Eric Clapton – Layla

Eric Clapton – Layla Thank you for these more than 20 million views! This belongs to the Madison Square Garden concert in 1999. Thanks to RockKillaz for the …

Download sheet music online: Eric Clapton: (I) Get Lost by E. Clapton



What are your top ten favorite sad songs? I recently discovered I am running low on sad songs. They relax me and I’d like to discover some good new stuff. So! What are your top ten favorite sad songs and who are they by?Thanks in advance.

Download sheet music online: Eric Clapton: (I) Get Lost by E. Clapton francis is a troubled guy. Hes a poet turned rapper basically all of his songs are amazing but sad.

1. “Meteor Shower” by Owl City2. “Vanilla Twilight” by Owl City3. “Pieces” by Red4. “Confessions” by Red5. “Never Alone” by BarlowGirl6. “Life left to go” by Safetysuit7. “Broken” by Lifehouse8. “Storm” by Lifehouse9. “Headlights” by The Classic Crime10. “Benjamin” by Sanctus Real. All good songs, hope you enjoy these!

1. Adam’s Song- Blink 1822. 1234- Feist3. Iris- Goo Goo Dolls4. I Can Barely Breathe- The Manchester Orchestra5. Sometime Around Midnight- The Airborne Toxic Event6. With Me- Sum 417. 4 AM- Our Lady Peace8. The Scientist- Coldplay9. Walk Away- Franz Ferdinand10. Superman- Five for Fighting11. All These Things That I Have Done- The Killers12. When You Were Young- The Killers13. Congratulations- Blue October14. One Is The Loneliest Number- Filter

Billy Talent – Saint VeronikaBilly Talent – This SufferingU2 – OneBullet for my Valentine – Last FightSystem of a Down – AerialsSystem of a Down – Chop Suey!John Mayer – Heartbreak WarfareLimp Bizkit – BoilerGary Moore – Empty RoomsGary Moore – The LonerBilly Talent – Burn the EvidenceBilly Talent – SurrenderStone Sour – Through GlassBilly Talent – Nothing to LoseColdplay – AmsterdamRobbie Williams – AngelsThriving Ivory – Angels on the MoonAlannah Myles – Black VelvetEvanescence – Bring Me to LifeDire Straits – Brothers in ArmsRed Hot Chili Peppers – CalifornicationNo Doubt – Don’t SpeakU2 – Electric StormRobbie Williams – FeelFeeder – Feeling a MomentJewel – Foolish Games30 Seconds to Mars – From YesterdayJames Blunt – Goodbye My LoverPapa Roach – Hollywood WhoreThe Fray – How to Save a LifeManic Street Preachers – If you Tolerate This Then Your Children Will Be NextThe Rasmus – In the ShadowsGoo Goo Dolls – IrisLimp Bizkit – It’ll Be OkDido – Life For RentR.E.M – Losing my ReligionHarold Faltermeyer – MemoriesU2 – Miracle DrugThe Fray – Never Say NeverChris Daughtry – No SurpriseThe Wallflowers – One HeadlightBilly Talent – Pins & NeedlesJames Morrison – Please Don’t Stop The RainBilly Talent – Rusted From The RainThe Dandy Warhols – SleepU2 – Sometimes You Can’t Make It On Your OwnMuse – StarlightGavin DeGraw – StayEric Clapton – Tears In HeavenThe Verve Pipe – The FreshmenSwitchfoot – This Is Your LifeRed Hot Chili Peppers – Under The BridgeU2 – Walk OnDido – White FlagU2 – With or Without YouGreen Day – Working Class HeroKeith Urban – You’ll Think of MeThe First Ten are the best ones from my point of view, the rest are notable sad songs that i know.

Here’s my two faves. “Seasons in the sun” by Terry Jacks”Shooting star” by Bad CompanyThey’re old, but are about death and were popular when my brother peaked and died suddenly in 1975.I can’t listen to them without thinking of him.

i swear this time i mean it by mayday paradei don’t love you by my chemical romanceremembering Sunday by all time lowkeep holding on by Avril Lavignei will follow you in the dark by death cab for cutiehanging by the moment by life houseleave out all the rest by linkin parkdon’t want to miss a thing by aerosmiththe only exception by paramorecat and mouse by red jumpsuit apparatusyour guardian angel by red jumpsuit apparatuswelcome to my life by simple planand mostly any song by secondhand serenade. there like the best band ever

What new songs should I learn on Guitar? I have been playing for almost a year and I am pretty good. I can’t do barre chords yet but my picking is pretty good. I like classic rock songs and songs like Jason Mraz’s. I need some new songs to learn! Any help?
Losing my Religion – R.E.M.Layla – Eric ClaptonLights – JourneyImagine – John LennonHey You – Pink FloydDon’t Look Back in Anger – Oasis

How has the blues influences Jazz music? Also if you can, what caused the blues to grow, develop and become bigger?
Jazz was a result of blues musicians modifying the time and key structures of their performances.Elvis kicked blues into high gear by performing blues songs along with some rockabilly.When the music industry saw how he affected girls they pushed to distribute more blues music.Thank the British for reminding us how it was supposed to sound.

blues is a vocal music tradition of the black american folks,even on any instrument they looked for a vocal singing sound rather than the european scale style of jazz the base of this is the blues.jazz has messed with many styles of playing but the root is blues.. the best blues is the stuff thats singing .lot`s of players can talk but only few really sing the language BLUES.

Blues, as a style, was always an undertone, meaning musicians knew about it, and took ideas from blues, (i.e. Chuck Berry would get a few ideas from blues musicians, then Elvis would get a few ideas from Chuck Berry) but most people didn’t. that is until the 1960s and 70s when the interest in blues by popular groups like Led Zeppelin and Eric Clapton brought then unknown blues musicians to the forefront. Now, everyone knows who BB King is. So, when you’re imagining the blues that effected Jazz in it’s early development, it’s easy to get lost in rock-blues, like is performed by BB King. (it’s not really “rock blues” but it’s the blues that effected rock stars in that era) It’s closer to the blues as sung by guys like Leadbelly. (of course he was influenced by guys like WC Handy) Acoustic, (guitars/ banjos) slides, based on folk styles. In fact, 10, 16, and 20 bar formulas were common when blues was effecting Jazz in the late 19th Century, not just the standard “12 bar blues” we’ve come to know as the blues. After the Civil War, many of the soldiers came back from the war to their towns with trumpets, trombones, drums and many other instruments that are now common to Jazz. They also had a love for the march music they played in the army camps. with the influx of these instruments, which were later sold in stores, then bought by young kids, most black or interracial (though not all. there have indeed by white kids involved in jazz from the start), and they tried to play the blues (then guitar and singing) on these marching wind instruments. What ended up coming out was jazz. (early Ragtime jazz) Even today, in New Orleans you can see Brass Bands jazz marching through the streets during Mardi Gras.If Jazz is America’s “Classical Music,” then blues would have to be the baroque music out of which it grew, and evolved into the complex, powerful form it is today. Blues itself grew out of Spirituals, sung in the fields during work hours to pass the time.