The Ronettes – I Can Hear Music

The Ronettes were a 1960’s girl group from New York City, the group consisted of lead singer Veronica Bennett (later known as Ronnie Spector), her older sist…

You can download the sheet music from the video: Ellie Greenwich – I Can Hear Music

I Can Hear Music (Ellie Greenwich Cover) – Yo La Tengo – Maxwells – 12/26/11

From the Seventh Night of Yo La Tengo’s Hanukkah 2011, here is their cover of Ellie Greenwich’s “I Can Hear Music.” I do not make any claims of owning nor do…

movin on up who wrote this song? movin on up is the theme song to the citcom “The Jeffersons” who wrote the song?

You can download the sheet music from the video: Ellie Greenwich – I Can Hear Music

Ja’net Dubois with Oren Waters – Movin’ On UpCo-written by Dubois, and by Jeff Barry and Ellie Greenwich (whom also do the backing vocals with a local church choir), the songwriting team that brought you such classics such as “Why Do Lovers Break Each Other’s Hearts?,” “Da Doo Ron Ron,” “Then He Kissed Me,” “Baby I Love You”, “Be My Baby,” “The Kind of Boy You Can’t Forget,” “I Can Hear Music,” and “River Deep, Mountain High.”

R&P: What’s a good song with the word “Song” in the title or lyric? Hey R&P, Punch here with a thought, we sure do love these “Song with a this or that” questions, as they seem to get a lot of responses. I sometimes like to use them to feature a song that I really love that might not otherwise get heard. A case in Girls – A Song For Ellie Greenwich A wonderfully twisted little ditty, and the broken circus music arraingment is a real, kidsWhat’s a good song with the word “Song” in the title or lyric?BQ: What do you think of the Parenthetical Girls tune?Love It, Hate It or EhhhHave Fun!
Hey Punch :)Song sung blue ~ Neil ~ A bit strange for me i have to say ..emm i think i will leave it at that coz i will just start rambling :)Harvey must have submitted his answer the same time as me ..This my favourite song by The Stone RosesSong for my sugar spun

Song 2 – BlurLovesong – The CureImmigrant Song – Led ZeppelinThe Lemmon Song – Led ZeppelinMosquito Song – Queens Of The Stone Age

“Political Song for Michael Jackson to Sing” – The”Song for Adam” – Jackson”Sad Song” – Lou

If You Wanted A Song Written About You, All You Had To Do Was Ask – Mayday ParadeLast song ever- Secondhand SerenadePotential Breakup Song- Aly & AJLast Song- The All-Aerican RejectsOur Song- Taylor SwiftThe Radio song- New Found GloryDifferent genres. 😀

Cowboy Song – Thin Breakup Song (They Don’t Write ‘Em) – Greg Kihn’ll Have To Say I Love You In a Song – Jim Ehhh.i’ve heard worse 😉

Brand New – The No Seatbelt SongMy Chemical Romance – Desert SongMayday Parade – If You Wanted a Song Written About You, All You Had to do is AskThe Devil Wears Prada – This Song is Called

Jim Morrison & The Doors – The Ghost Tull – A Song for Jeffrey For The Asking, Simon & Garfunkel Monkees – Daddy’s Song Tull – Life’s A Long Song, Dylan – Song to Woody No Song – Ringo Star and the Family Stone – Sing a Simple Song caredave

The Hobo Song – Old & In The Hate is a strong word, but I can assure you I will not be buying the album.

A Song For Europe – Roxy It’s pretty odd. I like oddness 🙂

Hey Baby (They’re Playing Our Song) – The BuckinghamsSong Sung Blue – Neil DiamondSing A Song – The CarpentersAnother Somebody Done Somebody Wrong Song – BJ ThomasPorpoise Song – The MonkeesThis Is My Song – Petula ClarkA Summer Song – Chad And JeremyJust A Song Before I Go – Crosby, Stills, And NashOld Fashioned Love Song – Three Dog NightThe 59th Bridge Street Song – Harper’s BizarreLook What They Done To My Song Ma – Melanie SafkaThe Logical Song – SupertrampThe Unicorn Song – The Irish RoversSilly Love Songs – WingsOnly A Northern Song – The BeatlesNo No Song – Ringo StarrSay I Love You In A Song – Jim CroceBQ: It’s ok.

Song of the Wind – a Song For Everyone – Song (Whisky Bar) – The

This will probably get me a LOT of TD’s but one of my own songsTHE WOLF SONGThis was written durring a bad marriage to a not so great husbandLyricsVerse 1Like a wolf in the shadowsYou devoured my soul-Turned love into something I could never quite hold.Through chilled broken vowsAnd pain of lies toldI learned to start doubtingAnd my heartbeat turned cold.ChorusDon’t love a wolf-like loverWith a heart made of stoneDon’t hold onto tomorrowsWhen your wolf leaves his homeDon’t torture yourself girlOver men who go howlin’You’ll be left in the timbersWhen your wolf starts a’prowlin’..Verse 2When you left me for othersAnd I’d sit home aloneYou became like a strangerLike a wolf you would roam..Destroying my ambitionsLeading girls to your denI just could not forgive youI’d been beaten again.Like a sheep to the slaughterI was led so astrayWhen someone would ask meThis is what I would say:Repeat chorus 2xpop/country beat** I know there is an extra 4 lines in my 2nd verse but this was the first song I ever wrote so I was still new to structure**Copyright National Library Of Congress M.J.S.

songbird ~ fleetwood macsad songs ~ elton johni write the songs ~ barry manilolove song ~ the damnedsomething changed ~ pulp (i wrote this song two hours before we met)

Great White The Angel Song Satriani Summer Song

Love Song by AC/ to Woody by Bob Song by Green Love Song by Stone Temple

I can’t believe NOONE has mentioned this one.Led Zep The Song Remains The same

Elton John – Your pixies, the holiday No song – Ringo Ehh lol

“The Immigrant Song” (cover) – Infectious by Led Zeppelin, nothing beats the original, but Infectious Grooves did an awesome job covering this.”Same Ole Song” – Phunk Junkeez(Sorry, no video for this one, someone should post it on youtube)