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Which receiver will be better at the next level Julio Jones or AJ Green? I think both have potential to be top 10. However, I think Green will be the better receiver. AJ Green seems to have better hands. He is a little faster than Jones and seems to have a better jump. Julio Jones is stronger and is a better blocker but I think Green will be better because of his edge in athletism and catching balls.

Download sheet music online: High As The Ceiling by Jones

That seems to be the general impression but I dont see enough of Green to say for sure. A lot will depend on what type of offense each player ends up in. I do know that Julio is putting up great numbers in a run-oriented offense (He just set an all-time Bama record for catches). Julio is a T.O type of reciever as far as his style of play. He is a big physical guy who can break tackles & run after the catch. His only real weakness is an occasional drop but it will be interesting to see how both guys fare in the NFL.

Julio Jones has the best hands in the country and will fight off defenders. AJ Green is talented but not near big enough to fight off defenders in traffic. The only way Green catches the ball is if he can beat his man down field. I’m not bashing Green and this is just my opinion. Look at the best receiver in the NFL right now, it’s AJ of the Texans, look at his size, that is my point.I said best hands in the country, I meant some of the best hands in the country.

i vote green too. i think jones may in fact be a bust.speed issues. i like that kid out of okie state, what’s his name. brain fart.

It’s tough to say. Jones probably has slightly potential and a higher ceiling, but Green is more polished and has a much higher floor than Jones.Jones is big and a freak athlete, and though his route running isn’t superb and his hands can be inconsistent he is one of the toughest and most dangerous receivers in the nation at making plays after the catch. In a lot of ways he’s TO 2.0.Green is more of a lanky, speedy finesse deep threat receiver. He has very soft hands, great body control and vertical ability. Though he is a great athlete in his own right he’s not quite the freak that Jones is, but also has far more than enough potential and explosiveness to become a top receiver as well.

Which 2 RBs should I start in fantasy football? Thomas Jones vs DenverBrandon Jacobs @ RedskinsWarrick Dunn vs SaintsI am definitely going to start Jones, but I am torn between Dunn and Jacobs. Dunn has a great matchup against the Saints, and as the only healthy RB for the Bucs he could put up similar pts as last week. Jacobs on the other hand is coming off an injury, but he is a monster when he plays.and it looks like he will start against the Skins. Who would you play this week? Thanks in advance.
Go with Jones and Dunn. Dunn is sure to get plenty of carries for the Bucs who will be trying to keep the ball away from Drew Brees. Jacobs is my guy but it is still uncear if he is going to play Sunday. Wait until before game time and see if he plays if he does start Jacobs, but if it is doubtful go confidently with Dunn.

Both Dunn and Jacobs have 1-pm games, so make sure to watch for Jacobs’ status during the pre-game shows. If he’s clear to play, absolutely start Jacobs. His last couple games against the Redskins (07-08): 46 carries, 246 yards, 5.35 yards/carryDunn would be nice but Jacobs definitely have the higher ceiling for fantasy points. Good Luck

Jacobs injury worries me. I’d go with Dunn against the Saints terrible defense. Even though the Bucs will be playing from behind, NO can’t stop anything.

Thomas Jones and Warrick Dunn. Saints have been attacked by the injury bug on defense. Warrick Dunn is also coming off a good game against the Lions which he only ran the ball through 3 quarters and got 110 yards and a TD. I know he played this Lions but that will be a confidence booster and it was a good warm up game to become the new featured back.

Who is better baseball player Chipper Jones or David Wright? Who do you think is better and why? Best answer gets 10 point.
compare them at the same age during their career and you’ll get your answer. but even chipper now is better than david wright.

David Wright is better now, and he has the better future.Chipper had a great past, but his career will be over, and Wright will still be playing and putting up great numbers.

Right now Chipper Jones. He is playing the best ball in the entire MLB.458 with 6 HRs 18 RBI’s and 16 runsDavid Wright is amazing though and has the potential to be better, someday.

The last three years average Jones then Wright.340 .334 61 HR’s 60 HR’s70 DB’s 92 DB’s.420 OBP .400 OBP Career Jones then Wright.308 .313.404 .391.548 .539.952 .930These two are so identical there first couple years its scary but I think right now Jones is the better hitter if he can stay healthy but I think Wright will have a better career but not by much. I think Jones is a better power hitter prolly average 2 more homers a year then Wright will but I think Wright will hit for around a .312 average when he’s done. So Wright is a better contact hitter but Jones is a OBP machine.Wright is faster but Jones could run when he was younger. But I have to choose Wright because I would rather have his next five years then Jones first five because Wright has a very high ceiling. And I’m a huge Braves fan.

Right now David Wright.He’s in his prime,while Chipper Jones is old and has stuggled with injurys the last few years.

Dvaid Wright.He’s only 25, but he’s getting better, and hasn’t even begun to peak.When his career is over, the numbers should be better than Larry’s.