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Linda Perry “It F*cking Hurts” At: Guitar Center

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What is the name of the song that Christina Aguilera sings at the end of her new video “Aint no other man”? It goes something like this.I got trouble trouble trouble babe, always knockin’ at my door..’cause I’m a whole lot of trouble babe like a kid.etc

See and download Linda Perry: I Got Trouble sheet music

I GOT TROUBLEShe did this song with Linda Perry. She said she wanted to capture the old school feeling and bad-quality the old records had, so she recorded the song with a piece of cloth in front of the microphone. She also had a cold and drank whisky while recording the song. People who heard it said she sounds exactly like old singers, who sound far away from the mic due the quality of those old blues LP.People can get what they mean by this description judging the clip that plays on the beggining and end of the ANOM video. The lyrics:I’ve got trouble, trouble, troubleAlways knockin’ at my doorYes, I’m a whole lotta trouble, babyJust like a kid in a candy storeWell, I’m nothing but trouble, babeNot since the day that I was bornthe whole song is suppossed to be 03:42 long and its on her album “Back to Basics” which is released August 15

What was the very last track in Bridget Jones Diary 1 played over the credits?
S * H * I * T * E I watched this film lastnight and cant for the life of me remember what it is cant wait for the other answers

i’m not sure myself but have a look here and see if anything is

Here is all the songs that played in that movie.I suspect the las or second last one is the one youre looking for..”MAGIC MOMENTS”Written by Burt Bacharach (as Bacharach) and Hal David (as David)Performed by Perry ComoCourtesy of RCA Records/BMG Entertainment”CAN’T TAKE MY EYES OFF YOU”Written by Bob Crewe (as Crewe) and Bob Gaudio (as Gaudio)Performed by Andy WilliamsCourtesy of Columbia RecordsBy Arrangement with Sony Music Entertainment (UK) Ltd/Sony Music Licensing”ALL BY MYSELF”Written by Eric Carmen (as Carmen) and Sergei Rachmaninov (as Rachmaninoff)Performed by Jamie O’NealLicensed courtesy of Mercury RecordsA division of UMG Records Inc.”RESPECT”Written by Otis Redding (as Redding)Performed by Aretha FranklinBy Arrangement with Atlantic Recording CorpCourtesy of Warner Special Products/Warner Special Marketing (UK)”WITHOUT YOU”Written by Pete Ham (as Ham) and Tom Evans (as Evans)Performed by Renée Zellweger”RING RING RING”(Soul / Brisco / Jeilan)Performed by Aaron SoulCourtesy of Mercury Records Limited (London)”DON’T GET ME WRONG”Composed by Chrissie HyndePerformed by The PretendersCourtesy of Warner Special Marketing UK”PETER GUNN”Written by Henry Mancini (as Mancini)Performed by The Art of NoiseLicensed courtesy of Warner Music Strategic Marketing UK”LOVE”Written by Rosey and SwannPerformed by RoseyLicensed courtesy of The Island Def Jam Music Group”STOP, LOOK, LISTEN (TO YOUR HEART)”Written by Thom Bell (as Bell) and Linda Creed (as Creed)Performed by Marvin Gaye / Diana RossCourtesy of Mowtown Records Co LP/Universal-Island Records LimitedLicensed by kind permission from The Film & TV Licensing Division, part of the Universal Music Group”UP, UP AND AWAY”Written by Jimmy Webb (as Webb)Performed by The Fifth DimensionCourtesy of Arista Records Inc.”EVERY BOSSA”Written by Dick WalterCourtesy of KPM Music Limited”ME AND MRS JONES”Written by Kenny Gamble (as Gamble), Leon Huff (as Huff) and Cary Gilbert (as Gilbert)Performed by The DramaticsCourtesy of Universal-MCA Music (UK) LimitedLicensed by kind permission from The Film & TV Licensing Division, part of the Universal Music Group”FLY ME TO THE MOON”Written by Bart HowardPerformed by Julie LondonLicensed courtesy of Capitol Records Inc.”I’M EVERY WOMAN”Written by Nick Ashford (as Ashford) and Valerie Simpson (as Simpson)Performed by Chaka KhanBy Arrangement with Warner Bros Records IncCourtesy of Warner Special Products/Warner Special Marketing (UK)”KISS THAT GIRL”Written by Sheryl Crow (as Crow)Performed by Sheryl CrowLicensed courtesy of Interscope Records”SOMEONE LIKE YOU”Written by Van Morrison (as Morrison)Performed by Van MorrisonCourtesy of Exile Productions/Polydor Limited”WOMAN TROUBLE”Written by Robbie Craig (as Craig) / Hill / Craig David (as David) / DevereauxPerformed by Artful DodgerCourtesy of Warner Strategic Marketing UK”PRETENDER GOT MY HEART”Written by Poole / Poole / Martin / HogarthPerformed by Alisha’s AtticCourtesy of Mercury Records Limited (London)”DREAM SOME”Written by Jay Joyce (as Joyce), Shelby Lynne (as Lynne) and Dorothy Overstreet (as Overstreet)Performed by Shelby LynneLicensed courtesy of The Island Def Jam Music Group”IT’S RAINING MEN”Written by Paul Jabara (as Jabara) and Paul Shaffer (as Shaffer)Performed by Geri HalliwellLicensed courtesy of EMI Records UK Limited”CHRISTMAS GREEN”Written by Alan MoorhouseCourtesy of KPM Music Limited”AIN’T NO MOUNTAIN HIGH ENOUGH”Written by Nick Ashford (as Ashford) and Valerie Simpson (as Simpson)Performed by Diana RossCourtesy of Mowtown Records Co LP/Universal-Island Records LimitedLicensed by kind permission from The Film & TV Licensing Division, part of the Universal Music Group”OUT OF REACH”Written by Gabrielle / ShortenPerformed by GabrielleCourtesy of Go Beat/Polydor Limited”HAVE YOU MET MISS JONES”Written by Richard Rodgers (as Rodgers) and Lorenz Hart (as Hart)Performed by Robbie WilliamsLicensed courtesy of EMI Records, UK Limited”SOMEONE LIKE YOU”Written by Van Morrison (as Morrison)Performed by Dina CarrollCourtesy of Mercury Records Limited (London)”NOT OF THIS EARTH”Written by Robbie Williams (as Williams) and Guy Chambers (as Chambers)Performed by Robbie WilliamsLicensed courtesy of EMI Records, UK Limited

