Matthew Gerrard – Luxury ( Lois Lane)

Matthew Gerrard – Luxury ( Song) Slideshow Lois Lane for Smallville.

You can download the score from the video: High School Musical (Matthew Gerrard)

Now Or Never – High School Musical 3

Now Or Never High School Musical 3 Composição: Matthew Gerrard / Robbie Nevil Troy & Team: 16, 16, 16 minutes left better get it done 16, 16, 16 more minutes…

Why can’t Hannah Write her own songs? You’ve heard all of Hannah Montana’s songs but do you really know who’s behind all the beautiful songs like Best of Both worlds to Everybody makes mistakes? Billy Ray Cyrus. Is He the ticket to Hannah’s pop star career? and the big question is. Why Can’t Hannah Write her own songs?

You can download the score from the video: High School Musical (Matthew Gerrard)

Because she’s just a young girl. Not too many songwriters were really writing songs at her age.Most of the pop stars of today do not write their own music. Really their songs are formed much like a commercial jingle is. There’s absolutely no artistic merit to any of the crap you hear on the radio.I find it funny that they play commercials on the radio because the songs themselves are also commercials really.

For one thing she’s what 15. She barely has any life experience to write about. Now I know her songs are hardly anything special but just how much could any 15 year old write about. It’s going to be pretty obvious that at that age no one is going to be writing all their own stuff. Many 15 year old’s do however write with other people, for example with other members of a band they are in or with a co-writer.Maybe she writes with her father, or gives him some input?At least if nothing else it’s him writing the songs and not a songwriting factory like Pete Waterman.

The only reason she’s famous is from her TV show. In my opinion she’s a bad actor anyway. She probably only got that part because her dad is Billy Ray Cyrus. She should write her own songs. Every single band or singer that I know of writes their own music. It should atleast be called Billy Ray Cyrus’s Hannah Montana album.

Maybe it’s because songs written by her father have more sentimental value for her. Maybe they mean more to her. It could also be because she is young os she may not be a talented song writer. But she IS a good singer. ?

Wow you’re stupid. If you’re going to try to bring Miley down, get your facts right. Billy Ray Cyrus doesn’t write her songs, Robby Ray does that on the show. Miley wrote 7 songs on her new album and co-wrote a lot too, so stop going off on something that you don’t have any knowledge in.

well billy ray cyrus is her dad so i guess he just wants to help her and maybe the songs she tries to write are lame

I agree with the 1st one, brain’s not big enough. And she is very young, and good songwriters have been through something in their life to write about. Pain Tragedy something, or a happy joyous time like love or babies. She has yet to experience any of that. She’s too young. Plus she just all around sucks!

a 14 year old can write her can write her own songs. look at beyonce. hwen hse was 9 she was in a group called girl time and appeared on star search. they wrote thier own songs/raps!?

Shes 14.. give her some credit.. She hasn’t lived life enough to write anything meanigful.. I’m sure she helps out with the songs but Celine Dion doesn’t write all of her songs(I knwo atleast onee she didn’t write. Alot of amazing people have the talent to sing just not to write.. there is a woman who was on VH1 who writes these amazing songs but for the life of her could not sing.. She wrote songs for half of the celebrities out there and she barely gets credit or even recognized but she can write and people like her songs.

personally i hate Hannah Montana!Me and my cousin are 11 and we write songs so its not her age. i reckon its the same reason her dads courier sucked no talent, just let others write the song and sing it through a voice changing microphone

well the answer is Miley Cyrus DOES write her own songs! 7 of the songs on her new cd, she wrote! Miley Cyrus is NOT famous because of her dad, he didnt audition for the part, sh did! Miley deserves everything she has!

“hannah” cant write her own shows because “hannah’s” songs are for hannah montanna and if she wrote them for the show they would be “miley” songs./. on her Miley Cyrus CD she wrote ALL of her songs GNO, good and broken ect. but with help of others

Everyone has their own opinions on things. But those are just opinions no one really knows the real story. In my opinion i think Billy Ray or Robbie Ray or what ever his name is. is only helping her get into the business and when he thinks she is ready to do it on her own he will still be there for her but not help her as much. i may not be right but its my opinion.

Please don’t fool yourself, Hanna Montana (who is a fictional character on a fictional SCRIPTED show) is the calculated creation of middle aged executives, designed to separate teenagers from their money. I mean really, Walt Disney company would not entrust the money they sunk into developing that show to the songwriting talents of a 15 year old girl (or a one hit wonder like Billy Ray Cyrus). Her first album lists about 8 songwriter/producers – that’s who writes her songs not her or Billy Ray.Best of Both Worlds (and about 6 other songs) was written by this man, Matthew also wrote 3 songs for High School Musical. Look at his bio, and you’ll notice he’s written for Cheetah Girls, Hilary Duff, Nick Carter, Plain White T’s, Eden’s Crush, look at the link for the complete list. Miley/Hanna might have contributed a few words to a song to get songwriting credit, but this guy and a half dozen others are the brains behind the voice.Most pop stars today, (and that includes Beyonce) are the creations of some middle aged, male, executives. Here’s a direct quote by Matthew Gerrard profiled in the link above.”we came up with a style that would work stylistically for her and the show and have a unique sound. I ended up writing six songs for the soundtrack, including ‘Best Of Both Worlds,’ which is the show’s theme song.””WE CAME UP WITH” it’s a show people, calculated to sell. And apparently it does.

probably because she has no experience so how could she write her own songs when she’s living her life not writing it and if you watch the show you’ll see that she is living everything well mostly everything and her dad is writing it