Sicilian traditional folk dance 3: Matroccola

Sicilian traditional folk dance. Gergent Folk Esemble, from Agrigento, Sicilia, Italy. Recorded in Ourense, Galicia, Spain, on 2008/05/03. gergent…

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Icelandic Folk Music – Tröllaslagur

Isländsk folkmusik utan sång. Icelandic folk music, instrumental.

How do I tell if a guy is hitting on me? I have recently come to terms with the fact that I am gay, but I really cannot tell when some guy is hitting on me. I also am unaware of how to go about hitting on a guy. Any tips?

See and download I Cannot Tell – Folk music score

EASY!You don’t want to mistake a heterosexual for a gay guy hitting on you.And you don’t want to hit on the wrong guy or someone who is homophobic.Unless someone tells you he’s gay or you’re sure that he is, be careful.That said.I’m not gay or a guy.I know that some folks don’t take kindly to gays and react very ignorantly to folks who practice lifestyles different from their own.Any gay support groups in your town, where you can meet other gay guys to socialize and discuss issues?

U will know when a guy is hitting on u.they make it obvious lots of eye contact and usually a wink or a cheeky smile. If you u want to do the same then he will either come your way or walk away. The old adage practice makes perfect!! U never know your first may be the one forever!!

How come some people don’t change their facebook relationship status when they should to let others know? I don’t know, to me it’s a little annoying, I cannot tell if some people are single or not until I talk to them in person. Then they mention it to me that they got a bf or whatever, then I think to myself. well why am I sitting here, I wish I would have known that so that I can totally steer clear you know. I would never have known that by looking at your statuses or your page, I might get vague hints of it, but that’s it. So whenever this girl tries flirting with me (which she seems to do every single time she sees me) now I’ll know that she is just kind of toying, and I will try to generally avoid having conversations with her, or writing anything on her facebook statuses. So do me a favor folks, facebook is a tool, change your relationship status to clear up any confusion. It will save everyone time, energy, and annoyance.
Is it hard for a layman to do abortions? I live in Mexico. I cannot tell you how many 12 and 13 year old girls I’ve seen with babies, reduced to begging or prostitution to take care of their children, while the government has made moves to block even minor children who’ve become pregnant as a result of rape and incest from terminating their pregnancy. Fortunately, Mexico City is different, but the rest of the country is a nightmare.Is it difficult for a layman to learn how to do safe and effective abortions?
Abortions performed by people without proper training and without proper hygienic precautions are dangerous and can result in infection or worse.Is RU-486 available in Mexico? That would probably be a safer route, especially if those girls had access to health care if they should encounter complications.

It is horrible the laws they are passing. They have no concern for the young girls, the suffering they go through. Do they care that many of them end up on the streets? NO. Why do anti-abortion people only care about fetuses??But yes, without the proper training a layperson could end up killing the girl. One would have to get basic medical a RN and definitely be knowledgeable in anatomy and female anatomy when pregnant. The earlier an abortion is done the better.Early pregnancy can be terminated using a vacuum device, but in the hands of a layperson again, things can go wrong.Work on making the situation known and perhaps getting medical personnel who are sympathetic to what is going on to perhaps work on creating safe clinics where these girls can avail themselves of the services.I know many are too poor to travel and in the far reaches of Mexico they are basically stuck in the situation. Start petitioning.FGM is now being addressed due to people simply making the situation known (female genital mutilation aka female circumcision) so the plight of these girls needs to be made known.and that means outside of Mexico also. If you are in Mexico City, perhaps you can find local TV and radio shows that would let you and others use air time in seeking help.Go to such web sites as Face Book and a petition there and if you have news articles you can post them there. The folks that use these sites are very sympathetic to such situations. Good luck and thanks for caring.

How do you tell your parents you’re a sex addict? I am a sex addict. It’s destroying my relationships with friends and lovers. It’s become harmful to my everyday existence. I am in college at school where the relationship of males to females is 120:1. I am a 1. It’s really starting to get out of control. I am told by my peers frequently that my behavior has gotten way out of hand. I’d like to practice celibacy, to be obedient to God, but it’s so hard undo 7 years of sin. I’d love to seek out counseling or assistance, but I simply cannot with my meager, college student finances. So, that leaves me to have to get the parents in on this one to help me out. How am I supposed to go about telling my folks their little girl is a self-destructive sex-addict? Any advice?In addition, this is not something I feel comfortable with bringing up with any of my pastors. My student advisors recommended that I find a counselor/doctor with a sliding scale; even those are out of my price range.
Fortunately, the majority of colleges have university counseling centers. I suggest you consider seeking services there first. After you’ve been in therapy for awhile, you can talk with your therapist about the advisability (or not) of sharing this aspect of your life with your parents.In addition, it is vital that you get involved with a church group that can help you sort out the spiritual aspects of this condition. The following link can help get you”Out of the Shadows” is an excellent book addressing this issue. I encourage you to go to your college library and pick up a copy. If they don’t have it, get it via inter library loan. It’s worth the wait. One other free resource for you to consider is attending ANY local 12-step type program. Sexual addiction (like any other) is often amenable to a 12-step type treatment approach.In Christ,~M~

i think talking about your sex life with your parents is the last thing you want to do. because then possibly in front of you they will start talking about their sex lives and you don’t wanna know. you want to be obedient to god and you want to undo sins? wow another one. you’re too religious. go read an athiest book and read about the truth instead of some mythical creature. who cares what “god” thinks. if you love sex go ahead have sex who cares what family and friends think. i’m sure your friends love sex too. i know i am not helpful but i’m realistic.

Maybe it’s more than they need to know. Can you just tell them you have a personal problem, and need some professional help? Another alternative, try confiding in your regular gynecologist when you visit. He/she may be able to help or make suggestions.

From the spiritual side of it.. if you ask for forgiveness and turn away from your “7 years of sin” it’s forgotten. I agree with the other poster that you should seek help from your university guidance counselor and see where to go from there. You should also tell your parents.. Adults don’t always know the right answers, but they have the life experience that could at least get you going in the right direction. good luck and may God bless you.

Sit down with them in person after dinner and just be honest. tell them you need to seek counseling and that you need their help. When they ask why, let them know the truth. Of course they are going to gasp, they are your parents. Understand that they want to help, but will be taken back alittle. Allow them to express themself, and then be honest but keep your cool. It will all work out. Good Luck.

Many colleges offer free counseling to their students. usually 10-12 sessions. Check out their website to see what services they offer or go to the health center. If you have health insurance you can go to a therapist without your parents knowing, unless the insurance company sends a bill for a copay or something. If not, tell your parents that you’re feeling like you need to see a therapist and work some stuff out and you’re not ready to explain to them whats going on. Then you can sit down and have a meeting with them and the therapist if you need help explaining the situation.

May God grant you healing, and freedom from this addiction.The best thing that you can do is tell your parents the truth. It will be hard, but they can help you to get the counseling and help that you need. They are your support system and your family.I would probably start by telling them that you have an addiction and need help. Then tell what the problem is. Lust is hard to fight. (I deal with it continually.) But with God’s grace it is possible to be free from the bondage that you are in now.I will pray for you. May God’s hand of protection be over you, may he keep you from temptation, and deliver you from the evil one. Let this sifting be removed from your child God. Mould her into the woman of God that she will become.

Just tell them They love you then go get some help. They will support you in this. They love you and want what is best for you.

there is a book called BOUNDARIES written by Dr. Henry Cloud and Dr. John Townsend, this would be a great start. sounds to me you don’t know when or how to really say no this book helps you to take back control of your life. hope this helps.