Pixies – Here Comes Your Man

‘Here Comes Your Man’ by Pixies from their 1989 album ‘Doolittle’.

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The Pixies – Here Comes Your Man

Album: Death to the Pixies (1997) This has been rumored to be about a drug deal, but in an interview with New Musical Express, Frank Black said the song was …

How come all black men are dogs out for sex? How come men black men lie to,cheat on,and only use women for one thing?I am never getting married or having kids ever in life cause all men are dogs and pathetic losers.I am just not trying to date at all in life cause men want too much (sex before marriage and to shack up) and I can’t do that mess.

Download and print PDF scores of Here Comes Your Man by Black

Yeah, because those men are what represent the males in the world. Totally.Get over yourself and learn to see that all men aren’t like that.
Yeah thats true black men only want one thing: Sex
Not all black guys are like that. I wouldn’t base your life off of them. There are plenty of better men in the world and all races are equally like that depending on age.Answer mine? It’s short.: uk.answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20111110134226AA62Vaq&r=w

First of all, you didn’t have to say BLACK men all races have men in them that are pigs. There are also really nice guys in all races. So don’t have a stereotype, Maybe you just have bad taste in men as a whole.

How come black men can’t pull themselves up by the bootstraps and do better? How come black men can’t pull themselves up by the bootstraps and do better? I notice black women are better educated, have jobs and are also marrying more white men. How come black men can’t do the same thing?
WHoa, easy. Lets just start with pulling up your pants. Life is easy if you can figure out how to wear pants.Who is going to give you a job when you dont even know how to wear your pants properly?

MIT and The University of Chicago found that those with white sounding names are 50% more likely than those with black sounding names to? be called back for a job interview, even when all other credentials such as experience and education level are exactly the same. The study also found that those with black sounding names would have to have 8 MORE years of experience to have the same chances of those white sounding. When things like this stop happening.

I love when white women date/marry black men all of a sudden they want to defend him, but when he leaves them soon or in a couple of years then they hate the whole race.gets old.but I get what you mean.

They need to focus on the fundamentals.They don’t know how to go for the W.Well they know how to go for the W that is welfare.

Black woman are whats wrong with the black community. They sleep around and have children with thugs and ex-cons then they are in the welfare lines and getting food stamps. They complain about their men being good for nothing yet they are the ones saying they like that “ghetto swag”.. Unbelievable.

Their problems are purely circumstantial, they are no more or less capable than any of us of rising up the socio-economic ladder. Unfortunately a lot of black people are born into terrible neighbourhoods, to single parents and poverty so naturally very few of them make it out of that state.And don’t think racism is a thing of the past. There are still people who would choose a white candidate over a black one when they are equally qualified for the same job. In time things will change. Also, this bootsraps talk is useless, if you look at white people born into similar circumstances they don’t fare much better.

It’s a cultural thing.It’s viewed as being uncool, or not black if you are educated and well to do.Because of this, alot of people dislike blacks because they’re a drain on society.

Why do you think that more Black men/ White women get married over White men/ Black women? I see both of them dating all the time, I would have to say when it comes to dating, they’re equal yet there’s a huge gap between Black men/White women and White men/ Black women. They’re are 4 times more black man white woman marriages than white man / black woman marriages. Even though they date equally.
Black men are attracted to white women for some reason and while some white guys like black women most white men prefer white women or hispanic (in my experiences) That and I think women are less concerned with the color of skin and men care more about appearances.

White men like to date, Latin women and Asian women. That’s why you don’t see him dating that many black women.

Because a lot of white women listen to rap music these days and think black men are hipper than white men, they think the penis is bigger (lol stereotype) and a lot of them are easily seduced because of segregation and only growing up with white men and only dating white men. So when they meet a black man they feel guilty their ancestors were slave owners, so they feel they have to prove to them self they are not racist. White women are also kinda the same way, only they are taught as children not to trust white people. So if they are seen with a white man their people will be very angry and not accept the relationship. The reason its okay for a white woman to date a black man is because it means less white people in the future.

White men don’t date black women because they know that black women would not go for the submissive stuff that white men want out of a woman. So white men go after Asians and Latinas because they have this belief that they are all submissive and will obey their every command. White men want a woman they can control.

This is true but did you know that BM/WW unions are more likely to end in divorce, where as the WM/BW unions are less likely. Which leads me to certain conclusions. Its factual. I’m not getting any sick pleasure out of the fact. aloftyexistence.wordpress.com/2010/11/18/interracial-marriage-and-divorce-the-study/Many black women postpone marriage for their careers and family. After they have reached their educational goals they may find no one who is up to their standards once they make their way back to their communities. This may sound harsh but its true. Also black women tend to be more conservative, a lot having to do with how the world sees us. Many don’t think they’re on other races of men’s radar. Also, it has a lot to do with preference and common interest.Black men tend to be more bold in their dating endeavors. Where as some black women haven’t caught on to the dating curve. All in all this may change in the near future but I really wish black women would look to other men of African descent than to completely jump the gun. I always wonder why does it have to be white men? Some immediately think, if not black then white. I’m dating a white man but it was in all honesty, coincidence and environment. Which I think happens a lot in the pairings of WM/BW. I maybe biased now. I admit that wholeheartedly.

remember men are the ones who do the asking when it comes to marriage and a black man marrying a white women is considered a major step up socially and a white man marrying a black woman is considered a step down its just another branch of white superiority some thing alot of black men submit to but will never admit it

Check your stats again. Marriages (at least in the US) are almost always same race partners. Mixed race married couples are still rare. Most black men marry black women. As for the black man/white woman couple, that is mostly a media hype that is grossly exaggerated. It is not nearly as common as Oprah and other media sorts make it out.