Kirk Franklin – Help Me Believe

Lyrics: “I just want to write you a letter. I have to be very honest with you right now. I don’t really know how to say this… ” [Verse 1:] I wanna believe …

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Kirk franklin – Help me believe

I like this song!

What are songs that helped you find and believe in God and Jesus? I am looking for Gospel Songs to help a friend who is not sure what he believes as far as religion. Need Songs similar to Commission- Running Back to You, Kirk Franklin -Help Me Believe, Helen Baylor – Can you Reach My Friend.

See and download Help Me Believe (Kirk Franklin) music score

Two of these are post hardcore but still meaningfulMy Higher Belief- Another RisingSalus Suas Extanderealas Concedit- AKissForJerseyAmazing Because It Is- The Almost

You should have him listen to “Reason To Believe” by Stavesacre. It’s cool.”I’m not looking for a reason to believe; I do, I breathe, that’s enough for me.”Isn’t that one of the most amazing lines ever?I’m a bit addicted to that song. =)

“Show Me How To Live” by Audioslave might be a good one.”I Still Believe” by Jeremy Camp”Too Bright To See Too Loud To Hear” by UnderoathBut I always come back to the great hymn “How Deep The Father’s Love”. Keep your friend in your prayers. He needs Jesus more than anything else!

Why are people always falsely accusing celebrities about the illuminati? Nicki Minaj has a tattoo that means “God is always with me” and say prayers in some of her songsLady GaGa went to Catholic school for 14 yearsBeyonce went to church for her whole life and was in the choirand they even accuse kirk franklin and mary mary of it.AND THERE GOSPEL SINGERS!1i know there are signs, but they might be messing with youthey are not always the ones writing the songs and producing the videosand and not evryone knows the illuminati signs, like this means rock n’ roll too!and the devil is not a goathes ugly
People like to blame others for their failures.The Illuminati were a Bavarian political action group that ceased to exist 226 years ago. Duh.NOTES:- Celebrities aren’t against God at all. That’s idiotic.

First of all, a major point must be made here.Celebrities are against God. Plain and simple. The idea of living the life of a celebrity goes against everything that God stands for. It doesn’t matter how many times you went to church, or if your intentions are good. God will not stand for the hypocrisy of believing in him, but continuing a life of self indulgence. Only those who sacrifice their life by turning away from society and following God’s ways are the ones who will ever know him. Everyone else will have been guilty of all the things that Jesus spoke about. They will have worshipped a false God and fallen away from the real one in favor of a self absorbed culture. They will have become completely blinded and no longer be able to recognize the real God. Most people don’t think about the fact that God created our purpose in life long before civilization was built by man. Long ago it would have been easier to follow God’s ways. But the ones who chose to go against him have spent centuries to built societies that seek to distract us away from a lifestyle of God. By giving yourself to the material things that society offers, you are condemning your spirit in God’s eyes. He will have none of that. You are fooling yourselves.

Some of those artist use those symbols as a sales pitch, after all, Secret Organizations or the idea of one sparks an attraction to people, Those afore mentioned artist may very well know this and use the idea of the illuminati as a way to sell albums, as for what I just said being the Truth? I really cannot say.

This is to meat. If you are an admitted free mason, then you know exactly who you are and exactly what the free masons do. You are straight out lying when you say that the iluminati has been extinct for over 226 years. The iluminati blood lines are in tact today and you are in cohoots with them as well. Ask David Rockefeller what his response was when a reporter asked him if he was involved with a cabal secret society. He said that he was guilty as charged and proud of it. This is a quote from his book “memoirs”. Now I personally don’t believe that all celebrities or entertainers are in the iluminatus, but the industry is controlled by the iluminati and most if not all Presidents are free masons and like JFK, his family bloodline is one of the 13 bloodlines of iluminati. What people have to remember is that free masons are sworn to secrecy by blood! If a member of this occult, and it is an occult of satan, then that individual can be killed. Yes I did say killed. This is not hard to figure out, when you start to research. We as Americans have been dupped, bamboozled into not noticing a thing by distraction of t.v., movies, reality shows, video games, etc. This is purposefully done to distract us from learning the truth about them and their motives. Remember, what is the oldest lie ever told? That satan didn’t exist!

what are the best gospel music songs? Lately I have been trying to get closer to God – I am open for any tips for this from ANY religion because I respect them all and believe there are aspects to each of them we should embrace if they feel right to us. I have found some passages from the Bible and Qur’an that help, as well as meditation techniques. But one thing in particular that helps me is Gospel music and spirituals. I would love to know everyone’s favorites so I can download them.
I like a mix of things so I’ll just tell you some of my favorite artists/songs.Kirk Franklin (I’m sure you already know of him)Cece WinansYolanda AdamsCadet SistersJamie GraceNatalie GrantMandisaTobyMacTye TribbetI also like hymnsCome Thou Fount of Every BlessingThis is My Father’s WorldGreat is Thy FaithfulnessHe Leadeth MeHis Eye is on the Sparrow (don’t know if that really is a hymn or not)How Great Thou Art (you should hear Carrie Underwood’s version of this)I Need Thee Every HourDraw Me NearerI think that should get you started! God bless.

Top Christian Gospel songs of 2011: 1. Blessings by Laura Story2. Glorious Day by Casting Crowns3. I Smile by Kirk Franklin4. I Can Only Imagine by MercyMe5. Hold Me by Jamie Grace6. Move by MercyMe 7. Nobody Greater by Vashawn Mitchell 8. Closer by Joe 9. He Wants It All by Forever Jones 10. Praise You In This Storm by Casting Crowns

My favorites are: Mike Adkins – AdorationThe Crabb Family – Still Hold’n on, He’ll Make a Way, Redeemed and Through the FireClint Brown – When I Think about the LordJanet Paschal – I call Him LordMichael Combs- Drinking from my Saucer , Mighty GodJohn Starnes – Look to Him, Whisper JesusJimmy Swaggart – Let Your Living Water Flow