Brainfreeze – DJ Shadow & Cut Chemist (Complete Mix)

Mix one: * Lamont Johson Quartet – “Thunder Kick” (trailer to unreleased film) * The Jules Blattner Group – “2001 – A Soul Odyssey” * Fried Chicken – “Funky …

Digital sheet music source: Hit And Miss – Poser

Mike Posner – Bow Chicka Wow Wow ft. Lil Wayne

Music video by Mike Posner Featuring Lil Wayne performing Bow Chicka Wow Wow ft. Lil Wayne. (C) 2011 J Records, a unit of Sony Music Entertainment.

How can someone pale know if they’ll look good with black hair? Like Katy Perry and Dita Von Teese. They look amaaaaaazing with black hair, even though they’re pale. And I know a few people with black hair that looks really nice. Like pretty scene or classy victorian gothic.But a lot of people look God awful with it. Like poser goth wannabe.It seems completely hit or miss from person to person, so how can someone tell it would look could on them personally? Are there signs it would look good? Like specific eye color, certain features, weight, or things like that?

Digital sheet music source: Hit And Miss – Poser

well. it depends. like if you have a professional do it. then it might look okay. but if you do it on your own. then you will look awful. just a world wide opinion!

I’m not sure, but I find that blonde-haired girls look awful with black hair. The ones that look best in it, is when they have naturally darkish brown hair. I guess you would have to dye your hair and try it out! I would have a hair dresser do it though. 🙂

I think it depends on how you dress , on some people it would look really goth – But on other people it might just be normal . You could also try photoshopping .

Dita Von Teese and Katy Perry aren’t using jet black, they are using darkest-brown shades. It gives them the black hair look that you’re talking about, but without washing out their skin tone. That’s why most people who dye their hair jet black look like idiots, it’s because they know nothing about color. When people dye their hair jet black, it just reflects light the wrong way. so yeah that’s what makes them look like teenage goth kids.

we dyed my cousin’s hair jet black a few months ago and she’s incredicly pale. it looks great on her, but with black hair she looks awful in brown clothes. so think about that kinda thing before you do it

I think it’s all in the eyes. Also, keep your skin looking perfect. I know what you mean though. My sister is blonde pale, died her hair black and looks like a little emo poser. If you look at Katy Perry and Dita Von Teese’s eyes, you see that very classic winged eyeliner, full and bold eyebrows and flawless skin. So I’m assuming the trick is to keep the makeup classy and clean.Eye colour can be just about anything, but I think bold colours look great (especially with the eyeliner). Also, a slim face. Katy and Dita have longer faces, not round. I’ve seen a girl at my school who has a round face and dyed hair and it’s not working. So yeah. Just keep it very classy and thing pin-up girl.

I’m naturally strawberry blond, have light eyes and pale skin. I’ve had dark brown – black hair now for over 10 years (I’m 26) and would never have it any other way!I think it’s really hard to know. Experimenting with wigs can help. I think people with strong features tend to carry it better then others, because obvious dark hair on pale skin can be quite overwhelming. I don’t think it has as much to do with weight, etc. Dark hair can really bring out even the lightest of eyes and give quite an exotic appearance. I think the quality of your hair matters, too. If you’re going for a bold change then you’ll want your hair to be in really good condition to prevent it from looking gross and goth-like. Also, there’s different kinds of “pale”.they often say that to soften a cool complexion, a dark shade can really do a great job. I have reddish/blue undertones to my skin so I stay clear from anything that has red in it (which is funny, given my hair naturally was strawberry blond. I also keep my eyebrows neatly trimmed and tint them regularly – it gives a more natural appearance (If you’re going ultra black, maybe tint them one shade lighter so they don’t look too severe).When all else fails, try a temporary dye or a gradual transition (I went to a lightish brown, didn’t like it so kept going darker till I discovered that black was perfect.

How do i get my band involved with the Illuminati? So I’ve heard that you can get rich as shit, as well as being widely known in the music industry, if you put satanic lyrics and imagery in your music. My band, Exordium To Extinction, does this anyway, with song titles such as Dissembowelment on the alter, and our EP being of a bible we burned, why not try to get rich off it?Trololo.
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I think your totally missing how things work.LOL, Any kiddie band can play around with well known “Satanic” symbolism. I could hit 11 “Satanic” bands with a brick right now from where I’m sitting, but that’s not what gets you “in” in the music industry and it’s not going to get them famous. LOL, especially if you do cliche things like burn bibles or paint your faces with blood or whatever. Like this show I was at 2mo ago-These guys- see I can’t even remember the name of the band, now- decided to do their little “Satanic” thing and sacrifice some animal in the bathroom and then pore the blood all over the stage. Dumba$$ poser move. Will not get them famous. They made a frickin mess, and pissed off the venue and the other bands. Period. No one was impressed or intrigued, it was just a hassle for everyone else and they got a rep for being immature, unprofessional, and lame. Being unique, creative, and entertaining is what you need if you want people to remember your name. And writing/playing some killer sounds. You want to be accessible-easy to reach-don’t have an email you never check or a phone number that’s never answered. You need to be available-if your unable to BE THERE on the day then your not going anywhere, no one cares what your obligations or plans are, when you get a gig you make your schedule work around it. You *have got* to be able to network-everyone talks to everyone-so one show could mean 10 shows if your out there and talking to people, you never know who someone watching the show is so everyone is a potential gig in the future or promoter. Make phone calls, don’t be passive. If you hear there is a show find out who’s running it and contact them, sell yourself, have something ready for them to listen too and have a spiel ready to convince them. Promote yourself, invest in things that will get your name out there-wristbands, badges, patches-if you can afford it beanies, T’s, chokers, posters etc. Reinvest your profits-if you miraculously have any-back into your band. Make sure you have a business license, are copy written, trademarked-all that sh*t will be more important then you might think.THEN, after you have your sh*t strait, your name out there, your look and sound established, your fan base solid, and your paperwork filed- the people your talking about will contact You, if they think your worth their time (which is worth a lot). You do not just call these people up and say “hey, were Satanic, can we be famous ?”. They decide when, and where, and if. And then-just for the record-if you sign up for that kind of fame you also sign up for the control-they own you and you let them, you spend the money but they decide how you make it.