Ashlee Simpson Fan Out There? I would like to know if or when she will be coming out with a new Albulm.
In November 2006, Simpson said that she was going to meet with record executives soon and begin working on her third album. Simpson also stated that she would like to work with Robert Smith from The Cure, who attended her last performance as Roxie Hart in the musical “Chicago”.Producer Ron Fair said in December 2006 that working on Simpson’s next album would be “very tricky” because of press scrutiny and “prejudices”, but that Geffen would work with her to overcome that, “because she deserves to be heard and she deserves a shot.”On January 17, 2007, Simpson sent out a message to her fans, saying “I am starting to write and record a new album which I am so excited about”, and “I have a good feeling about 2007, and I can’t wait for you guys to hear my new album later on this year”.On February 1, 2007, MTV’s TRL spoke about Simpson’s new music, saying such top artists as Tom Petty, Pharrell Williams, Linda Perry, India.Arie, and wanted to help Simpson with her third album.On March 6, 2007, MTV reported that Simpson’s next album would have “a more soulful sound” and was planned for release in October 2007. Simpson said she was writing with many different people.On March 22, 2007, reported that Joe Simpson revealed she had been writing with Kenna and Chad Hugo. She also is said to be working with Timbaland, John Legend, and Tim Rice-Oxley, who worked with Gwen Stefani on a song from her album The Sweet Escape. It was also reported that Simpson was working on a collaboration with The Cure’s frontman, Robert Smith, although in July Smith said that he had not worked with her and did not think it was likely that he would do so in 2007; he did, however, give a positive appraisal of Simpson’s 2006 performance in Chicago. In September, Simpson said that, although it would be “a dream” to work with Smith, it had never happened and she had been embarrassed by the rumor.In an April 2007, issue of US Magazine, Simpson was quoted as saying the album would have a more “mature” sound, yet still remain “rock.” In the June 2007 issue of Cosmopolitan, she said that as she was becoming more mature, her music was changing, and that the new album would have less focus on relationship trouble and breakups.In May 2007, the official website of Kara DioGuardi revealed that Kara would again be working with Simpson.In June 2007, Simpson revealed to E! News that her album will have fun, dance songs, as well as break-up songs. She was also quoted as saying: “Who knows!? Maybe I’ll fall in love on this record!”Simpson gave MTV a sneak peak of the album on September 8. It is described by Simpson as being based on beats more than guitars, unlike her previous albums, and some of the songs are darkly themed and sung by Simpson as an alter ego called Vicky Valentine. Among these songs is “Murder”, a possible first single from the album, which also features rapping by Travis McCoy of Gym Class Heroes. Simpson mentioned her work on Chicago as being one of her inspirations for the album, and she said that “there’s a part of every girl and guy who wants to get out and get away with things”. Other songs mentioned are “Follow You Wherever You Go” (described as “jazzed-up”), “Rulebreaker”, “Ay Ay Ay”, and “Ragdoll”. According to MTV, Simpson has recorded six songs with Timbaland and seven with Chad Hugo and Kenna.In the early days of October 2007, a rumored name of the album, Color Outside The Lines, was circulated on the Internet. It is uncertain whether this will be the title of Simpson’s third album.[citation needed]On October 6, 2007 30 second clips of the songs, ‘Rule Breaker’, ‘Ragdoll’ and ‘Ay Ay Ay’ leaked to the Internet via an illegal music sharing site but were quickly removed by Geffen Records.On October 15, MTV reported that the album’s release had been delayed to the first quarter of 2008.Recorded tracks * “Rulebreaker” * “Ay Ay Ay” * “Murder”(produced by Timbaland) (featuring Travis McCoy & Izza Kizza) (rumoured to be the first single) * “Follow You Wherever You Go” * “Ragdoll”

Are you serious? The biggest no talent hack in the history of mankind. The fact that people support this loser is amazing. And we wonder why there is no good music left?

I was, until she stopped being “Ashley Simpson”.I’m really disappointed she fell into the cookie-cutter trap.I think she had much more originality and edge going for her than her sister. Had she kept going in that direction, I think her music and art would of had a much longer shelf life than Jessica. As a matter of fact, it’s because of her sizing herself up with her sister these days that I make a comparison at all. I thought the dark hair and her natural features were stunning, and her music much more interesting.Oh well.

Good thing i found this question. Ashlee has changed her release date quite a few times. She has just recently changed it to the first quarter of 2008, so unfortunately we wont be getting a fall release. For more information check out its fan site run by fans, it has the most up to date information.