You can download the score from the video: Robinson – Here It Is

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How good would Sugar Ray Robinson be if he was in his prime today? Given the advances in training, nutrition, supplements and gym equipment since Robinson’s day, add to that the massive amounts of money too be made, longer between fights to prepare, rest and heal, and less rounds per fight, how good would Robinson be today?How good would others from that era such as LaMotta, Burley, Armstrong etc, be? Would they just be on a totally different level to the boxers of today?

You can download the score from the video: Robinson – Here It Is

Robinson was all but invincible in his prime, and given today’s medical advances and nutritional supplements, Ray would still have been invincible. There is a school of thought that argues today’s advances actually shorten careers and weaken fighters, the competition levels are so tough the damage some fighters suffer shortens their careers. But in any era talent like Ray Robinson’s would shine just a brightly. It would be that same for any spectacular talent, Michael Jordan, Waye Gretsky or Bobby Fischer ect. would still be the dominate forces no matter what era that talent appears in, and Robinson is in their class. Tiger Woods is also a member of that small but super elite block of talent.

sugar ray robinson was not acclaimed as the greatest pound for pound fighter of all-time, of all-time [kanye west wannabee] for nothing. sugar ray robinson was so great that the only thing that stopped him from finishing the whole round was an extreme heat, which caused sugar ray robinson to say “no mas” [duran wannabee]. note that sugar ray robinson had many fights.if he ever fought today with the modern technologies and modern knowledge, he would killed a prime roy jones jr. , bernard hopkins, kelly pavlik, and all the super 6 tournament boxers. that’s how good he was.the best pound for pound of all-time, hands down.

He will still be great, maybe even stronger and faster, but he would not be able to accomplish what he did. Considering modern boxing rules, and ppv fights, he would probably not even reach 100 fights. It takes months to set up a ppv fight and as you mentioned– the training would be different. The number of fights alone will diminish and there won’t be a Ray Robinson to speak of. The same would be true for the other fighters. They can be stronger because of modern amenities but not necessarily bring their legend with them (and the fights they would have won would be different). It takes more than the fighter to build a legend, he also needs adversaries in the ring, who needs to be active in his era to fight with.

I’m not neglecting anything about the modern boxers today, but Sugar Ray Robinson was just so great, so amazing; for short he [Sugar Ray Robinson] was just a force you don’t want to reckoned with. Robinson was just so talented and he’s so operose to what he’s doing that he forgot he was too damn talented to begin with.He had it all: power, speed, agility, coordination, adaptation, reflexes, versatility, and ring comprehension. Robinson was so good that many analysts said that he was 40 years ahead of his era. The evidence was seen when he retired with the only stopped he encountered was a pole of heat that defied his decrepit body on that particular fight.Your question is a very good one. I would like to correlate the past and the present, but you noted the details about having Sugar Ray Robinson the advance training, nutrition, and supplements. My answer would be a concise one.Sugar Ray Robinson would be in the top of the boxing world right now, without a shadow of a doubt.I also think Henry Armstrong would be the same as Sugar Ray Robinson.

He would still be great no doubt. But if he were to fight today, he wouldn’t be able to fight 200 times the way he did and wouldn’t be able to prove that he can do it w/c is the case of today’s generation of great boxers. Don’t get me wrong i’m a huge fan of SRR. But i believe Roy jones can take him and he can also defeat Roy i think. I just won’t agree that our generation has no chance.

Playing devil’s advocate here, the modern atmosphere isn’t necessarily the ideal to create another Sugar Ray Robinson. Assuming someone with the exact same physical attributes at birth were to be born today, he would be probably be playing with his DS Lite, eating candy, he could be obese. Lets face it, the general populace of 50 years ago was much more healthy than the people of today. The advances in medicine and nutrition doesn’t seem to overturn the more physical lifestyle of that age.

i think past boxers are overated not including ali because ali has good footwork and i seriously think he is better than robinson .ali dont like throw body punches he always goes to the head and that footwork is an art head movement thats was the best elusive head movement i saw in boxing. if they were in the same wieght class i would go with ali. i think its not about how many fight you have like robinson i think its about the quality of opposition and i think ali has better opposition because before ali boxers are flat footed even though ali called robinson his master i think thats the only reason why robinson is ahead of ali.i hate the list greatest of all time they are bias towards antique fighters and they just want to put american fighters.

How did Jackie Robinson show courage in the noble experiment? Why is Jackie Robinson the correct choice for the noble experiment? How did he show courage (before playing in the major leagues)?
He went to collage when a lot of African Americans did not and was one of a very few African American playing varsity football. When he was drafted during WW2 he fought to be commissioned as a officer because of his college education. He late fought a court marshal that revolved around being unwilling to go to the back of a military bus. I’m sure a lot of this took courage but more importantly it showed that he had staying power and wouldn’t cut and run if things got tough.
The noble experiment of Jackie Robinson shows his courageBy a i