Helen Merrill – You don’t know what love is

from ‘Parole e Musica’ with the Piero Umiliani Orchestra (1960) You don’t know what love is (Gene de Paul, Don Raye) You don’t know what love is until you’ve…

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What types of clients do Merrill Lynch financial advisers seek out? In general what types of clients do Merrill Lynch seek out. I spoke with an adviser and he said that they don’t accept clients who won’t bring in 100k initially. He also said on average his clients come with about 500k. What types of people have this kind of money? Do they include older middle class, upper middle class, or strictly the upper end such as doctors, lawyers, big managers, and business owners?

Download digital sheet music: Merrill – How Will I Know and play it off-line

The rich. few doctors, lawyers and working people have that kind of money. It is great work if you can find it.Merrill Lynch closed my account 25 years ago.

Merrill Lynch will start hiring more people in Singapore. Is it risky to join this company? Reason I’m asking is because Merrill Lynch and BOA recently merged. Isn’t this considered a career risk because of uncertainty in the company’s future?
Singapore is not the USA. For all I know they could be hiring more janitors and cleaning women. In Sinapore that is more important than some banker.

In this economic climate, nothing’s certain. Merrill Lynch laid off a bunch of staff last year. They must be improving in order to hire again. If you have no other job offers, I say Go for it.

ML is in trouble. they almost put BOA out of business. You may try JP Morgan. They are more more stable at this point.

How does Merrill Lynch keep getting customers? Merrill Lynch recently lost around $8 billion of their own money on bad investments in their in-house accounts. Their “Merrill Lynch” branded mutual funds have never done well. Obviously, the work done by their research department is worse than worthless. So why don’t their customers jump ship? How do they keep getting new ones?
The answer is they are a household name and have great marketing. It is interesting to me that so many people don’t do their homework when it comes to financial things, you are absolutely correct they have a horrible track record.

Good question.1) Merrill Lynch is a powerful marketing machine. They appeal to people’s egos by making them feel important and holding their hand.2) The appeal to the brokers is “unlimited income potential.” Most brokers don’t last for more than 5 years, but clients they bring in stay on.3) Industry consolidation.The ironic thing is that years ago they looked down at Charles Schwab as somebody who was there to take care of “small accounts”. Charles Schwab is about to overcome Merrill in assets under management.

How can I obtain my Merrill Lynch account number? I am trying to open an online account with Merrill Lynch but I have misplaced my papers that have my account number on them. Is there a number I can call to get this information? Or do I have to get it from my employer?
Is there documented connections between Merrill in US and De Merle in France that someone is willing to share? I have heard all my life that the US Merrill family comes from De Merle in France. I am searching for links and documented information.
I couldn’t find an etymology or Merrill, but usually with French names, the words de, de la, or du mean from. This was used a long time ago to say for example, this is the son of someone, or this person was from somewhere. Perhaps the last name De Merle means that the original ancesestor with that last name was from the town of Merle, or was the son of someone named Merle. I doubt it has any connection with Merrill, but as I said, I couldn’t find Merrill on any of the three sites I checked, so it could be possible.

What will happen to me if Merrill Lynch fails? My wife and I have many investments through Merrill Lynch. We own the stocks ourselves (right?), so how might it affect us if Merrill Lynch fails? Are our investments at risk too?
Merrill Lynch just manages and helps in deciding what are good investments for “you”, Yes you do own your stocks, however if your worried about the financial institution failing maybe you should look for another investor. there are many out there, like UBS, scottrade, principal financial, Goldman, ect.Peace

If the shares are registered in your own name, then ML only acted as a broker and you have nothing to fear from their failure. Just make sure they do not owe you any money. However please note ML are still very sound and not at all at risk of closure.

If you own Merrill Lynch stock, it looks like you just made a ton of money – Bank of America just bought Merrill Lynch. All investment accounts would be secure.

How difficult is it to get a job from companies like Merrill Lynch and Goldman Sachs? I went to an Ivy League for two years, but I have been taking a leave of absence. I cannot complete my college education because of financial difficulties.I very much want to find a job at companies like Merrill Lynch and Goldman Sachs. Without a college degree, is it impossible?
Dear A T,I feel like I am in the same boat as you. Allow me to explain. I too went to college for a couple of semesters, earned a small amount of credits, but did not graduate b/c I started to have bills, a car loan, you get the whole idea. Anyways, I am very familiar with the companies you have mentioned in your question. Um, right now I am scheduled for a second interview with Ameriprise Financial. have you heard of them? They are very much like Merrill Lynch. I only have a H.S. Dip and haven’t earned a degree yet. I want to tell you that it ISN’T impossible to land a job, you just have to prove to them that you are willing to take on the risks and requirements, such as earning licenses before you even BEGIN to work for them. I don’t know what else to say.

Merrill Lynch, and Goldman Sachs = Not likely.By the way, having a degree from an unknown school is better than not having a degree from Harvard or other Ivy League school.Think about what you will tell them – You want to give financial advice, but aren’t qualified because of financial difficulties.

Nothing is impossible – though granted without a degree it will be difficult. I would suggest starting by being clear on what kind of job you are looking to apply for. Second, don’t apply through human resources as they will reject your application out of hand because of the degree issue. Rather make an effort to find out names of department heads in the firms and send personal letters with resume attached. I’m assuming the fact that you went to an Ivy school counts for something.perhaps connect with your school’s alumni association and network with those people who attended your school.Lastly, be open to all possibilities, Merrill Lynch and GS are great organizations but they may not be right for you. Perhaps you need to assess whether finishing your degree is more critical to allowing you to achieve your dreams than an ivy league education.Good luck

No way: even their janitors have MBAs: just kidding. Seriously it is almost impossible. GS is top tier. ML is tier B. Ivy league means squat for finance. You need to get an MBA from Wharton, Columbia, NYU Stern or UChicago to get into GS. Or at least Harvard, Stanford or MIT to stand a chance to get into GS.For ML any of these will do.

depends on the job. But why would they hire you over someone that has a degree? It is nice to want something, it is totally different to do something about it and do what it takes to get it (I took out loans, did without a car, ate pasta with no sause, . to get through college).So if you expect to get one of the high paying jobs, then your chances are ZERO.And to address the guy below. There are NO “entry level” jobs there that do not need a degree.

Apply for an entry level job with them. For that you will not need a degree. Then go back part time to complete your degree. I got into a well-known large bank through an employment agency. This lead to permanence in an entry level position. I am taking courses part time. I even got a promotion. Don’t give up on your dream!

impossible. you need a degree from a top school. Financial difficulties? take out a lone. join the navy for two years. do whatever it takes to get back into school! honestly, you can do it if you put your mind to it!good luck!