The Crestmen – I Know What Lies Ahead

Performed by The Crestmen Rick Hall – Tenor; Kevin Rexrode – Lead; Charlie Propst – Baritone; George Coffey – Bass Written by Jean Canter / Kirk Talley Music…

Downloadable sheet music: Canter – I Know What Lies Ahead

and the road gets tough I don’t know why. [3 years]

HD. *READ.* So I’ve had Bellini 3 years now! I’m afraid I don’t have any clips from our younger days when he looked really scruffy and would rear/bolt/genera…

How can I strengthen my leg muscles? In my riding lesson today I was told that I bounce too much when I canter, and that I need to strengthen my leg muscles so I can hold on tighter; what would be the best way to do this?

Downloadable sheet music: Canter – I Know What Lies Ahead

Lots of sports and activities help to strengthen and tone legs. Someof these include running, swimming, cycling, blading, ice skating,skiing, and jumping rope, just to name a few.Specific resistance exercises can help strengthen and shape specificmuscles in the leg. You may wish to begin by doing exercises that useyour own body weight and require no special equipment. Here are a few:LungeThis exercise works the quadriceps (muscle of the front upperthigh(1) Stand with your feet together, keeping your head up and lookingstraight ahead. (2) Take a long step forward with one foot, making sure this leg isat a right angle (don’t let your knee bend in front of your toes), andbend the knee of your back leg until it’s as close to the floor aspossible. (3) Hold this position for a second or two and then slowly push backto a standing position. (4) Repeat with the alternate leg going forward. (5) Be sure that your movements are slow and controlled. (6) Build up your repetitions over time. (7) To increase resistance, you may hold hand weights alongside yourbody.Heel raiseThis exercise works your calf muscle (official term: gastrocnemius(1)Stand with the balls of your feet on a step — hold onto a wall orhandrail for balance. (2) Slowly rise up on your toes, pause for a second or two, and thendecline. (3) Progress slowly — don’t overdo it at first. (4) Increase repetitions as you become stronger.Toe raiseThis exercise for your shin is particularly useful if you are arunner.(1)Sit on a stool, bench, or chair with feet flat on the floor. (2) Raise your toes toward the ceiling while keeping your heels onthe floor. (3) Hold this position for a second or two and then slowly lower yourtoes. (4) Increase repetitions as you become stronger. SquatThis works the hamstrings, located in the back of your upper thighs.This exercise is difficult for beginners. It is best to do this infront of a mirror to check your form.(1)Position your feet shoulder width apart, with your hands on yourhips or the front of your thighs. (2) Slowly lower your body until you’re in a “sitting” position. Yourfront thighs should be parallel with the floor. You may also feelmuscle contraction in your rear end (you’re working these muscles aswell. (3) Hold this position for a second or two and then slowly stand upstraight. (4) Increase repetitions as you become stronger. (5) With increasing strength, you may also wish to add resistance byusing a barbell, held behind your neck, that’s resting on your upperback.Lying side liftTo work the outside muscle of your leg called the abductors:(1)Lying on your side, slowly lift your top leg as high as you canwhile keeping it straight, and then gradually lower it. (2) Repeat as many times as comfortable. (3) Lie on your opposite side to work the other leg in the samemanner.To work the inner thigh muscle (adductor):(1)Lie on your side, crossing and slightly bending your top leg overyour bottom one. Be sure not to let your hips roll back — stayexactly on your side. (2) Slowly lift your bottom leg as high as you can and then lower itgradually. (3) Do this as many times as possible (without extreme pain). (4) Repeat with your other leg. (5) Some people like to use ankle weights for these exercises as theybecome stronger.If you have access to a gym, you may wish to use machines toaccomplish the same exercises. Particularly useful ones are the legextension (for quadriceps) and leg curl (for hamstrings). A seated legpress is also beneficial for quads and gluteal muscles. If you useweights, don’t increase the load too quickly because you may injurejoints and connective tissue.One other thing that some people don’t realize is that leg exerciseslike squats and the stiff leg deadlift, or any other leg exercise forthat matter, will only help build muscle and increase strength in yourlegs. Leg exercises DO NOT target any of the fat that is specificallylocated on your legs. If there is any fat, muscle will be builtunderneath this fat. The ONLY way to lose fat from ANY part of thebody is through either a proper diet, cardio or a combination of both.

Take a dance class like ballet bc it pushes your legs to be strong or do a workout video hope it helps

get into the gym. and so some leg workouts.squatsleg pressescalf raises hamstring curlsu need to do 4 sets per exercise 8-10 repsdo this leg workout once a weektry and train your other muscles the other days as wel

the quadriceps and adductor and gluteal muscles are the primary muscles used when cantering. squatting with a wide stance will not only activate the quads, gluteus and hamstrings but will also bring in the adductors more than a standard squat stance.Leg press with a wide low foot position on the plate.without the use of weights, step ups and lunges are good as are single leg squats and pistol squats.

Can someone tell me10 line poem about football? Can some one tell me a poem about basketball. It can be more but it has to be 10 it can be about a football player, football team, football game or general football.
Is that American or the other kind, Written by: Michele Canter Nashville, TNThe Superbowl game is one of sports biggest stagesThis years viewers were treated to a game of the agesSteelers winning tradition vs. the Cardinals Cinderella storyTomlin vs. Whisenhunt – each looking for Superbowl gloryCardinals would have an advantage is a point many people madeWe’d have to find out after 60 minutes was playedSo the Steelers went on offense because the Cardinals deferredIt was finally time to go after our final birdIt started off good but because of Ben’s kneeRight or wrong we were held to only threeIt went back and forth until the half’s last playWhen James Harrison picked it off and ran the other wayA record breaking 100 yard return from coast to coastIn hindsight this might have been the play that hurt them mostThe 3rd quarter would go by with us still in the leadBut we’d have to save our energy – there would soon be a needThe 4th quarter would get better and the game was already goodFitzgerald was going to break one – we all knew he wouldOne touchdown was scored and I was nervous no lieThen the go ahead touchdown later and I had to cryThat didn’t last long because I had all the faith in BenHe’s made so many comebacks I knew he could do it againJust as he’s done so many times beforeHe marched the guys down the field and into position to scoreOur #1 defense brought us here and deserves a world of creditBut our offense deserves some too and after this game they’ll get itSantonio saved the day with his perfect toe tapperAs the time ticked down this would be the game capperKurt Warner would soon fumble – was it really reviewed?Leaving the tainted victory debate to be renewedSteelers won this game fair and squareAnd Cardinals you accomplished a lot just by getting thereNo that’s not right it was so much moreYou gave us a great game – of that I’m sureBack to our guys – for they are the reasonThere’s so many great memories from such an awesome seasonSix rings for our Steelers – they’re at the top of the chartsThey had a tough schedule and still broke a lot of heartsSo twice in five years I’ve gotten to write Superbowl victory poemsThe Lombardi is back in Pittsburgh again – Holmes Sweet Holmes