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Downloadable music scores: I Feel It All (Feist)

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Im 11 and this is my first video and its not that good…. But enjoy 🙂 (Sorry there are lots of spelling errors that I just noticed) xD Like for example of …

How do you feel about the fantasy genre? In movies, books, and television, fantasy has been a major genre for a really long time. Do you feel that fantasy has a tendency to repeat itself, or that writers are consistently coming out with original works? Have you recently read any truly original fantasy? If so, how was it original?Just my ponderous curiosity! Thanks!

Downloadable music scores: I Feel It All (Feist)

Fantasy is an interesting genre because some of the greatest – and some of the worst – written material has come out of it.On one hand, how many fantasy novels do you read before you start picking up cliches? knights in armor, swords, magic, elves, princesses, warrior-women, far away lands, Orcs, Chivalry, gods, God, prophecies, wizards with big white beards, and evil tyrants in spikey armor who would beat up their grandmother for fun. At times, Fantasy can be so trite and one-dimensional that it barely deserves to be regarded as literary genre.On the other hand, some of the best stories were distinctly fantasy. The Lord of the Rings is arguably some of the finest books in the English language. Harry Potter has enthralled millions of both children and adults. Star Wars is more fantasy than science fiction, and it is one of the most enduring and popular franchises in cinema history. Eragon, now a major motion picture, was written by a teenager.Fantasy is one of my favorite genres, despite the bulk of it being virtually unreadable to me, due to bad writing. If you look at my list of famous fantasies, though, you start seeing works that define entire generations. Lord of the Rings, in the 50s and 60s, Star Wars in the 70s and 80s, Harry Potter in the late 90s and 2000s.Fantasy is unique in all the genres in that it is continually changing and transforming itself, and while the vast sways of fantasy are simply unreadable bunk, every now and then a book comes along that completely redefines our concept of fantasy, and introduces millions of people into the joys of reading. Compare that to, say, detective stories, which practically write themselves. Can you name one great, household name, detective book?

I think most fantasy has a similar underlying element in all forms of media. But detailed storylines can be quite different. In the form of books, my favorite fantasy author is Raymond E. Feist. His books have such drama and adventure I love them. Like most fantasy stories, he has elves, dwarves, demons, gods and goddesses, dragons, war, kingdoms, necromancy, etc. I just finished his book Krondor: The Tear of the Gods. My cousin also introduced me to Robin Hobb. She’s pretty good, too. I have only read her Liveship Traders trilogy, but I like it. In the form of movies, I like Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, and Neverending Story. In fact, I like just about anything that does not take place on Earth.I’m not too familiar with fantasy-types of televsion series. I prefer sticking with the crime-scene dramas. What makes fantasy so popular is the fact that people can escape into an entirely different world for a short while. A world where dreams (and nightmares) come true, but some hero conquers all. What makes it so popular is that we are introduced to people and creatures that do not exist in our world, but can come to life in our minds and on the silver screen.EDIT: In response to the answer above me, a couple of detective names that are well-known: Hercule Poiret (Agatha Christie), and Sherlock Holmes (Sir Arthur Conan Doyle). I mean, who hasn’t heard of Sherlock Holmes. But I will agree with you about fantasy being better.

All genres can stagnate when there aren’t any fresh ideas in it. Just as there are many fantasy novels borrowing from the past, detective fiction could also use a face-lift.I think that fantasy can help us see reality more clearly. By looking at our world in a distorted light, we get to see what works and doesn’t work in our world.Terry Goodkind claims that he likes to write in the fantasy genre because he can write things that he feels he wouldn’t get away with writing if it weren’t fantasy. You can write a critique of your country’s legal system, but by making it fantasy, no one can get angry at you for it, because it isn’t REALLY about your country.As for ORIGINAL fantasy, that is difficult. I took a seminar in fantasy literature, and we were talking about how a true fantasy would be almost impossible to read, because everything would be new and created. If the world were truly new and original, how would we understand it? Every single thing on every single page would be in another language, from a foreign point of view, describing things we have never seen. Because of this, fantasy works best when there are elements we are familiar with.J. R. R. Tokien was quite original in his time, and is still original in the depth of the world he wrote. There are dozens of books published, just using the notes that he wrote in order to back up his four novels! The amazing thing about his accomplishment is not the works themselves, but the mythology and history he wrote about, including thousands of years of history, just so he felt like he created a real world for his characters.Terry Pratchett’s Discworld series is quite original, often funny, and never what you expect. But it is a little daunting because of the number of books in the series. A nice thing is you can pick up any book in the series, and start there without being too lost.Anything by Neil Gaiman is pretty original, though his books are often more modern. I like American Gods, which isn’t exactly high fantasy (which is what most people associate with the elves and whatnot).At any rate, I hope our long-winded answers are helpful to you! And good luck with finding something original.

