Jimmy Webb – the highwayman (original version)

El Mirage – 1977.

Downloadable music scores: Highwayman – Jimmy Webb

Jimmy Webb – The Highwayman

Jimmy Webb at the BBC.

Which Highwayman song do you like better? The one by Jimmy Webb, or the one by Phil Ochs (based on the poem by Alfred Noyes)youtube.com/watch?v=8LmD0TE41Xkyoutube.com/watch?v=A9fWjzYiRUE

Downloadable music scores: Highwayman – Jimmy Webb

“highwaymen” questions about the song? part2? Hello i have a Question bout the song by highwaymen the song highwaymen.I know this song is bout bandits (highwaymens) but just willie is talking that he is a badperson and a highwaymen, but waylon and kris looks for me that they were good people wo wanted to help in their job. johnnys part is more like spiritual and he is singing bout that he perhaps coming back again as a highwaymen. but i dont get it. this song. i love it but i dont get it. what is it really allabout?plis help me.
“Highwayman” is the title of a song written by American songwriter Jimmy Webb, about a soul with incarnations in four different places in time and history, a highwayman, a sailor, a construction worker on the Hoover Dam, and finally as a star ship captain.You might try looking up reincarnation as well.Here is the video: youtube.com/watch?v=EsUM7V6Ku_8

Who wrote the songs, other than title track (Jimmy Webb) for Glen Campbell’s “Highwayman” Album? AllMusic Guide, Amazon, and iTunes (the only available source for this) have no authorship credits for the songs (AMG has 3 songs id’ed, but I doubt authenticity
Go to this web site google.com/musicl?lid=L4pkrNkw86J&aid=CPjafKOzNB and click on each song. It will list the songwriters name

who wrote the song highwayman? The one Johnny Cash, Waylon Jennings, Willie Nelson and Kris Kristofferson sung.
Jimmy Webb wrote Highwayman. He presented the song to Glen Campbell who in turn presented it to Johnny Cash. You can read the story of the song on the songs wiki page.

