Looking for a good clarinet duet? My friend and I are both sixteen and we’re pretty good clarinet players. I’m looking for a fun duet for us to do at our next concert, any ideas? Last year we did Humoresque by Dvorak. It was really fun and upbeat. I’m thinking something like that.

Lazarus (Humoresque) sheet music is available for immediate download.

All the old style clarinet method books (Lazarus, etc.) are full of them.”Pretty good” isn’t much to go on, and I’ve used dozens of good ones with students in the past, too many to remember or type. One that jumps to mind is an arrangement of Mendelssohn’s Konzertstucke (Concert Pieces) op. 113 and 114 for clarinet and basset horn, with the basset part transcribed for the 2nd clarinet. That has piano accompaniment, but a movement of either of those will be a crowd pleaser. Can’t remember the publisher.If you want two clarinets only, then hie thee to a music shop and browse the shelves. You’ll find something.