I Call Your Name – Lennon/Harrison

Beatles Slash!! Neverending addiction to that. X3 Simply luv it! If so. likes the point behind the video as I do: Lennon sings to Harrison. Lennon always act…

I Call Your Name by John Lennon sheet music is available for downloading in digital format.

Lennon Only Tribute – I CALL YOUR NAME

Here’s a take on one of John’s great little B-Sides.

What is the name of the new beatles movie coming out? I saw a commercial of this when i saw easy A at my friends house and i can’t remember the name of it. It is about John Lennon’s life and how he formed the beatles. Also it would be helpful if you can tell me when it comes out to theaters. Thanks 🙂

I Call Your Name by John Lennon sheet music is available for downloading in digital format.

You might be thinking about Nowhere Boy. In that case, it already came out. (: Its most likely out of theaters now so I guess you’d have to wait for it to come out on DVD. 😛
technically it’s about john lennon’s early life and is called nowhere boy.
Nowhere Boy imdb.com/title/tt1266029/Looks like it was just released in the UK and it was only on film festivals in America. I would expect it’s going to get a DVD release soon. I wouldn’t expect it in the theaters.

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What’s the difference between assassination, murder, and massacre? If your name is John Fitzgerald Kennedy or Abraham Lincoln or John Lennon, you were assassinated. But if you’re just an average guy (or gal) and your killer makes plans and chooses you specifically and does everything that Lee Harvey Oswald/John Wilkes Booth/Mark David Chapman did, you were still murdered. But where do you draw the line? Who chooses if you’re famous enough to be “assassinated”? Also, everybody’s been saying “massacre” when talking about the Batman theater shootings. But how many people does it take to have a “massacre” instead of just “murder”?Basically, my question can be summed up like this: If a small group of semi-famous people were killed, what would you call it?And I just thought of another question while typing that. Why are so many famous assassins known by 3 names?
If the person who killed them was payed then assassination, if not then most likely massacre. I don’t know execly what you mean by name but if you mean aksle(no idea how to spell that) then so there ideanaty(again bad at spelling) a secret

You can find a lot of information on the first three men you mentioned. Particularly worth noting their idea’s and last few words. Media is controlled by one, they will call it whatever they want to call it, so that you, the viewer, will feel a certain way towards it. For example – and I will make this very short. Massacre – must not be repeated. How can it be stopped in future? *Edit* just to make things a bit clearer, in the case of the cinema shootings the other night, the logical explanation would be to have increased gun control – but remember, it’s only an example *Edit*Assassination – Unfortunate event. Couldn’t of been stopped. Don’t try.Murder – Individual act. ‘Easy’ to stop in future by increasing ‘surveillance’.I don’t know why so many famous assassins are known by 3 names. But remember, these ‘people’ are all puppets. If you are really interested in finding out, search mk ultra.You seem like the type of person that will ask questions and not be spoon fed, which is good. If only the other 99% of the population decided to use their own minds for a change.

Murder can refer to one or two persons.Assassination is usually on one particular public figure.Massacre is a mass acre of people being shot if you break down the word, it means a massive acre of people being shot.

Why they Lil Wayne name on of his new song call John lennon? Me I still have a hard time thinking of mine self why he name his new song John Lennon he could of give the song a better name then that.Mine bad for the tittle I type way to fast I mean why Lil Wayne name one of his new song call john lennon.
the name of the song is just john and its not that new it has rick ross in it and he says if i die today remeber me like john lennon, he basically says he wants to die as a legend.

What?EDIT——–”Mine bad for the tittle I type way to fast I mean why Lil Wayne name one of his new song call john lennon.” ? YOU JUST TYPED THE SAME THING.

He just says ‘if i die today remember me like john lennon’. Song isn’t about john lennon -_- Btw, @Perkins Megee F*ck you stupid racist.

Me and my wife want to name my kid after John Lennon is Lennon a stupid name for a kid? Me and my wife are huge John Lennon fans.
I’m not gonna tell you it’s stupid. Certain kids may be able to pull it off. But personally, I don’t like it.

Hey.GO FOR IT.If Robert Downey, Jr. can name his kid Indio(after the Palm Springs suburb), then go ahead and do it!

as one answer already said, only some children can pull it off.now, if you do name him that, dont be surprised when he comes home from 1st grade and cries, “people were calling me ‘lemon’ !”

Why not? This is a free country. If celebrities can get away with giving their kids wacky names, then so can you!

I actually think that is kind of a cool name. I like names that nobody else has, although my child may not like it years from now. Can you imagine your child having that name and being a successful businessman or woman? (I didn’t mean to make a joke by using the word imagine)I also think it’s cool that somebody young enough to have children knows who John Lennon was. I thought I was the only one!

I think that is awesome! Lennon.wow. I’ve never heard anyone called that. That is very cool. I’m sure John would be proud as well.

personally i really like the name lennon. and i am a HUGE lennon fan myself so that may be why! but no i think its a really nice name. your son may not agree though! its the sort of name that kids can find things to comment on or take the mickey out of, but i think its a really nice name and if the kid grows up to be a lennon fan (which he should do!) then he will probably be proud as anything to be names after him! so i think go for it! your naming him after an AWSOME guy so go for it! good luck haha!