HIGHEST HIGH : The Brand New Heavies

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Download and print The Brand New Heavies: Highest High by The Brand New Heavies sheet music

Brand New Heavies – Highest High

What’s a good brand of high performance/heavy duty brakes? Since I have bigger wheels on my car, I want to upgrade my brakes to some that are better than stock. I will be changing rotors and brake pads. What are some of the top brands of heavy duty or high performance brakes, that aren’t noisy?

Download and print The Brand New Heavies: Highest High by The Brand New Heavies sheet music

make sure pads are ceramic which wont make annoying squeaking noise, akebono pads are great and rotors ebc rotors are fine as long as they are more than 40$ the brake parts will be fine

What is the best foundation out there that gives medium to full coverage? I obviously don’t want a foundation that makes my face look cakey. I have tried Bare Minerals, but it doesn’t cover up my blemishes. I am currently using Dream Matte Mousse and it’s a bit too heavy for everyday wear. I want something that gives me full coverage yet looks natural when applied. I don’t mind if it’s from a high brand or drugstore. And it doesn’t have to be foundation, I am willing to try mineral, or powders.
I use Mary Kay mineral foundation and it works great! I see you are in the UK so I’m not sure how readily a beauty consultant is in your area but you can look one up on MaryKay.com or you can always order oversea also. This foundation is a powder and gives great coverage without feeling heavy or looking caked on.

Maybelline has a new foundation called Dream Smooth Mousse. it’s a bit lighter than than Dream Matte. I like it pretty well.My all-time favorite foundation is Smashbox Halo. it’s a mineral foundation and you can layer as much as you want. It’s hydrating and has anti-aging properties. What I like to do is take a q-tip or small brush and dab some directly on my blemishes, then use my kabuki brush all over my face. Then I go back and dot a little more on the blemishes. it covers so well, but feels like you’re wearing nothing at all.

Well I bought MAC studio fix foundation plus powder and I absoulutley lov it just use moisterisers before it . U don’t even need to to put concealer or foundation before putting it on to cover blemishes

Revlon colorstay is so great, it’s medium to full coverage, if you make sure you get the perfect shade it looks sooooo natural, feels so light and STAYS ON FOREVER. So I would definitely recommend it. The have one for dry skin and one for oily/combination so just get the right one for your skin.and if you wanna try minerals, loreal bare naturale covers very well for a mineral foundation, looks natural and is really really easy and quick to apply. only issue for me is that it doesn’t have great staying power so you might need to touch up :/

What is the best brand of motorcycle apparel? In your opinion, whats the best brand of ON-ROAD motorcycle gear to buy? Im talking both SAFETY and VERSATILITY here folks, basically the best all rounder. A reason WHY you think its the best brand would help too 🙂 Thanks a bunches
For me, it’s the Aerostich 1-piece Roadcrafter. It’s a Gore-tex product (no need to haul a rain suit, or stop to put it on), that I’ve personally tested for the past 16 years in every weather imaginable. With a little effort, it’s been waterPROOF for me in 6+ hours of rains so heavy I thought I should see an Ark float by. It’s warm enough (with layers) to keep me happy and on the road in temps down around 10-F for whole day rides, and I’ve seen temps as high as 122-F while living in Phoenix and cruising through Death Valley. I’ve crash-tested one suit at interstate speeds and walked away with only minor bruises/stiffness. I’ve worn it over my work clothes when I was motorcycle only for 8 years, and lived in it for month long motorcycle trips. It takes Seconds to put on/take off and basically has NO equal in terms of how well it does Everything. Over 16 years, I’ve tried pretty much everything else out there and haven’t found a reason to switch. You’re not going to win any fashion shows with it, but if you’re all about Function and will take whatever form it comes in, you’d be hard pressed to find anything better.

