want a song that’s not too vocally demanding, but can show off my voice. Any ideas? I need it soon, so I can prepare the song.
I cant think of any song in particular, but definetely look at old musicals like 7 brides for 7 brothers, Kiss me Kate, Show Boat, Annie Get Your Gun, Phantom of the Opera, and things like that. There are a lot of beautiful songs that are classics. Maybe not for the role of Tobias, but some songs could have similar ranges and/or character motivation, etc. Good luck to you! 🙂