Bee Gees – Holiday

Barry Gibb and Robin Gibb singing “Holiday”

Download sheet music online: Barry Gibb (Holiday)

Bee Gees “Spicks and Specks” 1966

Best of Bee Gees 1969 “Holiday” (Barry & Robin Gibb) “I’ve Gotta Get a Message to You” “I Can’t See Nobody” (Barry & Robin Gibb) “Words” “I Started a Joke” (…

Barry Gibb under-rated songwriter? Does anyone else think that perhaps Barry Gibb is one of the most underrated songwriters of all time? He’s written hits with his brothers such as How Deep is Your Love, To Love Somebody, I’ve Gotta Get A Message To You, How Can You Mend A Broken Heart, Holiday, More Than A Woman, etc.He’s also written beautiful hits for Andy Gibb & Olivia Newton-John such as I Can’t Help It and Rest Your Love On Me. He also has written countless hits for others such as Diana Ross, Barbra Streisand, Kenny Rogers, Dionne Warwick, etc.So whats your thoughts on Barry? Your thoughts on the Bee Gees? songwriting wise

Download sheet music online: Barry Gibb (Holiday)

I heard How Deep Is Your Love today and I love that song. The Bee Gess are a great group. Alot of cool songs.

Will Barry Gibb get a Knight hood now or will he just slip Blair a few quid for a seat in the House of Lords?
look ahead to the old bags birthday honours list and you will probably see blair give a knighthood to gibb as his payment for letting him use his holiday home. to me its sickening the head of the government who is well paid and his wife a judge also well paid sponging free holdiays of whoever is willing to kiss their arse, so much for whiter than white government when he took over in 1997 what an arsehole

Question about singing? I’ve played musical intstruments my whole life, and so I would say I have a pretty good ear for music. When I try to sing, I can hit notes that are within my range, but when I try to record what I sing, I hate how I sound. All though I hit the notes, I don’t like the way I sound when I sing. Is there anyway to improve on style. Because I write songs on the piano, and would love to preform them, but I don’t feel I sing well enough. Any tips would be appreciated.
I think it’s pretty normal for people to not like the way they sound, since to your own ears, you sound different when recorded than you do when you hear yourself talk. If you’re hitting the notes correctly, don’t worry about it.let someone else listen to it and see what they think.

try going to a singing class that way they can show u how to sing better. and also people also sing better if they sit up straight. what our music teacher used to tell us was do BUSFOF. it stands for Back Up Straight and Feet On Floor.

Keep practicing. Most people don’t like how they sound on a recording. Don’t try to hit notes that are out of your range. If you need to sing a note that is out of your range, you can just change the octave of the note and you should do just fine. Or, you could just do like everyone else in the world and put your recording on Myspace and ask people what they think.

dont worry, alot of people are stuck up and love there voice when its actually bad, but people who dont really like there voice are sometimes some of the best singers ever. Im sure u have a great voice if u can hit the notes so dont worry. get other peoples opinions

ask a lot of people what they thikn, and then if your good than keep singing, but if your bad find a singer

It could be that what you are recording on to is just making a low quality recording of your voice. Most people don’t really like the way their voice sounds recorded but a quality recording makes a big difference.If you want to improve your singing the best thing is to get lessons, they can help with lots of things and give you more control over your voice.

What most instrumentalists never consider is that the voice IS INDEED and instrument which must be developed without studies and technique.So if I were you, I’d get a vocal coach who understand vocal placement, style, techniques, bel canto, and other styles. You must learn to use the voice as an instrument. It is very technical and it IS worth the trouble and time.The Vennard book is the bible, but there are other good books on what happens to the voice. But live instruction IS needed. And, a bad teacher can ruin you.

In my opinion the two most important things about a singing voice are:1) authenticity, i.e. communicating authentic emotion directly into the heart of the listener.2) being in tune.If you can let go of being self-conscious and really “feel” the lyrics and really let your true self come through your voice, then it doesn’t matter if your voice is nasal or too high or too low or too scratchy or whatever.But you also should be in tune!(Based on some acts I’ve seen on late night TV though, you apparently do not HAVE to be able to carry a tune to make it big these days. Strange but true.)Also, transpose songs to the key that works best for your voice. Don’t struggle to hit notes that are out of your range if you can avoid it.

Your greatest critic is yourself. Why not put the songs down on cassette tape or cd ( if you are up to that technology) and carry it around in your boom box and/or car player and let others hear it (just kinda leave it running in your player type of thing – like you’ve always been listening to this new “artist”. You don’t have to tell them who the artist got it off the radio or somethin. >> Besides, you want is “their reaction”<<. However, if these friends have heard you sing live then they know its you. You need people that don't know that you sing. If they want a copy or don't would tell you somethin. Get what I mean?I always find the bathroom has the best acoustics for hearing myself – probably not so good for recording in though.

Well, you could do it at least three ways:1) Get voice lessons and go through vocal coaching. Spend years, money and I don't think you're that I'll stop. Maybe there's a good software tool to teach you to sing better.2) Hire a man who can sing to record you're written material. Pay handsomely again, but at least you've got them down forever on CD. Who knows you could audition women to sing it too. You might like how it sounds an octave up. Plus the vocal coaching that you could do.hehe.more to the right.hehe. You could be an Andrew Lloyd-Weber, without stealing from Puccini's Arias. Sopranos would swoon. Mezzos would shatter glass, then swoon at your feet.3) Use Pro Tools. It's a computer application that fixes all the boy/girl bands voices in real time. Sing off pitch, no problem, the program automatically fixes it. Too weak, the signal gets boosted.have soul? No, you just sold out. See: Milli Vanilli without the record costs your soul and serious bucks to do it "live". Why do you think the Simpson sisters can't sing acappella?4) Yes I said that they was three but the first three are here's your bonus.Try not to care how you sound. I feel the same way about my voice, but if I compare that RINGO STARR, Billy Corrigan, Keif Richards, Neil Young, Tom Waits, and tons of other Stars can't sing or sing terribly, then I don't feel so bad. If anybody says crap about you being off key, scream at them "Thanks for supporting, you should be a therapist, but at least, I WROTE a SONG" then drive your car into the nearest Holiday Inn Moon style.5) Whoah, I'm freaking out.but I had another one. Record your voice singing the notes without the backing music, just singing along with the melody. Then playback the voice recording through your headphones and try to harmonize. Have your headphones; one earmuff on, one off. Barry Gibb from the BeeGees style. Then record that session, minus the vocal coaching of yourself and see if you're getting better."Ah ah ah ah Staying allllliiiiiiiiiiiiiii-eeee-iiiiiiiive"Good LuckB