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Music video by Daughtry performing Home. (C) 2007 19 Recordings Limited.

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I’m staring out into the night, Trying to hide the pain. I’m going to the place where love And feeling good don’t ever cost a thing. And the pain you feel’s …

What are some good songs about home, a small town, or community? For my job I made a slide show about our small town and what’s special about it. I just need music for it! So far I have Small Town U.S.A by Justin Moore but I think I’ll need another song or 2 for the video. I might use Home by Daughtry but I still need more! Any ideas?

Download digital sheet music: Home (Daughtry) and play it off-line

what song could be used to welcome home a soldier? He spent a year in Afghanistan and is finally coming home. i don’t want it to mention pain, like Home from Daughtry, or romance. It wouldn’t be appropriate. It will be played at a party to thank him for his service and welcome him home. Any thoughts?
Born in the USA by Bruce Springstein. This would sound like a bad choice if you actually read the lyrics, but people only pay attention to the chorus, so it sounds patriotic.Or you could just play his favorite music.Or, he would be especially grateful if you could have a chorus of beautiful girls sing to him. If you are a churchgoer, that would be a good place to look.

Chicken Fried by The Zac Brown band. Its a country songHeres a link to the songMusic video youtube.com/watch?v=e4ujS1er1r0Just song: youtube.com/watch?v=OVA9eEPkhvM

Born Free by Kid RockIt kind of gives me a lump in my throat, because these men and women are the best of America!! Without them, I wouldn’t be able to do so many things.Please give him a huge thank you.we appreciate and salute the military SO much!Look at the first slide of lyrics on here.it is like so appropriate for this topic!! And it is an upbeat song.You guys, the family or friends, are awesome and SO strong too. You are all my heroes! God bless!! =)youtube.com/watch?v=GKLEr9eRMQU

What is the exit song for american idol season 10? What is the exit song (song that is played when contestants go home) call in season 10? I really like it and I have no clue what it’s called. It has the lyrics “I’m coming home” in it but it isn’t Home by Daughtry, and it is sung by a lady with a soft voice. Hope some one can help!
Popular songs about going home or being back where you belong? My friend is coming back to visit because he moved and I’m making a CD for him. I want the CD to have the theme of going home and being back where you belong. I was thinking typical teenager, recent, popular music. One song I thought of so far was Home by Daughtry. Any more suggestions please? :]
What are all of the American Idol “Going Home” Songs? I know Home by DaughtryReuben StuddardCarrie Underwoodand who else, what were the song titles? Does anyone remember?
I do! I do! I ABSOLUTELY LOVE American Idol! They started having it from Season 5 onwards. Season 5: Daniel Powter – Bad Day (throughout). Season 6: Daughtry – Home; Carrie Underwood – I’ll Stand By You (only for Phil Stacey because of Idol Gives Back). Season 7: Graham Colton – Best Days (Top 24); Ruben Studdard (Top 12 onwards). Season 8: Carrie Underwood – Home Sweet Home (throughout, even through the double elimination).

What song do the lyrics “isn’t it funny the very place i ran from is the place im running to”? I know its not Home by Daughtry and im like 95% sure its a country song.
Artist: Keith Anderson Song: PodunkAlbum: Three Chord Country and American Rock & Roll Same Saturday night, same ol’ crowdDraggin’ Main to the Safeway then turn back around’Til curfew and then head down to the river’s edge and get drunkAin’t nothing new what else you gonna do out in PodunkWell I knew this six-string was my ticket out No flashin’ red light was gonna slow me down18 years old everything that I owned in the back of that truckI put a dip in my mouth and I headed straight out outta Podunk1st Chorus:Goodgye, daddy looked me in the eye said go where you gotta goBut don’t forget to call homeAnd momma cried keep Jesus in your life and I hugged her one last timeAnd then I headed down the roadin a dusty cloud of smokeOut of PodunkBridge:A lot of years gone by showin’ on my faceNothing in this life that time hasn’t changedI chased a lot of dreams and some of them came trueAin’t it funny how the very place I ran from is the place I’m runnin’ toAnother Saturday night singin’ to the same ol’ crowdStill playin this six-string but things are different nowI met one of those girls turn your whole world around girlsAnd wouldn’t you know itWe got our eyes on a house ’bout a hundred miles southOut in Podunk2nd Chorus:Goodbye, her daddy looked me in the eyeAnd said go where you gotta go son but don’t forget to call homeAnd her momma cried sadi keep Jesus in your life and we hugged her one last timeThen we headed down the road to start a family of our ownOut in PodunkRepeat 2nd Chorus 2x***********************************************
Podunk- Keith Andersonyoutube: youtube.com/watch?v=lyQKEpZeA4Y
What are songs, movies and video games about someone going home? What are songs, movies and video games about someone going home?I’m doing an essay on the theme, “Everyone wants a place called home.” So i need modern day ideas about someone going home or going through adventures of going home, and struggles to get to a place called home.
what songs might be good for the Odyssey? I need some songs that’ll be good for the OdysseyI already have Viva la vida – coldplaywine red- hush sound home- daughtry away from the sun – 3 doors down The whole song doesn’t have to go though
I am a man of constant sorrow – featured in O Brother Where Art Thou (which was based on the odyssey)

What song do they play on American Idol when someone leaves? i know they used 2 play home by daughtry and before that it was bad day (i think!) but do u know which one it was for the season that JUST ended ??
Its called Celebrate me Home- Rubben Studdard sings it but he didnt even write it, Kenny Loggins did. I dont evven like the song./ I mean Home and Bad Day were so origional and fun songs but Celebrate me home is worse than well. worse than everything.
celebrate me home- sung by Ruben Stoppardorginally ( and written ) by kenny loggins