Rich Mullins Hold me Jesus

Video to the song Hold me Jesus by the late great Rich Mullins.

If you like this piece you can download Rich Mullins: Hold Me Jesus sheet music online in digital format.

Beaker wouldn’t snore (Hold me Jesus)

Travelling with someone is good, but ultimately Jesus has to hold you. From the concert uploaded by

What Christian singer or band has had the greatest influence on your life?

If you like this piece you can download Rich Mullins: Hold Me Jesus sheet music online in digital format.

You’d have to ask my Daughter that she goes to lots of them!!I just checked the photos she has sent me on the computer & Newsboys is one band

Rich Mullins by far !! I have many many CDs by Christian artists, but Rich had written so many great ones with amazing lyrics of such insight and faith. His most well known one would be “Awesome God”One of my favorites of his is called “Let Mercy Lead” –an exerpt from it :”Let Mercy Lead, let love be the strength in your legsand with every footprint that you leave, there’ll be a drop of grace”.a few others of his hundreds of great songs are: “Hold me Jesus” “Creed””Peace””Step by “Step”Rich is now at home with the Lord, where he knew it would be glorious and beautiful. Another great Christian artist is Steven Curtis Chapman –he has written many great songs through the years that have wonderful testimonies of his own to his faith and his life. A couple of great Christian rock bands are Third Day and Jars of Clay. Yes, ausblue, Newsboys are great, too. I have been lucky enough to see all I have mentioned in concerts through the years, in addition to many others. I have had so much inspiration from many great artists with their faith-filled and positive words that they sing from their hearts and souls.

Song lyrics referencing Jesus? Can anyone suggest any?
Phil Austin did a wonderful song called “C’mon, Jesus” (1974) and there is the classic “Drop Kick Me, Jesus, Through the Goal Posts of Life”

A awesome song by Sonic Youth called “Do You Believe in Rapture” it’s off their Rather Ripped CD.though they’re not a Christian rock bandpeace

Heres a great tune from Ministry. Jesus built my hotrod. There is also a tune by the Violent Femmes. Jesus walking on the water, I think it is.

I can sing of your love forever by Jars of Clay (it’s sung by heaps of people..but I think this one is the best)

My 2 favorite Spritial songs are one by Martina McBride ” Anyway” it’s beautilful you should listen to it./// /// And I like this song by Brooks & Dunn ” I Believe”. Yes I like country music. But they believe also. Kieth Urban ” By the Grace of God”

“Jesus” – the Velvet Underground”Jesus is Just Alright” – the Byrds (same as by The Doobie Bros)”Jesus Doesn’t Want Me for a Sunbeam” – covered by Nirvana on the Unplugged album

Jesus take the wheel- Carrie UnderwoodWhen you were young- the killersAmerican Jesus- simple planBlack Jesus- EverlastBlack Metal Jesus-Lee aaronDrugs or Jesus-tim McgrawGet up in Jesus name- Lee ann womackHold me Jesus- RIch MullinsHow can they live without Jesus-Keith GreenIf i was Jesus-toby KeithI found Jesus on the Jailhouse floor-Gerorge Greentheres a ton more on the website under the sources

Christian music assignment, people who listen to Christian music please help!? I have an assignment due about Christian music in my school (no, we’re not a public school, I know you were about ready to say THAT’S ILLEGAL. Anyway, I have to come up with 3-6 songs that reflect all of these: (they don’t all have to be in each song, just all of them have to appear.)1. A key concept in the Nicene Creed2. Answers “Who is Jesus”?3. How the student understands Jesus now.4. The meaning of a personal relationship with Jesus.Thanks!
1. Petra has a song that basically IS the Nicene Creed. I think it’s called “Creed.”4. Rich Mullins: Hold Me Jesus. Great song.

1. How Great Thou Art, How Great is Our God2. Awesome God3. You have to decide that one. (“Unchanging” is mine)4. From the Inside Out, Divine RomanceGoogle “Christian Hymns” or “Christian Songs”

1.) Awsome God by: Rich Mullins2.) Beautiful Savior by: Casting Crowns3.) My Savior, My God by: Aron Shust4.) I Will Not Be Moved by: Natalie Grant

Haha I have Mr. Mcvey. Thank you for posting this question, It just about saved me from getting an F!

Who was the musician who was killed in a car crash on I-88 in illinois after being throuwn from his vehicle?
I know this might be the wrong interstate, but are you thinking of the Christian musician Rich Mullins? Here is the clip from Wikipedia on his death:”Mullins was killed in a car accident on September 19, 1997. He and his friend Mitch McVicker were travelling on I-39 north of Bloomington, Illinois to a benefit concert in Wichita, Kansas when his Jeep flipped over. Neither man wore a seat belt. Both were thrown from the vehicle. A passing tractor-trailer swerving to avoid the Jeep killed Mullins. McVicker was badly injured but survived. His funeral was open to the public and had a massive gathering.”Mullins was one of the most popular Christian singers of the 1980s and 90s, penning such songs as “Awesome God,” “Sometimes by Step” and “Hold Me Jesus.”If this is the wrong accident, sorry, but I hope it does help you.

What Are Some Christian Songs About? What are some christian songs about being separated from God. Or being alone and needing help. Songs of encouragement when your feelings down. Songs that make you think that your not alone in the world.Thanks A Lot For Your Help. The most songs the betters :)not quite what i had in mind :S i really enjoy soft mellow acoustic stuff.
Here is some to consider artist:Dallas holmSandi PattiMaranathaHemphillsDon FransiscoKeith GreenSteve GreenBlackwoodsGoodmansImperialsTeddy Huffum & the GemsTalleys2nd Chapter of ActsDavid MeecePetraAlliesJoni Ericksonmany more

Here are some of my favorites, directly from my iPod:Destined to Win by DeGarmo & KeyShelter of Your Wings by Don FranciscoNo Shortage by The ImperialsSail On by the ImperialsPraise The Lord by The ImperialsI Can Only Imagine by Mercy MeGodpleaser by PetraHold Me Jesus by Rich MullinsHe Covers Me by Steve CampThe Warrior Is A Child by Twila ParisFor Such A Time As This by Wayne WatsonYou can listen to them on Youtube.

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