CAT POWER I Believe In You (Bob Dylan)

Artist : CAT POWER Track : I Believe In You (Bob Dylan) Album : Jukebox.

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I Believe in You – Sinead O’Connor

Ellisa Hartman covers Bob Dylan’s, I Believe in You at the Alix Goolden Hall in Victoria BC on November 28th, 2009.

Can you take a look my novel “Counterplay’s” overview and give me your opinions, thanks :)? Chaitan is a 16 year old boy with a beautiful girlfriend called Amana and rich parents who own a pharmaceutics drugs company. Amana informs Chaitan of her dad’s depression since her mother left, and since he works for Chaitan’s father, he agrees to give him a break off work, also revealing that the company is struggling in the process. At school, a boy named Dylan flirts with Amana, and almost fights Chaitan in jealousy of his wealth. Later that day, Chaitan’s house is burned down, killing both his parents. He finds out that the company was totally bankrupt, and no lawful guardians means that Chaitan has to live in Pennybrook orphanage, where he befriends a chubby boy named Hamilton (Ham.) The next year sees Chaitan’s depression escalate. Fed up, Amana leaves Chaitan and reveals she has been cheating on him with Dylan. Enraged, Chaitan believes Dylan was the one who burned down his home and ruined his life, and plans to burn down Dylan’s home with Ham as an act of revenge. During the planning, Chaitan is attacked by a stranger, but shakes it off. The plan fails when Dylan escapes through a skylight, and Chaitan chases him to Amana’s home. Amana’s dad tells him he has to phone the police, but says he’ll let him go to his friends to hide. At his friends, Ham and Chaitan are confronted again by Chaitan’s attacker, who reveals he was once Amana’s girlfriend before she cheated on him with Chaitan. He also says Amana’s dad has been slipping him drugs from the company, and plotting the murder of Chaitan’s family as revenge. Escaping, Chaitan confronts Amana’s father and learns he has been using his daughter to prompt the death of Chaitan’s parents in order to attain leadership of the company, which is plans to blow up and claim masses on insurance. Ham rescues Chaitan from death, but dies in the process, and Amana shoots her father. Chaitan is given one year in prison for Arson without fatality; The boy who burned down Chaitan’s home is given 5 years with leniance because of narcotic influence, and Amana is set free on self-defence rights. In a conversation in prison, Amana says she only truly went with Dylan out of choice, and the other relationships were commanded by her deranged father. She points out though that she now feels free like the “sun” and thanks Chaitan. Chaitan asks Amana if she ever really fell in love with him, and the story ends before her answer, leaving it to the reader to decide Chaitan’s future with Amana.

Download and print Dylan (I Believe In You) sheet score

It is really good BUT it is not a novel it is a short story. a novel is much much longer.But other than that it is good.Your writing skills need to improve some but not bad

Should I be ashamed that I drove nine hours to see a bob dylan concert? i can’t believe i did it. i feel so ashamed. is this crazy?
It’s never crazy to see a Dylan concert. Drive nine hours. Climb seven mountains. Walk 40 miles in the rain. Hitchhike across the country. Everyone should see at least one Dylan concert. And the fact that he’s 68.might not be too many shows left.Good for you! Wish I could have been there too. Which show was it?

Well, no, maybe. I thought the last time I saw him he was boring. If you weren’t bored, I guess that’s all right.

no it’s not a shame because bob dylan is a living legend and that might be your last shot at seeing him live. I’d do what you did and more to see him live.

What religion, if any, is Bob Dylan (Zimmerman) following these days? Based on what he himself believes, not what he is according to the tennants of Judaism or Christianity.
Dylan wrote in parables which point to truth but don’t try to label it. I expect he lives the same way.
Always thought he was an Atheist..
What compels a person to commit mass murder? Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, the Columbine killers, James Holmes at Aurora Theater, Seung-Hui Cho at Virginia tech all shot and killed multiple people over perceived slights. How could people just take some guns and decide to do this? Were these people just born wrong in the first place? Any experience with potential psychopaths that you all can share? Have you been afraid of anyone? Do you understand the mentality?
For some there just nuts others like to see people in pain others have no power over there life they feel the need to kill to gain power there are a lot of reasons bit few people understand the intimacy in killing another

Most of the time it isnt a mentality of murder a lot of times these actions stem from some young psychological trauma suffered when the individual was very young.

