Ambrosia – How Much I Feel (’78)

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Digital music scores source: Ambrosia: How Much I Feel by D. Pack

Ambrosia – How Much I Feel (with lyrics)

Ambrosia’s 1978 hit “How Much I Feel” with lyrics below. LYRICS: I don’t know how this whole business started Of you thinkin’ that I had been untrue But if y…

I don’t like the anime fandom? First of all, I don’t believe in fandoms, I think there should be hobbies but fandom just separates us humans even more. Why do we want to be classified into stupid groups so much? The emo kid, the freak, the nerd, the skater, the anime freak. In the end we are all different, doesn’t matter if you are in one group or another. Being in the anime fandom doesn’t make you more different than the “normal” guy at class. The normal guy is as different as you are and that is what makes us humans wonderful. That’s one thing I hate about anime fandom: their crusades against the so-called ‘normals’ (being obsessed with wanting to be different).In other words, they (I don’t wanna generalize here because not all are like this) just want attention. Look, anime has become something extremely mainstream and is not the special forbidden ambrosia anymore. Almost everyone has watched or is watching anime, the factor that differences us is how we perceive it. If you go around with cat ears and tail, saying random Japanese words, just talking about the awesome episode you watched but no one else did you are not being different, you are just being a spoiled brat. However, the percentage of people inside the anime fandom who actually do this is very little. Other thing is that anime fandom is just too full of fan boys/girls or anime experts wannabes. People who have just watched a few series (30 max) and think they are the God/Goddess of the anime world. I don’t like how obsessed they are with violence. I am a strong pacifist and believe that even defending yourself is pointless because fighting fire with fire just brings more fire. I’ll briefly write my background story: I was completely absorbed into the 2-d world. I find this to be really embarrassing and stupid but I’ll admit it: I even started feeling disgusted by humans, we were dirty and corrupt compared to clean characters. Obviously, I didn’t have friends nor wanted them. Back in my dark days I watched over 400 series, played over 80 eroges (Erotic Visual Novels) and watched almost 1 hour of hentai daily. I made watching over 20 episodes per day a must. My room was fully packed of erotic figures, pillows, dolls. Because of this I sucked at high school. I skipped class many days just to enjoy my obsession, and when I actually went to school I always slept during class because that night I slept at 5 am. I talked to my figures and I practically made up my very little world. Now when I look at those days I feel like vomiting, I feel disgusted and can’t believe that was me. However, even in those days I disliked anime fandom. I didn’t like talking with other anime fans, they were simple humans after all. And I didn’t talk about anime outside my room, almost nobody knew that I was into anime. But there was something I did have during those days. It was respect, something that others (I can’t blame them) didn’t have for me. Even though they were humans I have always respected them, anime fans included.

Digital music scores source: Ambrosia: How Much I Feel by D. Pack

You’re taking quite the deep dive into this subject. Fandoms give a group of people a reason to communicate with one another, it’s a chance to meet others who share your interest and support a story that you would like see develop. Nothing wrong with that at all.You’re totally right in that anime has become mainstream, which is why I’ve shied away from Naruto and Bleach a bit. A lot of people who don’t even like anime will watch Naruto and Bleach for the thrills and then continue to claim that anime is for kids and they watched it when they were younger. I hate those type of admissions. Way too many people claiming to be experts who try to predict the future and write thesis papers on why they’re right and others are wrong. I especially dislike the fans who type paragraphs on why a character is better than such and such and will go on to do so and so. I’d rather wait out the story and quit applying my beliefs on another persons work.

Glad you got that off your chest, now you’re free to do what ever you want!Learn to summarize next time.

I would of just writ a quick statement, but in your case.woah.anyway I think that is your opinion, even though I don’t know what fandom is and after I read the first sentence, I looked at it and stopped.but at least we know you have the knowledge to join a debate team..

Out of curiosity, what is your question? This just seems like a rant.This kid of stuff belongs on a blog.

>I don’t like the anime fandom?Fine. Then stay away.>fandom just separates us humans even more.You don’t seem to be helping.>Why do we want to be classified into stupid groups so much?I’m not the one who classified people into the ‘anime fandom’ group. You did that.>People who have just watched a few series (30 max) and think they are the God/Goddess of the anime world.I’ve completed 61 shows (1522 episodes) and I don’t consider myself an expert.>Because of this I sucked at high school. I skipped class many days just to enjoy my obsessionThen that was a problem with you, not with anime or people who watch anime. The key is moderation. That doesn’t mean you have to abandon a hobby entirely, it just means you don’t let it control your life and get in the way of more important things.