how would you describe “traditional american music”? i have heard so-called “traditional” greek music. also chinese, and native american. very beautiful and spiritual! traditional russian melodies: rich yet simple. traditional irish music: lilting and melodic.is there some form of american music that you would call “traditional”. representative of america in her earlier glory years? what kind of music is representative of that era? please give examples!
I bet that would be the music that came from our colony years, or the years that the Cowboys roamed the plains.So with that in mind:Home on the range, Jimmy cracked corn, yankee doodle, and here are some others that I found on the web.17th CenturyThe Bailiff’s Daughter of Islington Barbara Allen Blow, Ye Winds, Blow The Bold Pedlar and Robin Hood The Bold Soldier The Deceived Maid Edward Earl Brand The Farmer’s Curst Wife Fair Margaret and Sweet William (1) Fair Margaret and Sweet William (2) The Girl I Left Behind Me (1) The Girl I Left Behind Me (2) The Golden Vanity Greensleeves Johnie Scot Lavender’s Blue Lord Thomas and Fair Ellinor The Nightingale Mattie Groves Silkie (The Great Silkie of Sule Skerry) Sir Lionel Soldier, Soldier, Will You Marry Me? The Three Butchers The Trappan’d Maiden The Willow Tree 18th CenturyA Fox May Steal Your Hens, Sir A Soldier and a Sailor Ally Croaker Bachelor’s Hall (1) Ballynamony The Bird Song Black is the Color of My True Love’s Hair Bold Dickie Bonny Farday Brother’s Revenge Come Here, Fellow Servant Drink To Me Only With Thine Eyes Earl Colvin Early One Morning Enraptured I Gaze The Escape of Old John Webb The Foggy, Foggy Dew George Collins I’m Seventeen Come Sunday Katy Cruel The Lass of Richmond Hill The Lincolnshire Farmer The Little Turtle Dove Lord Rendal Lucy Wan Mist Covered Mountains Molly Brannigan The Murdered Brother My Days Have Been So Wondrous Free Norah, Dear Norah Oh No, John! Over the Hills and Far Away (1) Over the Hills and Far Away (2) The Rolling of the Stones Sally In Our Alley The Smart Schoolboy Spanish Lady (2) Sweet is the Budding Spring of Love True Lover’s Farewell Undaunted Mary The Wife of Usher’s Well The Women All Tell Me The French and Indian WarThe Death of General Wolfe The Girl I Left Behind Me (1) The Girl I Left Behind Me (2) Why, Soldiers, Why? (Wolfe’s Song) Revolutionary WarThe Ballad of Major Andre Battle of the Kegs Battle of Saratoga Bunker Hill The Cruel War (1) The Cruel War (2) The Dying Redcoat Free America The Girl I Left Behind Me (1) The Girl I Left Behind Me (2) How Happy the Soldier Johnny’s Gone for a Soldier (1) Johnny’s Gone for a Soldier (2) Johnny’s Gone for a Soldier (3) Katy Cruel The Liberty Song Paul Jones The Rich Lady Over the Sea Sir Peter Parker The World Turned Upside Down Yankee Doodle The Yankee Man-of-War Young Ladies in Town 19th CenturyWar of 1812Billy Boy (American Version) Chesapeake and Shannon The Constitution and the Guerriere How Happy the Soldier The Hunters of Kentucky The Lakes of Pontchartrain Napoleon Bonaparte The Patriotic Diggers Star Spangled Banner To Anacreon in Heaven Ye Parliament of England Early 1800s to the Civil WarAmerica Arkansas Traveler Ben Bolt Botany Bay (2) The Buffalo Buffalo Gals Young Edwin in the Lowlands Low The Female Highwayman Flash Lad Gaily the Troubadour Lilly Dale Long, Long Ago The Lost Lady Found Lovely Molly Marine’s Hymn Mary of the Moor Old Colony Times The Old Oaken Bucket The Pesky Sarpent The Pretty Ploughboy Reynardine Rosalie, The Prairie Flower Simple Gifts Turkey In the Straw Van Diemen’s Land Woodman, Spare that Tree Civil WarBattle Hymn of the Republic Bonnie Blue Flag Darling Nelly Gray Dear Evelina, Sweet Evelina Dixie The Drinking Gourd Garry Owen The Girl I Left Behind Me (1) The Girl I Left Behind Me (2) John Brown’s Body The Sword of Bunker Hill Tenting Tonight Tramp! Tramp! Tramp! Tramp! Tramp! Tramp! (Confederate Lyrics) The Vacant Chair When Johnny Comes Marching Home Post Civil WarEight Hours Grandfather’s Clock Hard is the Fortune I’ll Take You Home Kathleen The Jam on Gerry’s Rocks The Mulligan Guard The Oxen Song Sweet Rosie O’Grady My Wild Irish Rose Pretty Saro Silver Dagger The Tarpaulin Jacket Unreconstructed Rebel The Gold Rush and Westward JourneyBound for the Promised Land Clementine The Dying Californian I’ve Been Working on the Railroad Paddy Works on the Erie Sweet Betsey from Pike Wait for the Wagon CowboysCowboy Jack Green Grow the Lilacs Jesse James Lily of the West Red River Valley The Streets of Laredo Tall Men Riding The Yellow Rose of Texas After 1900Casey Jones Too Ra Loo Ra Loo Ral (That’s an Irish Lullaby) When Irish Eyes are Smiling White Wings Hope this helps,Dave

ask.com/web?q=how+would+you+describe+%22traditional+american+music%22%3F+&qsrc=0&o=0since we are a melting pot, our music is too.I’d say the closest, most accurate way is to go back to the music of the Native Americans since they represent the original “Americana”

Woody Guthrie, Buddy Holly, Roy Orbison, Elvis, The Carter Family, Hank Williams Sr, Bob Dylan.I could keep naming people, but that would take too long. Instead I’ll just tell you that I think Traditional American music are the songs and artists who contributed to shapeing our society in the early days.

I guess Jazz,Blues,Gospel,Country and Bluegrass all have american roots,peppered with something from an older and mostly forgotten time and place only to flourish in what is known as the melting pot for the age of the new arts.