Hand down its rukka gear, expensive but the best for everyday use (to live with).You can wear your regular clothes underneath, its dry/warm/wind proof/comfortableYou don’t say where you are? I hear its tricky to get the stuff in the states (but there again no one wears protection in the states)

What tension and gauge and string brand do you recommend for a babolat aeropro drive? I play with heavy topspin on my forehead and have a flat onehanded backhand. I also play with a lot of backhand slice. I would just like to see all of your suggestions 🙂 Thankss in advance!edit: forehand not forehead.
If you absolutely love spin go with solinco barb wire or krishbaum spiky shark get incredible spin oit of those strings and i would say about 55lbs the thinner gauge.you go more spin you produce

Top spin is overrated. Cheap to make the ball bounce high so its harder for the opponent. And it has huge margin of error. If you have precision, you should blast it while hitting flat for 80mph+ winners.

tension: high=more control, less power more arm painstring:poly=more spin(most when textured or shaped) more duribility more arm pain moderate price(ranges) gut=best feeling most expensive least durable syn. gut=dirt cheap low durability high feel another choice is hybriding any of the above, so find your combo!

@killik really, topspin makes for a high margin of error.i guess thats why nadal barely misses.thats why every pro in the world hits with spin?you better be trollin

What AA battery brand is best for flashlights? If it matters, what battery brand is best to get for flashlights and which brand do you prefer to buy?
Short Answer: Sanyo Eneloop or Energizer Ultimate Lithium (depending on your application)Long Answer: For performance, the brand of battery is not as important as the type. Nowadays, you have basically 5 different kinds of AA batteries on the market:- Heavy Duty (carbon-zinc)- Alkaline- Lithium (Energizer Ultimate, etc.)- Ni-Mh Rechargeable- Ni-Mh Rechargeable LSD (i.e.: Sanyo Eneloop, etc.)- Heavy Duty (aka Carbon-Zinc) batteries are old-school tech from decades ago and have very poor shelf-life and low energy density. These can be very inexpensive, but you’ll also get what you pay for. I don’t recommend these at all. – Alkalines have been the standard flashlight battery for many years. Most brands have pretty good performance and shelf-life. Any major brand should do a good job for you. The downside of alkalines is that they are only good for one use, so if you use your device(s) often, the cost factor can be high. They also don’t like to be pushed very hard. If you have a demanding device, like a bright flashlight, it will start to dim fairly quickly because the cells cannot sustain a high current output throughout the life of the battery. According to Consumer Reports, most brands of alkaline batteries are of similar performance, though the more expensive Duracell Ultra brand does seem to have a slight edge in tests.- Energizer Lithium cells, while more costly, have some significant advantages. First of all they are much lighter weight than alkaline. This can make a difference for backpackers. They also have higher energy density. A typical alkaline AA cell has a capacity of about 2,700mAh. An Energizer Ultimate Lithium AA cell has about 4,000mAh. In a flashlight, this might equate to 50% longer runtime. In a digital camera, the effect is more profound because lithiums handle high current better, giving you up to 8 or 9 times the number of pictures. This ability to handle higher current longer also means that a flashlight will maintain relatively consistent brightness for the life of the battery. Lithiums also operate better in cold temperatures. Finally, lithiums have a very long shelf life (up to 15 years or more), which makes them great for emergency lights, radios, etc, and they don’t seem to leak acid like alkalines often do. Because of the high cost, I tend to only use lithiums in devices intended for emergency use, or where absolute runtime or light weight is essential. Just be sure to check if the device is lithium-compatible or you could damage it due to the higher 1.8 volt output.- Another option is Ni-Mh rechargeable cells, which are my personal favorite. Overall, I think these are the best type of battery for flashlights, because they give you most of what is good about lithium batteries, but can be charged over and over again, potentially saving you alot of money. And if you get the LSD (low self discharge) type, such as Sanyo Eneloop, they’ll maintain a long shelf life between charges (up to 3 years). As for capacity, standard Eneloop cells give you about 2,000mAh, the more expensive Eneloop XX cells give you 2,500mAh. Initial cost is about the same as lithiums (about $2-3 per cell), but can pay for themselves in only 5 to 10 charges. Ni-Mh cells will generally maintain a consistent output level over the life of the battery, so your flashlight will stay bright until the battery actually runs out of juice. Ni-Mh cells operate at a nominal voltage of 1.2 volts instead of 1.5 (alkaline) or 1.8 (lithium). This usually isn’t a problem for most devices, because Ni-Mh doesn’t exhibit as much voltage drop as alkaline. But it can sometimes result in a slightly dimmer flashlight. YMMV.Hope that helps.