bonnie mckee american girl (official Remix) by Dustin Que

bonnie mckee american girl (official Remix) by Dustin Que bonnie mckee american girl This song is not mine, credit goes to Dustin Que and Bonnie Mckee.

You can download the sheet music from the video: Bonnie McKee: I Hold Her – B. McKee

Leona Lewis – Glassheart – Full Album (Deluxe Edition) (2012) (CD 1 and 2)

Glassheart — Standard edition (CD Catalogue #88697963782)[60] No. Title Writer(s) Producer(s) Length 1. “Trouble” Shahid Khan · Emeli Sandé · Harry Craze · …

Is Janis Joplin a good Blues artist? I think she is. But then again I don’t really know much Blues.Can you give me similar artists that I might like?thanks, i appreciate it

You can download the sheet music from the video: Bonnie McKee: I Hold Her – B. McKee

Yes, she was a good artist. She died in 1970. I think you might like BB king. His music is pretty good too.

Although she covered blues artists, and had a Billie Holiday-gone postal style of delivery, I’d have to classify her as a great rock vocalist rather than a great blues vocalist. That’s not to dis Janis, who was brilliant. But her best work was with Big Brother and the Holding Company, and was really acid-rock more than blues; her more famous work as a solo artist dabbled in a lot of idioms; less blues, more soul, folk, and hard rock.For real blues, you might want to try Memphis Minnie or Koko Taylor, or perhaps r&b like Big Mama Thornton, or jazz vocalist Billie Holiday, who is the closest in vocal similarity.For more acid-rock with a female singer, there always Jefferson Airplane (not very bluesy, though), or maybe Curved Air or It’s a Beautiful Day (both aren’t much like Janis)Janis’ influence can be heard in a lot of more recent singers, from Melissa Ethridge, Maria McKee, and Bonnie Raitt, but none of them sound like her either.She’ll always be unique.

Janis Joplin had a good blues voice especially in Take a Piece of My Heart but I wouldn’t exactly call her a blues artist. Great blues artists are folks like The Allman Brothers, BB King and Stevie Ray Vaughan.

Influenced by the blues but not considered a blues artist per say, deffinetly had her own style, if you like Janis then you’ll like Beth, she has a bit of a blues background, and some pretty cool friends. check out her stuff, it’s not all blues, but this

Yes, but I think of her more as a Rock artist who could play the Blues. If you like her, try some of these other Blues artists who had a Rock background (or vice versa.Johnny Ray Band & Clapton Mayall/ Butterfield Blues

she’s very good, i like her a lot but i have to say that she’s a rock blues artist (and i like it even better. since she died so soon she never got the chance to evolve from the great music she made to better music (and she had a hell of a potential). listen to her essential- you won’t regret it.(sorry for my bad english)

Absolutely to find another female artist as intense as Janis is a difficult task. for a overall band sound and vocal style you would have to go with Ray Charles, Joe Cocker, and Blood Sweat and Tears. out of the 70’s. Aretha Franklin could be best female comparable. Can’t think of any new artists of that nature, but I am sure there is some.

if you like Janis, listen to Shannon Curfman, a curent

totally agree 100% with: John K. he know all.janis joplin was great voice and queen of rock, acid rock, blues rock.