The Notebook – Feels Like Home

My second Notebook video, just for fun, because I love the song sang by Chantal Kreviazuk.

Sheet music for How Does It Feel – Kreviazuk is available for downloading in digital format.

Feels Like Home by Chantal Kreviazuk (lyrics)

One of my favorite songs ever, listen to it, sing along, don’t, it doesn’t matter. just ENJOY :]

What movie is the song: Feels Like Home to Me by Chantel Kreviazuk in? What movie is the song: Feels Like Home to Me by Chantel Kreviazuk in?

Sheet music for How Does It Feel – Kreviazuk is available for downloading in digital format.

How To Lose A Guy in 10 Days, its in that movie when they are at ben’s family’s house and they are all wet from being splashed by a truck, and they are in the bathroom and he is telling her how to work the shower. i love that movie so much šŸ˜› but anywho its in that movie, not sure if there are other movies its also in, but it is definitely in that one šŸ˜›

what song did you walk down the aisle to on your wedding day? Hi all.. Getting married on the 11th of may (beach wedding in Australia. Needs some suggestions on songs to walk down the aisle to.. I really like feels like home by Chantel Kreviazuk.. Any suggestions?? What did you walk down the aisle to?
No suggestions, but funny story. We hired a guitar player to play while the people were sitting, then to play while I walked down the aisle. I wasn’t picky. I asked him to just play something pretty while I walked. Everyone got seated, and the wedding party was in place. I stood at the end of the aisle, waiting for my cue. It never came. He thought we only wanted music played while people were sitting down, and had packed up and left before I got in position. I walked down in silence. No one stood. No one even realized I was walking until I had passed them. It is kind of funny now, but I guess the moral is make sure that you explain what you want clearly.

im going to walk down the aisle to Stevie Wonder – Isn’t She Lovelybecause when i was born the radio was playing and the minute i was born i was put in my daddy’s arms and that song came on šŸ˜€ so it seems to fit in with me passing onto the next stage of my life and my fiancee says he really loves it and reminds him of me. so it just fits

I wanted something different but traditional so I chose “The Wedding March” by

This site has a very big selection for each part of the wedding. You can click on the song you might think you would like and listen to video. Good songs are more classic and

What are some good heart felt beautiful songs? Just chillin and relaxing listening to good tunes.
sorry – maria menawhat hurts the most (yanou’s candelight remix) – cascadasoulmate – natasha bedingfieldfeels like home – chantel kreviazukmissing you – 1st ladyadore you – lil raina few of my favourites enjoy šŸ™‚

Songs to help dealing with the death of a loved one? My best friend just lost her long time boyfriend after a battle with drugs. They have a son who will be one in 3 weeks, my godson šŸ™‚ so she is having a really hard time dealing with his death. She tried everything she could to get him the help he needed but feels as if she failed. I’m trying to make a mixed CD for her to try and cheer her up. If anyone can give me some suggestions I would much appreciate it, as would she, I’m sure. Thanks to everyone!
Hmm.this will take time.but shell heal tho.As for right now,spend more time with her be with her.Talk out any emotions she has anything thats on her mind make her talk it out in a helathy positive matter.Umm Yeah just be there for her go out like make her get the mind of it.Positive talk helps a ton like “dont worry hes in a better place now” or “hes finished suffering but hell always be there watching over you” just remember positive is the key to happiness in life.Also for the baby,make sure the baby has a safe place cause she can transfer negative emotions down to him too you know.Spend some time with the kidd and yeah,life goes on lol its just up to you guys to navigate it into a beautiful wonder land lol.Good Luck.

One word of advice: Don’t do anything TOO happy (like “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” or something like that), since songs like that will only underscore how upset she is. You want songs that are happy or even sad, but that offer lyrics of hope and remembrance. Like:–“My Heart Will Go On” – Celine Dion–“The Dance” – Garth Brooks (“I could have missed the pain but I’d have had to miss the dance.”)–“Survivor” – Destiny’s Child–“I Will Survive”–“Stronger” – Britney Spears–“There You’ll Be” – Celine Dion–“You’ll Be In My Heart” – Phil Collins–“Circle of Life” – The Lion King–“Seasons of Love” – RentDEFINITELY “Endless Night” from “The Lion King” on Broadway. It’s a song of grief AND strength. It really helps

Youtube is an ass sometimes! šŸ˜” I went on there when this question was new, knowing exactly what to suggest, but everytime I found a video, it was muted because of some copyright crap! Finally, here you go:Say Goodnight, Not,+Not+GoodbyeAnd this one is uplifting, although it has a story that doesn’t really fit the situation that well. It’s still about carrying on the memory and legacy of a loved one who died:Welcome to the Black Will Always Love You (so sweet!) is about you supporting her:Keep Holding