Pet Lover wants to Move out of state.Need to know what is best about where you live? I live in NJ.I want to move out of this state.It is sucking my pay check dry.Please give me ideas where to move and why.I’m open to all over.I really like being by water.I like nice people,honest people,I’ll also need to secure a good job.I would love to own a home again..any ideas? Thanks in advance.

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For some unknown reason, everyone that comes to Georgia, even passing thru.never leaves. We must be nice here.

Send out resumes, maybe even post it on line. When you get offers, you can look at the area and decide if it is right for you.

Depends on your income, to have a place near the ocean costs more, try florida, if you can take the heat and humidity, I know what you mean, NY taxes are killers too

i live in the city of wilmington, de. the taxes are the lowest that i know of. there are many large corporations here. as for the pets, many places allow pets if you plan to rent. if you have a dog, there is a place called bark park. it is an off leash park with a large field (about the size of a football field). it’s in pike creek in carousel farms. there is also a large pond for the dogs to swim and trails to walk through the woods. there are a few beaches down state. rehobeth and dewey are the nicest ones here. they are not as big as wild wood new jersey, but they are good for weekend or day trips. back to city living, we moved back here because the suburbs are not as nice as they used to be. my dog loves city life, so many smells and walks. it seems like every one in my building has a dog. we live in a high rise, so that is a lot of dogs. you just have to pick a nice part of the city. anywhere near wilmington hospital is a good part of the city. much cheaper than new jersey. to buy a house or condo here is also much cheaper and the property taxes are almost half of what you pay in new jersey. good luck on your search.

I live in Southern Illinois, right on the Ohio River. I love it here!! We have Kentucky Lake about 30 miles away. Look for jobs in Paducah, Kentucky or try Harrah’s Casino in Metropolis, IL – they’re always hiring. Housing is very affordable around here. I purchased 5 acres for $25K and gas is currently 2.85 a gallon. Lots of water!! Not to mention by dogs love it in the country.

How can I get rid of a stray cat that moved in under my mobile home and now fighting with another one? I had a stray cat move in under my mobile home a few years ago. I didn’t mind since it kept the mice out of my trailer. Now another one is trying to take over and they are fighting under my trailer almost every night. This has been going on for the last 2 or 3 weeks. They even got into the space under/inside the bathtub and were fighting & banging around in it at 2:00am! They are tearing the plastic off underneath the trailer and causing who knows how much damage under there. They were in the space where the water pipes are and fighting under the floor under kitchen sink at the very front end of my trailer a little while ago. There’s just one hole they can use to get under the trailer. I’m afraid to just block it since I cant tell if I would be blocking them in or out. I need some way to drive them out so then I can fill the hole in. Live traps cost too much and I wouldn’t be sure of getting the right cats any way. I’ve only seen one of them once a long time ago. And the local animal control won’t help either. Later this spring I’ll have to find somebody to go under my trailer and repair the damage they caused. Does anybody know of a mobile home repair company in eastern central Colorado south of Colorado Springs?
Befriend the cats and teach them love and kindness. Be kind to them and you’ll have made yourself some new animal buddies! 🙂

You could try spraying lemon juice under the trailer. Cats hate the smell and taste of citrus, and I’ve heard of several situations where people sprayed lemon juice on decks, porches, under houses, etc. to drive away stray cats. Good luck!

Instructions1Measure the perimeter of the house using the tape measure. Also measure the distance from the bottom of the house to the ground. Using the metal cutting shears, cut a length of hardware cloth 15 inches longer than the distance between the house and the ground, and 3 feet wider than the perimeter of the house.2Dig a 1-foot deep trench around the perimeter of the house, directly underneath the outer walls. Use the tape measure to make sure the trench is at least 1 foot deep.3Roll the hardware cloth out so that it completely encircles the house. The overlapping portion should be at least 2 feet wide.4Staple the top of the hardware cloth to the base of the house. Work your way around the entire perimeter, inserting staples every 4 to 5 inches, until the hardware cloth is hanging securely from the base of the house.5Pull the hardware cloth taut so that the bottom of the cloth touches the bottom of the trench. Using the shovel, fill the dirt back into the hole so that it weights down the hardware cloth. Make sure that the hardware cloth is tight where it overlaps. Pack the dirt down with the back of the shovel.Tips & WarningsElectric metal shears can cut hardware cloth very quickly. They are available in any hardware store.Feeding stray animals will encourage them to return to your property.Read more: How to Keep Stray Cats From Going Under a House |

Your best bet is a live animal trap. I realize they are costly, so you might be able to simply loan one from your local shelter. Try calling around to vets, too. Some will be able to loan you a trap for free so long as you promise to return it. Lure the cats into the trap one by one by hiding it close to the entrance beneath your home, since this is where they frequently go. The smellier the food, the better to attract them. Do not leave the cage exposed to the elements, cover it with a tarp or something that can not only make the cat feel safe, but keep them comfortable. Before trapping them, line up a new location for them. Call around to local feral organizations and see about getting assistance with relocating them. Someone might be happy to add them to their pre-existing cat colony. Know that by simply removing the cats you are opening up your space to new ones. Even if they can’t get under your trailer, once a cat is gone another will likely move in to take over the territory. Having an outside cat helps keep other intruders away. Though, like you’re experiencing, sometimes a more aggressive cat will try to take over and action must be taken before your home is damaged or they cats mortally wound one another.The only way to keep the cats from returning is by filing in that hole and relocating the cats. If you send them off to a shelter they will be euthanized. Ferals are not home bodies, but can be rehabilitated by the right people. Alley Cat Allies is a great place to start on feral information. They can also guide you to local organizations that would be more than willing to assist you and save the cats. of luck!

You’re asking two questions here.Getting rid of the cats: If you live in a trailer park, get the super to call animal control. They don’t want stray animals around any more than you do.Otherwise, call the Pikes Peak Humane Society. They’ll either send someone out or rent you a live trap.Once you’re rid of the animals the least you must do is put a skirt around your trailer. Otherwise you’ll get more cats or raccoons or skunks under there. You may also have to take steps to keep critters from digging under that skirt. I had the problem with skunks digging under the foundation of my shed, I dug 2 foot wide, 2 inches deep and laid down chicken wire all around it. Problem solved.Repairs:Again, if you’re in a trailer park, ask the super for advice on someone to call.Or try this

You may purchase a cat trap for about $40-$50 and use it over and over. Animal control will pick up the cat at no charge to you as many times as you need to.It is humane. AND it is an investment that will ultimately pay for itself in the way of avoiding over-population of animals, diseases, etc. Any major pet store/pet food store will have these. Also, you may obtain them online as well. They work.Do not poison the cats. A neighbor of my best friend’s would put rat poison in cans of cat food to get rid of cats in his yard. Despite her protests, the neighbor continued. He was fined for cruelty to animals a few years ago. (*Someone turned him in so justice was served)