What is this instrumental piece of music that I hear alot in movies? I hear it all the time and would really like to know what it’s called.We watched a movie today in french and in one of the songs there’s a part that sounds like it.Here’s the link and the part that sounds like the song starts at 49 sec and goes to 59 sec: youtube.com/watch?v=rEs1wtsw_IA Thanks!Yeah, that’s not it. Nice try though.. And I never claimed it was a century old song

Downloadable sheet music: Rameau – Hymne a la Nuit

From that snippet, I think you’re referring to “Con te partirò” by Francesco Sartori (music) and Lucio Quarantotto (lyrics) — Englishified by Sarah Brightman and Andrea Bocelli as “Time to Say Goodbye”youtube.com/watch?v=tcrfvP11Hbo (Con te partirò)youtube.com/watch?v=QbN0g8-zbdY (Time to Say Goodbye. the song dates ALL THE WAY BACK to 1995.Edit: My answer was predicated on the notion that this video is NOT the piece, but rather “the part that SOUNDS LIKE the song starts at 49 sec.” that whole “Quando sono solo Sogno all’orizzonte E mancan le parole” thing at the beginning.

I’m not really sure what the piece you have in that link is, but I imagine that it was composed specifically for this event. It’s definitely not ‘Con te Partiro’, as suggested above. That’s an opera/pop crossover by Andrea Bocelli (Boticelli?) if I’m not mistaken. I bet the movie you watched in your French class was Les Choristes, which stars Jean-Baptiste Maurnier, who can be seen in the boys choir in this video. The song that they feature in the actual movie is an arrangement of a piece by Rameau, set to French texts specifically for the film. I think they call it ‘Hymne a la Nuit’ in the film, and it’s implied that the choirmaster, a failed musician, composed it himself. You can probably find the original name of the piece on Wikipedia or IMDB.