Mass murderers almost always have mental illnesses.Almost all have some sort of delusional belief. A terrorist has a delusional belief that they are doing something good in the name of their god.Others believe that they are doing something needed to save someone or something. It can be politically motivated.. Such as the Arizona shooter.James Holmes seemed to believe he was the joker. He was attempting to recreate the movie.. Remember the sniper that was randomly shooting people in parking lots on the east coast? His motivation was to kill his ex. Basically he had a delusional belief that if he shot a bunch of random people then shot his ex they would not link it to him. Vs if he just killed her he would likely be a suspect..As I said all of these people have serious mental illnesses. There is some debate about whether or not mental illnesses are genetic or not. It’s very hard to determine whether its the environment they are raised in or genetics. It is likely a combination of both. Many do not have a rational thought process.

The guy above me James was spot on but to tag along to what he was saying most all killers can vindicate what they do in some way. Some are delusional, some believe their morality sense is higher than others, some are clinically insane , and to quote Alfred some men just wanna watch the world burn

There are a couple of different reasons i think. One reason like hui cho is that the guy didnt have much social skills. I read about him and it seems he was just insecure and was just socially awkward. And because of that people didnt like him too much, they would talk shit about him and bully amd mock him. He also had some problems too. When somebody is bullied their whole life and if never really accepted they feel rejected by the world. They feel alot of hate amd rejection. In college he liked a girl and wrote a poem on her door but his roomate told her not to talk to him and he stalked other girls so she called the cops who told him never to contact her again. I felt really bad when i read that he had a crush on her and she called the cop. Thats embarrassing and probably just feels cold im pretty sure he was a virgin too so he never really felt any real love from a woman. Just years of being hated, rejected, bullied, and isolated can really drive a person crazy and there are tons of people like that who just wish they could commit mass murder. There is a kid like that i grew up with and goto school with. I go to an automotive trade school and there was a kid in there who would just get bullied every single day. People even made jokes that he would bring a gun to school one day. Hes a black kid from the white suburbs and goes to school in queens with a bunch of other black amd hespanics but alot of them are from the bronx and brooklyn so alot of them make fun of him and bully him for being a rich kid from a white neighborhood. He also acts white and doesnt fight or anything like that so he doesnt really sticl up for himself. And in the white neighborhood he never really had friends neither. Hes been on adhd meds almost his whole life he just got off of them recently when doctors realized he didnt meed them. So most of his childhood he isolated himself so hes just used to being lonely but i can tell he hates it. Right now he had this very bad drug addiction with oxycotin. And at school they bullied him so bad he moved to night classes amd i still see him get bullied. Any new friends he make rejects him not soon after because they want to fit in so they bully him too. He did have a girlfriend but only for a couple of months hes mot a virgin but hasnt had sex in a while. He’ll go too a club or something sometimes but he usually gets rejected and sees his friends get girls but not him. Amd his dad just got brain cancer and hes watching his dad just dying right infrint of his eyes. I grew up with this kid i will always be there for him ik his whole life story and im really worried about him. I feel hes going crazy. He punched out a window a couple months ago amd his hand is still jacked up. He talks to me alot about suicide and how he sometimes wants to just kill everyone and how he just feels so rejected by everyone. I mean i feel like hes kind of like the virginia tech shooter. you know, just somenody who feels rejected and lonely and just grew up around lots of hate and just cannot seem to fit in amywhere he goes.

Most people just put up with other people who bully them or is just plain out mean and/or rude, but sometimes, people just snap after awhile. I almost slipped into full blown Psychosis in which I’d kill a few people who pushed me to that state. Its not like I am mentally weak or mental; its just that I was exposed to a stressful environment constantly. I do have a short fuse though, hehe.