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Good or Bad Ending Canon ?

The question of the century.

Are my emotions/hormones going to get worse or better as this pregnancy progresses? I am 10 weeks pregnant and my emotions are going crazy! I cant take this emotional rollercoaster its ruining me and my relationship with my man.. What do I do? Will my emotions/hormones level out soon or will this only get worse as the pregnancy progresses?

See and download I Got It Bad – Cannon music score

I think a lot has to do with your temperment normally (ie, when you’re not pregnant). When I was pregnant I was basically a loose cannon during my first trimester, and I consider myself quite even keeled and kind to most people. Everything settled down around 14-15 weeks, so hang in there, you’ll start feeling like yourself again soon.

Everyone is different I haven’t had any mood swing till now and it started in my 3rd trimester! Congrats and good luck to you

from about week 20-30 i was on an emtional rollercoasterit gets worse in the weeks that the baby develops the mostjust explain to your guy whats going on and you dont mean to explodethats wat i had to do and he understood and would just suck it in when i screamed

Hormones are at their peek between 9 and 12 weeks of pregnancy. then they will level out and eventually decrease until its time for delivery they tend to highten again. I totally understand. I find myself yelling and being rude to some people on here but thats only because I am annoyed with the exact same “AM I PREGNANT” question. I cried 2 weeks ago because I wanted taco from taco bell soo badly and my husband said it was too late! Jerk.he felt bad and go it anyway and I later caught him on here looking up pregnancy hormone symptoms. I get annoyed very easily and have been tending to lose my temper more often. I realy dont mean too and anyone that knows me knows that I am typically a layed back person. Oh well I like having an excuse though.lol.

It gets better after the first trimester. I told my husband to just leave me alone to avoid conflict. He says I have a bad attitude and really he don’t understand anything about hormones and all that. So it’s just better that he leaves me alone for now. It will get better with time.

They’ll get better. Its partly the hormones and partly the changes you’re going thru.apetite or loss of, fatigue, anxiety and so on. For me I couldn’t stand myself.so I slept a lot. I’m at 15 weeks now and I’m a little better. You’re hormones are supposed to get better by week 12 but for me I didn’t stop the evilness until maybe the last week or so. I’m still bossy but I was like the Exorcist!

You need to tell him that you can’t control yourself & he needs to stick it out with you if he honestly loves you, you both need to give & get space when you start to get upset, my fiance is a “manly man” he’s not very emotional & when i cry he it doesn’t seem to bother him much, He would get frustrated with me because i would always say “quit being so mean to me” and he really wasn’t being mean I was just over sensitive, he would go hang out with a friend for a little while, or he would go outside to smoke, I usually go to my room & sit on the bed, and try to calm down, I read a magazine or book, & when i feel better i come out & don’t talk to him for a while & it usually works out! We’re trying to get pregnant again & he always jokes with me about whether or not he can handle me again! But i’m going to try my best to take a break when i need it. But he also needs to be a little more understanding, especially if this is your first time, you’re completely confused with what’s going on & you can’t control your emotions. Good Luck! I wish you the best.OH & i think it’s pretty much like you said, a roller coaster throughout your pregnancy, Just hang on tight & try to make it through the right ;p

i know what u mean! im due in 2 days. ive had good days and bad days all the way through sorry to say just make the most of the good days give your man heaps of reading to do to try make him understand what your going through then hel be more sympathetic. hel soon learn when a mood swing is coming the best thing he can do is be as far away as posssible lol well at least my man has learnt that. and just remember ur putting urself through all this to get the gorgeous baby at the end of it!!

I was very emotional and easily irritable during my 1st and the beginning of my 2nd trimester. I just started into my 3rd trimester and I’m much calmer and very much less irritable. I feel soo much better now and I’m husband likes me better now.

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