How Firm a Foundation

Enjoy How Firm a Foundation and American Folk Melody performed on the Yamaha P100 keyboard.

Download sheet music pdf: Folk – How Firm a Foundation

How Firm a Foundation on Harp

This is an original arragement of the hymn “How Firm a Foundation” I am playing on my folk harp. The melody is Traditional American. Here is the first verse:…

When do you think the global economy will start to really recover? As in when will it gain a firm foundation for economic growth?

Download sheet music pdf: Folk – How Firm a Foundation

Actually, the recovery is getting underway now. The problem is, it doesn’t seem, like that to most folks in the US, Canada, Japan, the UK,.and other places.But China’s economy is expanding already. Manufacturing output was up by more than 15% in October. Australia, a big producer of the iron and copper ores needed by China’s mills and smelters is closely linked to “the big dragon” and recovery is underway there also.The US and Europe are a bit behind that but recovery is beginning there also. You see the early wisps of it in the modest increases in retail sales.The foundations for economic growth were set by the stimulus plans and bank rescues initiated by the US, Britain, Germany and China over the past 14 months. However, to use a construction analogy, you can pour a foundation but it takes a while to “set.” And a key part of the “foundation” is the rebuilding of confidence among banks and buyers. Confidence is critical to economic growth. If you aren’t confident that the coffee shop you want to set up will succeed, you just wait for better times. If the bank isn’t confident, they won’t lend you money for the espresso machine. And sure enough, a key US statistic “C & I loans,” which is lending by banks for commercial and industries purposes, is still drifting downward. So is consumer credit card debt outstanding. The confidence isn’t quite there yet.After the pounding the investors took and the massive layoffs of the past 18 months many industries and people are quite “shell shocked.” Recovery for the economy is measured by data. Recovery for you is measured by your situation: even if you have a job, you are not sure you will keep it. If you don’t have a job you are looking (or you gave up and joined the “discouraged worker” army. Either way, if you are looking for work you are in competition with a great many others. So it doesn’t feel like a recovery until (a) you find a job, or (b) the job you have gets back to full hours and full — or better pay. By that measure, the global recovery is starting now but recovery for you may be 8-12 months away.

The global economy’s recovery is very hard to say. In the US it is recovering. In Europe it is now out of its worst recession except Britain. In Asia the economy is at a robust stage. And most countries in the world and people and the IMF are saying that stimulus are still needed. Judging from all these findings, the global economy has not really recover. But the global economy can at the click of the button by investment bankers and money traders America and Europe into robust economies.And the bubble formed in the Asian economies to burst.Reversing the economies from east to west. Or my favourate phrase ‘from one pocket to another’.So may I say the global economy can never really recover. Really the best way is to enjoy with whatever we now have and come what may.

What do you guys know about foreclosure assistance companies? My mortgage is with Countrywide – we’ve had two years of major setbacks (company folding, 2 layoffs, illness, 3 slab leaks, major foundation shifting, theft of automobile (without theft protection insurance). I tried to make partial mortgage payments, but Countrywide would not accept – sent the checks back. I talked to them on a regular basis and said we were looking for work. I finally got a job and sent a payment to them with the understanding that I would start making payments once I found work and we would work out a forebearance agreement for the rest of the back payments. My first check to them crossed in the mail the notice from their lawyers that we were in foreclosure. And, true to form, they sent back my check. They gave me one week to come up with the total back payments or I was out of luck. So, now I’m looking at paying a company like Fresh Start Programs, where I give them $1200.00 and they negotiate with Countrywide. Does anyone have any info on these companies?
i would suggest keeping away from fresh start as i think u may only get deeper in dept, but i do suggest if possible to talk in person if not then by phone to a quilified countrywide officer. always be diplomatic and follow up closely on your promises as everything u ever discuss with collection agencies is recorded.also these companys are in business to loan money not to foreclose as they will stand to have a large losses. always talk to the same qualified officer, not a puppet and look in to the possibility of refinancing at a fixed rate. 15 years in my opinion is much better than 30 years. this depends on different equity factors.they do not want to pay attorney fees or take your home.

I would suggest that you seek counseling from a non-profit agency. If you go somewhere else, they may try to take advantage of your situation and make money off of you when you seriously cannot afford it. Try this’s for HUD and they have a good list of people who would be able to help you with that. HUD is a firm believer in sending folks to reputable help. The organizations need to pass a rigorous test of standards and ethics in order to be approved by HUD. At this point, I cannot stress enough that you should work with someone who is interesting in helping, as opposed to making money. You can search for HUD-approved foreclosure counselors in your area. It also gives you lots of good options and FAQs.Here is a phone number you might want to call: 1.888.995.HOPE. It is a hotline that will also direct you to HUD-approved counseling agencies. Here is the link if you want more am sorry to hear about your predicament. I know you worked hard to get the house and you want to keep it. I’ll be praying for you!Godspeed.

I am familiar with a foreclosure bailout company. Take a few seconds and fill out the free evaluation form at the source website if you have equity in your home.