KT Tunstall – HMV Glasgow 10.09.07 – Hopeless

KT Singing at her HMV signing in Glasgow to promote her new album Drastic Fantastic.

Online source: KT Tunstall – Hopeless sheet music

Hopeless – KT Tunstall Cover

Acoustic Cover of KT Tunstall’s Hopeless.

What is a song that describes you personally, a song that fits your way of living? I want to see songs I don’t know or want to know. You can give as many as you want. But be creative I don’t want to see a bunch of stuff like “Just Dance” by Lady GaGa, or any popular every day radio songs, or a gigantic list of unexplained choices. Something that feels like it just belongs to you. Like it was made for “YOU”. A couple of songs that I feel like describe me personally and or are how I live my life, are.”Mushaboom, by Feist””Hope For The Hopeless, by A Fine Frenzy””Paper Aeroplane, by KT Tunstall”Please include details as to why it suits you.And also be a little deep in your answers.Also do not be disrespectful, PLEASE!

Online source: KT Tunstall – Hopeless sheet music

Lost in Stereo by All Time Low because I listen to the music I listen to for me and only me. Im not going to let whats on the radio define me. Also when I listen to a band its not because I think the band is hot or they are popular. I listen to them because the lyrics are meaningful to me. When I go to concerts its for the music and meeting the band that changed my life not for anything else.

So far so great by Demi Lovato because there are many opportunities in my life just like she’s describing in the song.

Tension by Avenged SevenfoldI always feel like im being yanked in different directions, and I don’t know which way to go.

you can–david archuletai really enjoy this song, it talks about how ‘good things come to those who wait.” it’s really personal for me, waiting for marriage was a tough decision i chose to make. my dad and stepmom didnt approve of my getting a purity ring, but i felt it was the right thing to do. this song really speaks to me.keep holding on–avril lavignei’ve been through so much with this song. when my mom died when i was nine, i listened to this song everynight. it became my lullaby. at times i was so depressed and angry with God and whoever else let that happen, but her soothing lyrics would always make me feel better. (there’s nothing you can say, nothing you can do, there’s no other way when it comes to the truth. keep holding on, cuz ya know we’ll make it through)are we human?–the killerssometimes, i like to sit and think about life. i ask myself questions, and i get so mad that i cant answer them. this song is so perfect for this part of me. “are we human? or are we dancer”, meaning are we our own selves, doing what we wish? or are we puppets fulfilling the requests of a higher being.. i dunno, this song really speaks to me.ps: help with my question? thanks.. answers.yahoo.com/question/index;_ylt=AgvsL1xYFNr88EN5KR.20IsazKIX;_ylv=3?qid=20091228191705AALmPAn

Evanescence- Going underBecause sometimes i feel like i am going under, and almost falling to the bottom.

Liberty Lyrics: Robert Hunter/Music: Jerry Garcia Saw a bird with a tear in his eyeWalking to New Orleans my oh myHey, now, Bird, wouldn’t you rather dieThan walk this world when you’re born to fly?If I was the sun, I’d look for shadeIf I was a bed, I would stay unmadeIf I was a river I’d run uphillIf you call me you know I willIf you call me you know I willOoo, freedomOoo, libertyOoo, leave me aloneTo find my own way homeTo find my own way homeSay what I mean and I don’t give a damnI do believe and I am who I amHey now Mama come and take my handWhole lotta shakin’ all over this landIf I was an eagle I’d dress like a duckCrawl like a lizard and honk like a truckIf I get a notion I’ll climb this treeor chop it down and you can’t stop meChop it down and you can’t stop meOoo, freedomOoo, libertyOoo, leave me aloneTo find my own way homeTo find my own way homeWent to the well but the water was dryDipped my bucket in the clear blue skyLooked in the bottom and what did I see?The whole damned world looking back at meIf I was a bottle I’d spill for loveSake of mercy I’d kill for loveIf I was a liar I’d lie for loveSake of my baby I’d die for loveSake of my baby I’d die for love Ooo, freedomOoo, libertyOoo, leave me aloneTo find my own way homeTo find my own way homeI’m gonna find my own way home

good songs for guitar? i am a guitar player, i can play alot of things but im mostly looking for some easy songs,some low key, stuff like the fray, easy listening stuff.i have an ultimate-guitar account but i do not have guitar-proso if anyones knows some good songs please tell me!also any 80’s glam rock music im cool w/ too!
Anything from City and Colour is really good, there cool acoustic. City and Colour is an AMAZING band.
Hopeless by KT Tunstall