Sunrise Avenue Hollywood Hills + Samu Haber talks Prague 18.3.2013 HD video

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Samu Haber

How to find auditions mainly in Hollywood? Now I want to go to Hollywood and launch my acting career so I know it wont be easy. I get the whole idea of going through audition and everything but I need to know how to find them, Do you just read the local newspaper and it’ll be listed? Where do I find out the resent acting gigs? I need answers. Thanks!

If you like this piece you can download Haber (Hollywood Hills) sheet music online in digital format.

if you have some acting experience ie: local plays, acting courses etc, then find an agent, they are the ones that find you the casting calls and auditions

As far as finding auditions on your own go,Here are the ONLY few LEGIT online (you can get the newspaper at bookstores)Free, but proceed with caution:-Craigslist-Mandy.comSCAMMY ONES TO DEFINITELY AVOID! that you’ll ONLY see 30% of the auditions out there on these sites. You need an agent to get the other 70% of auditions out there.To get an agent, you need to get GREAT headshots, a good resume, and training from the best. These are enough to get you a commercial agent at least. Getting a GOOD theatrical agent (Film/tv) takes longer. Most good theatrical agents won’t see you unless you’re SAG, have a polished resume, and a demo reel. Commercial agents are more lenient about that. What the best Commercial agents want to see on your resume are good commercial classes, improv, and cold reading.You can get an agent multiple ways. Here are a few common ways:-Mail in an unsealed manilla envelope with a CONCISE coverletter and headshot with the resume stapled on the back. If you have a demoreel include that too.-Attend a showcase and impress them. By showcase I do not mean scammy conventions like IMTA, Proscout, or Best New Talent. I mean legit ones like at TVI, Reel pros, etc.-Get a referral from a friend who is with the agency that you’re interested inDON’T-Email them unless they tell you to. IT’S UNPROFESSIONAL!-Call unless they tell you to. ALSO UNPROFESSIONAL!-Walk in and ask for a meeting. UNPROFESSIONAL THREE!-Sign with them if they ask for upfront money, make you take new photos with THEIR photographer, or take THEIR classes. Agent’s ONLY make money when you do. Agents usually make 10% on film/tv and commercials and 20% on commercial print.Here are the best schools in LA:Cold Reading/Auditioning (Ranked from Top to Bottom)-Margie Haber-Fred Tucker (Aaron Speiser Studios)-Brian ReiseCommercials (Ranked from Top to Bottom)-Hey, I Saw Your Commercial!-Chris Game-Stuart K. Robinson-Carolyne BarryImprov (All four are great)-Groundlings-Second City-Upright Citizens Brigade-Improv OlympicScene Study/Acting (It varies. Some schools are not for everyone. Chubbuck, Eric Morris, and Howard Fine are not for people who aren’t fans of Strasberg or Uta Hagen (ie. affective memory and substitution.) Playhouse West, Joanne Baron/DW Brown, and Acting Corps are more Meisner oriented. Try to audit these places and make sure if they’re for you or not.-Beverly Hills Playhouse-Howard Fine-Stella Adler-Ivanna Chubbuck-Joanne Baron/D.W. Brown-Tom Todoroff-Playhouse West-Aaron Speiser-Acting Corps-Eric MorrisExlcluding the Big 5 and B Agencies that do NOT take beginners, here are the top agencies in L.A.:Top Commercial Agencies(*=definite winners):KSR *Abrams *CESD *Diverse *Coast to Coast *Daniel Hoff *Commercial Talent *Commercials UnlimitedInnovative Artists *Independent ArtistsFlick CommercialsDPMDDOVenture IABSutton, Barth, Venari *Arlene Thornton and AssociatesPantheon *Beverly HechtDon Buchwald and Associates *M. Greene and associatesAKA *Amsel, Eisenstadt & FrazierBrady, Brannon, and Rich *Brass ArtistsAquaSpecial Artists AgencyAmatruda, Benson, and Assoc.Angel CityBiCoastalClear Talent GroupLemon LimeLA TalentLW1MavrickMomentumNTAUp and Comers:-Talentworks (Emily Hope from ACME is here)Theatrical Agents:-Abrams-Coast to Coast-Amsel Eisenstadt Frazier-House of Representatives-Daniel Hoff-M. Greene and associates-Agency for the Performing Arts-AKA-Diverse-Media Artists Group-GVA-Gage-Geddes-Talentworks-Kohner-Metropolitan-Domain-Peter Strain-The Glick Agency-IFA-Paula King-David Shapira-Sovereign

you and about a million others, unfortunately. getting into auditions in l.a. is nearly impossible. when i say there are about a million actors in hollywood, i mean it literally, and the ones who actually HAVE a career are not only lucky- they also have resumes about 3 pages long, with not only previous stage work, but also camera work, amazing talent, good looks, competitiveness to where they have to be aggressive enough to push actors out of the way for any job they want, etc, etc ,etc, not to mention an agency representing them- and especially in l.a., agencies only take 1 or 2 out of about 10,000 applications. do you have a LOT of work on your resume? have you been or are you now represented by an agency? if not, dont go to hollywood until youve achieved both; amateur actors who havent had a lot of work in the past are a dime a dozen in l.a., and most of them never end up getting booked. most of the auditions in hollywood are closed, meaning you cant get into them, so its in your best interest to stay wherever you live and get as much experience as humanly possible there- not easy in any city, but l.a. is by far the most brutal of them all. about .001% of actors in l.a. actually can call their career a career- the rest have to work other jobs unrelated to the business just to make ends meet. a really hopeful and confident actress coming to hollywood expecting to make it big because shes talented, but ends up sad and dejected, with no acting work is a very common and very unfortunate story in l.a., so you have to know what youre getting into before you make a move like this