George Merrill performing “How Will I Know” at the WCS NW Chapter Music EXPO II, Nov. 12th, 2011 – SmileynoteStudios, inc.

Digital music scores source: How Will I Know by George Merrill

Boy Meets Girl – I Wanna Dance With Somebody (Who Loves Me) (George Merrill & Shannon Rubicam)

Artist: Boy Meets Girl (Cover Whitney Houston) Song: I Wanna Dance With Somebody (Who Loves Me) (George Merrill & Shannon Rubicam) Album: Number One with a B…

Who were the three largest contributors to the 2000 Presidential election campaign for Bush? Who were the three largest contributors to the 2000 Presidential election campaign for Bush? For Gore? Who were the three largest contributors in the 2004 Presidential Election campaign for John Kerry? Who were the three largest contributors to George W. Bush?

Digital music scores source: How Will I Know by George Merrill

Banking interests were numbero uno. That is why Bush signed the Bankruptcy Reform Act. Ironically, Banks, espcially Mortgage Banks, have racked up some major economic losses recently. Serves them right. It goes to prove the point that; whether you support or supported Bush – or not – he has screwed you without discrimination – regardless of your status in life; or economic standing in your community!

The Hanging Chad Inc.ChineseVoter Intent LLCOnly Recount in Democrat Counties Inc.Sorry that’s four and I only knew Gores

2004 Bush top contributorsMorgan Stanley $600,480Merrill Lynch $580,004PricewaterhouseCoopers $513,750UBS Americas $472,075Goldman Sachs $390,600MBNA Corp $356,350Credit Suisse Group $331,040Lehman Brothers $329,725Citigroup Inc $320,620Bear Stearns $309,150Ernst & Young $305,140Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu $290,450US Government $287,636Wachovia Corp $275,310Ameriquest Capital $250,650Blank Rome LLP $223,900Bank of America $218,261AT&T Inc $212,920Cendant Corp $207,443JP Morgan Chase & Co $205,900You can find the rest at the source

Despite all the bailouts and lowering of interest rates enacted in the last 2 years? how come the economy just keeps on getting worse & worse by the day. Now we have an unprecedented trillion dollar deficit,thanks in no small part of George Bushes’ irresponsible fiscal & monetary policies. What else can we do to uplift the economy?
Banks are holding onto money or not passing significant interest rate cuts down to consumers. Either that or they are using bailout money to buy up smaller banks. Bank of America made a deal for 20 billion dollars and turned around and bought Merrill Lynch. It seems like all TARP has done is allowed banks to further concentrate into fewer hands so that way, when the NEXT financial crisis hits it will hurt even more.George Bush does not control monetary policy btw. I’m by no means a Bush supporter, but Congress had a hand in passing TARP without the necessary stipulations and oversight as well. I hope you hold your personal senator and representative accountable as well.

Why so much miss-management from these financial experts? Is it due to adding law to grace is sufficient? leaders of Enron, leaders of Lehman Brothers, leaders of Bear Stearns, leaders of WorldCom, leaders of AIG, leaders of Merrill Lynch, leaders of Washington Mutual leaders of Countrywide Financeleaders of General MotorsAlan Greenspan George W. BushAmerican Banks. to the point it has inffected the whole world add verselyWould the addversely be due to adding law to grace is suffcient?Would such be as if adding dis to ease, comfort, approved, etc?
It began in the Clinton administration when the loosened and allowed the law to be ignored in an attempt to get more people in housing that at that time did not qualify. Bush and McCain warned of this but the black caucus and Barny Frank fought it saying nothing was wrong.Well those people STILL could not afford housing, and Fanny and Freddy were bursting at the scenes with bad loans that they had sold throughout the financial world.Bang.
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I think the problem comes from thinking that any of these people are “experts” in any sense, as well as inherent problems with our man-made financial systems and the horrific Cyranoid entities formed by our system under which corporations have more rights than individuals, and are legally beholden only to maximize profits for their shareholders, while the shareholders hold no responsibility for any wrong-doing the companies commit in pursuit of that profit.

Allegory, I can tell you exactly why. Because people are shallow thinkers who put more faith and trust when picking a leader in intellect education ,communication skills and experience without giving the persons integrity one look. You want a perfect example of this ? Look at Sarah Palin. Hollywood movies stars dragged this woman through the mud. Saying she’s not educated, she doesn’t speak well, she’s not experienced. People are shallow and the the shallowest amongst them are the so called educated and who’s who of hollywood. What good is a person posessing all these so called qualities if their motives are rotten ? No good in my opinion.

The credit world cant survive if strict regulation is not upheld on both sides of the fence of the lenders and borrowers.

What’s the name of the people who dropped the atomic bomb on Japan? The people in the airplane.Both on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.Did the same 13 also do it to Nagasaki few days later?
The plane that dropped the first atomic bomb on Hiroshima on August 6th, 1945 was the Enola Gay.It had a crew that day of 13 men.Colonel Paul W. Tibbets, Jr. – Pilot and Aircraft commanderCaptain Robert A. Lewis – Co-pilot; Enola Gay’s assigned aircraft commanderMajor Thomas Ferebee – Bombardier Captain Theodore “Dutch” Van Kirk – NavigatorU.S. Navy Captain William S. “Deak” Parsons – Weaponeer and bomb commanderLieutenant Jacob Beser – Radar countermeasures Second Lieutenant Morris R. Jeppson – Assistant weaponeerTechnical Sergeant George R. “Bob” Caron – Tail gunnerTechnical Sergeant Wyatt E. Duzenberry – Flight engineerSergeant Joe S. Stiborik – Radar operatorSergeant Robert H. Shumard – Assistant flight engineerPrivate First Class Richard H. Nelson – VHF radio operatorJohn P. Merrill — flight surgeonThe second bomb dropped was on Nagasaki, August 9th, 1945. The plane was the Bockscar and it also had a crew of 13 .Maj Charles W. Sweeney, aircraft commanderCapt Charles Donald Albury, co-pilot 2nd Lt Fred Olivi, regular co-pilotCapt James van Pelt, navigatorCapt Kermit Beahan, bombardierMaster Sergeant John D. Kuharek, flight engineerSSgt Ray Gallagher, gunner, assistant flight engineerSSgt Edward Buckley, radar operatorSgt Abe Spitzer, radio operatorSgt Albert Dehart, tail gunnerCDR Frederick L. Ashworth (USN), weaponeerLieutenant Philip Barnes (USN), assistant weaponeerLieutenant Jacob Beser, radar countermeasuresThe only person who was on both flights was Lieutenant Jacob Beser.