Any recommendations for piano pieces to play? What pieces are your favorite? Just curious.i’ve played a good amount of songs, from Chopin’s Revolutionary Etude to Liszt’s Hungarian Rhapsody no. 6 (and 2), so difficulty isn’t an obstacle. This isn’t necessarily for a recital or competition, just something awesome to play. Something that makes you go “wow, i can’t believe i just did that.”thankssorry i guess i shouldve been more specific.classical music only please (1800ish-1900ish) i.e chopin, rachmaninoff, debussy, etc.

Check out digitalized sheet music for Hungarian Rhapsody No.6 by Liszt

I love all the piano in the music of the band Queen, and I think Victor’s piano solo and the duet in the movie Corpse Bride are amazing too.

ive really liked the “pride and prejudice” soundtrack and you can buy sheet music to the piano on most likely

Moonlight Sonata – Beethoven (All-time favorite!)Clair de Lune – DebussyName? Broken chords (melodic) starting with C and E by Bach

i find alot of chopin’s waltzes very fun to play and you can learn them quickly. also, they are amazing when you actually listen to what you just played as if you weren’t an amazing pianist. i find chopin’s waltz op.64 no.2 very fun to play. also, waltz op.69 no.3 is interesting

Prelude 4 in E minor by Chopin. It is an incredibly beautiful and moving piece. Its emotionalism, when played well, captures listeners hearts and minds. It is an amazing composition and always a favorite among those who appreciate and support classical music.

these will probably be really easy for you or you’ve already learned them, but they’re my favorites:- Fur Elise- Midnight Sonata (the REAL version is very hard.lots of SHARPS! .haven’t attempted that one yet! lol)- Rondo Alla Turca- Blue Danube Waltz- Sonatina in ‘C’ – Solfeggieto- Canonsome really fun little pieces to play are many different little minuet songs.they’re pretty awesomei have some books that have a ton of short classical pieces to to play every once in a while.and not too hard.there are many types of books to choose from, so pick a day to look around a music store and test out some tunes on a piano there!have fun?

Fur Elise has always been my favourite classic piece to play. It always manages to soothe and revive me at the same time. I also like the piano part of that soap opera, Days of our lives? It usually irritated my sister & I liked that!

Which piece do you believe is more difficult? Two pieces I have developed interest in lately are Hungarian Rhapsody No. 6 in D Flat Major by Liszt and Sonata No. 7 in B Flat Major, Third Movement by Prokofiev.So I’m asking which piece you find more difficult and why. My teacher has already approved of me playing either of these pieces, and this could give me an insight on which piece to choose.Thank you! đŸ™‚
Your teacher also knows, then, that the best way is to read them both through, and determine which for yourself has technical problems less familiar to you, therefore ‘more or less challenging’ and too, which style you have more or less understanding of delivering.imho, Brahms might be more ‘foreign,’ to your musical sensibility, as to proper rendering of period style, than the Prokofiev.Either way, read through each and you will know, firsthand, which will present the most challenge, which will be most difficult for you.Best regards.