i love fantasy, it is my main source of adventure. i can get repetitive, but its best virtue is that since its fantasy, anything can happen, there is always something new that can be written because there is no rule saying that it can’t. Sci-fi has to stick within certain boundaries, and so do detective and mystery books. but with fantasy anything can happen. Take the Dresden Files (books by Jim Butcher, that is now a TV show on the Sci-Fi channel. ) Harry is a PI but he is also a wizard. so while investigating mystery’s he can come across a wide verity of ways the crime could have been committed. you know like the locked vault being broken into with out any sings of forced entry. its because they walked thru the walls. where else can you get that kind of fun in a detective book. not that i am downing mysteries because the are my next source of adventure and entertainment out side of fantasy.Anne Bishop did a nice original series called the Black Jewels Trilogy. and i love anything by Mercedes Lackey, trite or not! her writing is excellent and well worked out so it doesn’t matter how many times i may have read something similar, she always draws me in and holds my attention.at this point i am just rambling so i have no idea if i have answered the question or not. i hope i have. and i hope i didn’t bore you doing so.

it does seem lately that everything is a rip off of tolkien or starwars. (ex. eragon), harry potter even has some stuff taken from tolkien. there are still original fantasy writers out there by far. And they aren’t books that have so many hard to pronounce names and just crazy crap either. Try reading the sevenwaters trilogy by juliette marillier.anyone i’ve referred these books to has just fallen in love with them and had to read anything she’s ever written.

Fantasy is, hands down, my favorite genre in literature. I love to write it, and I love to read it. The one thing to keep in mind about fantasy is that while the genre does use devices that are unfamiliar to us, such as dragons, dwarves, elves, and the like, what makes the genre so wonderful is that while those things are used, they are used in such a way that we as the audience can still relate to them. We can still connect to the heroine even if she is an elven princess on quest for her homeland because we all understand what its like to feel inadequate, uncertain, unworthy, afraid and alone. We triumph with her as she grows as a person, learns to love herself and others, and succedes, because we also do the same things in our own lives. A really excellent peice of fantasy will not only keep you riveted with action and adventure, but also highlights the triumph of the spirit and the growth of the characters. So things I would suggest are Terry Goodkind’s “Sword of Truth” series, Robert Jordan’s “The Whell of Time” series is good as well, albeit really long. If you are looking for fanatasy that is a little different, try the “Temeraire” series by Naomi Novik; they are about dragons fighting in the Napoleonic Wars.

As with any genre, there’s good, bad, and mediocre fantasy. There are authors who experiment and push the envelope, and those who copy the original ideas of others, rehash them, and call them their own. Look at the fantasy scene after Lord of the Rings. You have Terry Brooks coming out with his Shanara series, Raymond E. Feist and his countless books, and many others following in his quest-based, adventure fantasy. Then you have books like Eragon, borrowing themes mostly from Star Wars and a bit of Lord of the Rings. These types of copycat fantasy novels I find highly over-rated. They cheapen the genre and give it a bad reputation.At the same time, there are other authors that really do work hard to be original and present a unique voice in the genre. George R.R. Martin has brought grit and realism to the high fantasy genre in his Song of Ice and Fire genre. Instead of clear-cut villains and heroes, Martin populates his world with people who act on their own ambition, sometimes for good and sometimes for evil. The entire series is brilliantly written, and the characters are compelling. I’m also very impressed with Russian author Sergei Lukyanenko. He’s written many books in his native country, but only Nightwatch and Daywatch have been translated into English. Both these books are very impressive, and very original. Like Martin, Lukyanenko shies away from classic stereotypes of Good and Evil. Those his characters, the Others, are divided into Light and Dark, you see the side of Light often committing heinous acts of Evil in the name of its cause, and vice versa. The series as a whole can function also as an allegory for Russia’s current political state. This is dark, edgy fantasy as its best. Other authors with unique voices include Elizabeth A. Lynn, who writes so lyrically her books read like poetry, especially Dragon’s Winter. Neil Gaiman has a very skewed, almost Lovecraftian view of the world, and brings his dark visions to life in such books as Neverwhere and American Gods. So great, truly original fantasy is out there. You may have to shuffle through piles of bad, tired ideas or poorly written, plot-driven monstrosities before you find it, but gems do exist in the genre.

I think people like fantasy because it gives them a taste of something new something from their imagination. So many people look at fantasy films that were once books and say ” I imagined it differently”. Some aspects are repeated otherwise where would we have got all the Vampires, dwarves , elves etc.People take an idea but put it in their own way. Like Tolkein he made elves tall and beautiful when a lot of them are described as small mischievious creatures. I love fantasy it is my favourite genre!