David Guetta – I gotta Feeling(Pacha La Pineda 18-08-09)


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David Guetta – I got a feeling @ pacha la pineda

David Guetta – I got a feeling.

What are your thoughts on Ichiro going to the Yankees? I think it is a good move since the Yankees traded two less than average prospects to get him and they only have to pay 2 million dollars of his remaining contract for the rest of the year. To me, if Ichiro does great it makes the Yankees look like a genius for getting him and if it doesn’t work, I think “So what” and move on since the Yankees didn’t give up much. Do you think Ichiro fits on the Yankees or is it a bad move?

Download and print Pineda (I Gotta Feeling) sheet music

its a good move for the yanks. plus defender with speed on the base paths. he is hitting .261 which is pretty good for a 8 hole hitter.personally i never thought there would be time when i would hate Ichiro’s guts. Than it happened.also it seems to be amends for the Pineda ordeal.edit+++one thing the yanks forgot though is he isn’t going to help them beat Wei-Yin Chen

I hope that the change of scenery will revitalize his career because he’s been awful the past 2 years.

i wish he didnt cuz i cant stand the yankees, but hes with pettite, jeter, and cano for yankees players i like. wish he could have come to the red sox,we need help in right field.I dont tink he fits i with the yankees, because he has probably the least power on the team, but i guesswe will see how it pans out over the next few games

“Dear Yankees,We’re sorry we traded you an injured Michael Pineda. Please have Ichiro.Signed,Seattle Mariners Management”That’s one of the comments on mlbtraderumors.com, haha.Anyway, I feel so bad for Seattle. I know Ichiro requested this, but those fans. I think they should have waited so the fans didn’t have to see Ichiro play against them right away. Just think if a random team like the White Sox were visiting Yankee Stadium and Derek Jeter was all of a sudden traded to the White Sox and then the fans had to see him play AGAINST the Yankees. That would be terrible. Obviously, he would get a standing ovation like Ichiro, but for that first game to be played against your team.it’s gotta hurt. With Youkilis, Red Sox fans gave him his standing ovation when he was still in their uniform and he came back two weeks later, allowing them time for it to sink in. Seattle fans saw their player go right against their team right away.that’s brutal. He meant so much to the city. And Seattle got so little out of the deal.sure, maybe a decent pitcher, but it’s unknown.As for the Yankees, like you said, it’s a low-risk deal.even if Ichiro sucks, it’s not like they lost anyone huge. I just hated the way it happened.

Dont really think its that great a move. Ichiro is 38 plus andreww Jones is 35/36 Ibanz is 40 yanks need more youth and speed in their lineup

I thought it was a very good move. The Yankees desperately needed some speed, and since Brett Gardner isn’t coming back this year, renting Ichiro on the cheap for the rest of the year makes a lot of sense to me. Before the Ichiro trade, A-Rod led the Yankees in SB with 11. Ichiro should hit leadoff and Jeter should go back to the 2 hole. Very good move by the Yankees in my opinion.

The Mariners should of held out for more. It’s a good move for the yankees, they got a lot from a little. And It’s a good move for Ichiro, it’s still a team sport and if his teammates suck then his stats suffer. He’ll be with players that can actually get on base bringing him more RBI’s. I think Ichiro will step up, it’s amazing what motivation can do for a comeback. Apply a little pressure in the right places and you have a catalyst, in this case I’m not a yankees fan but I will be watching their games the rest of this season because I am an Ichiro fan.

Well, i am as shocked than anyone here that found out that he went to the YanksBut it is a good pick up by them, Gardener is out, Ichiro has a strong arm (better than Gardners) he is alot faster and he can make contact with the ball hence his past 10 seasons. it makes their line up a lot more flexible and durable

Who wrote ‘I’ve Gotta Feeling’ originally, and it ISN’T the Black Eyed Peas? I’m positive that they didn’t write that song, but i wanna know who wrote it originally. It has very similar or the same lyrics, but Black Eyed Peas remade it because i’ve seen ads on Fox using the song that aired like a year and a half ago.No, it wasn’t them. There was definitely an original.
The song is titled “I GOTTA FEELING.” It is the group’s second single. It is taken from their fifth studio album, “The E.N.D.” (i.e., The Energy Never Dies).The music is comprised of a variety of dance-pop-party riffs that have been used over and over again. Just review the guitar riffs:ultimate-guitar.com/tabs/b/black_eyed_peas/i_gotta_feeling_crd_832775id_04062009date.htm . The lyrics are equally well-worn in spots.Nevertheless, to answer your specific question, the lyrics, music AND ROYALTIES for the song, as performed by the Black Eyed Peas, are credited to William James Adams, Jr. (will.i.am), Alan Pineda Lindo (apl.de.ap), Stacy Ferguson (Fergie), Jaime A. Dávila Gómez (Taboo), AND to radio-friendly remixer and producer, David Guetta, AND to Frederick Riesterer. Please see:billboard.com/bbcom/discography/index.jsp?aid=1249953&pid=272581catalog.berklee.edu/ipac20/ipac.jsp?index=CALLL&uri=full=3100001~!82831~!0&menu=search#focusallmusic.com/cg/amg.dll?p=amg&sql=33:wj5oxmy5ldse CBS has been using “I Gotta Feeling” for months to promote its shows.Please see video at:mybuddieslive.com/2009/06/12/video-black-eyed-peas-i-gotta-feeling-cbs-promo/Because the sound, riffs and lyrics are neither unusual nor hard to copy without running afoul of copyright law, I suggest that you may have heard bits of the music and lyrics before performed by one or more of the pop-dance crossover groups that will.i.am admires.