Hells Bells- ACDC rhythm guitar (Malcolm young) cover

Hells Bells by Young sheet music is available for immediate download.

PlayRock – AC DC – Hells Bells – Solo – Performance

PlayRock Guitar Method – Learn rock guitar through the solos of your favorite rock players ! by Nicola Livio. In this clip I play my own interpretation of He…

What would be a good Nickname for him? I’ve got this friend, I know we both have crushes on each other but for many reasons, i doubt we’ll get together.Anyway, Because he’s a year younger than me, and has only been skiing twice (i’ve been 11 times) I call him newbie.But i know he HATES it. So i was thinking what i could call him.He calls me Hell-bell (my name is helen). And his names Finn.Any Thoughts?

Hells Bells by Young sheet music is available for immediate download.

Finn-bo, Finny, Fi-fo-finn, the possibilities are endless. :PI agree with Lara though. If he really dislikes being called things like that then you should just stick with his original name.

Can you really kill someone by putting tiger hairs in their food? I don’t know what story this idea comes from – when I was a kid we somehow had the idea that cut up tiger hairs were sharp like glass and could be used for assassinations! Ring any bells?Just to clarify, for some of the more hysterical answerers! This came from a children’s story or fairytale I was read when I was a kid. I do not actually believe it. I will not actually try it. Ho hum.
sounds like Louisiana voodoo do to me I doubt it, but by all means go ahead and pull some tiger hairs and try it.

What books are you reading? Do your parents know you think these things? Aren’t these the thoughts of a young serial killer. I mean it man, get help, run do not walk to the nearest shrink and get help.I’m moving man I don’t even want to be in the same county let alone state as you.Seriously 1-800-dial a shrink. or shrinksareus.com whatever get help and put down those voodoo books. Stay at least 5000 miles away from me. Help he’s pulling us all down into the pits of insanity aka hell.by the way when you pull those tiger hairs take a pic for us that should prove vaguely amusing.TTFN Weirdo,LOLStill like ya though, your strangely amusing.

ahh bless you!one of my family told me that one when i was a little girl.put the wind right up me!something to do with the spirit of the tiger being so dangerous that it stayed in their fur or something.i don’t know, like i said, i was a little girl, but it put me off tigers for life.don’t worry tho, it is a myth designed to scare little kids.nithing more. hope this helps!

For a tv characters theme day at work I am going as Kelly Kapowski from Saved by the Bell. About her hair? Since I used to watch the show religiously as a young girl I know how she styled her hair. The poofy bangs in the front swept to one side. Often barretts and clips were used. A side-ponytail here and there.But I am hoping someone will have some advice on how exactly to get that look. The feathered poof bangs and big hair kind of look. I figured that “teasing” your hair is the best way to get volume but since I grew up in the 90’s I never did that to my hair. So any kind of advice is greatly appreciated! Thanks!
I’d mousse the hell out of it and blow-dry with your head up-side-down. It will give you the same effect as teasing, but with a lot less damage.

What is the strongest part of your favorite team and the what is the weakest part? Explain how you can fix it.BQ- Anaheim Ducks suck this year, what’s up with that?
For the Steelers:Strongest part- The WRs. Ward, Holmes, Wallace, & Miller are all great players and can do it all. They make big plays, and can extend plays, especially Holmes.Weakest part- The o-line. It’s been struggling for the past few seasons now, so not surprising.

Strongest- D-line , young wide recivers, Eli has been getting a little better every year, 2 good halfbacks, and one of the best offensive lines in the league.Weakest- Main starting players keep getting hurt, Linebackers are decent at best, secondary needs work, offensive line is old.

Huskers- defense was by far the strongest, but the Offense was the weakestVikings- Defensive line and linebackers were awesome. defensive backs were terrible.

ColtsStrongest Part- Passing Game. With arguably the best QB in the NFL and a man who can read defenses like crazy Peyton Manning running the show and the weapons at WR with Reggie Wayne,Pierrce Garcon,Austin Collie plus Anthony Gonzalez returning next year and Dallas Clark at TE it’s hard to step and could spread out the field and beat you in so many ways.Weakest Part- Defensive Secondary. The Colts started 2 rookie CBs most of this year with Jerraud Powers and undrafted rookie FA Jacob Lacey. Kelvin Hayden wasn’t his normal self since he was injured most of the year. He’s a pretty solid CB when healthy and that’s a reason why he got a long term contract last offseason. Marlin Jackson also had a knee injury that left him out for the season for a 2nd straight season, not to mention All-Pro Safety Bob Sanders was injured and out for the year yet again. Also Tim Jennings had to be a nickel CB alot of the time and is terrible. Antoine Bethea is the most consistent player in the seconday and one of the NFL’s best Safety’s though and is essential to resignColts have to resign Antoine Bethea as their top priority, and add depth with 1 or 2 more CBs. Jerraud Powers and Jacob Lacey did well their rookie years and showed promise. Kelvin Hayden was injured but is okay. Melvin Bullit did a fine job replacing Bob Sanders. Just need to fix that area bu staying healthy and adding more depth. Also the Colts have a few solid #2 CBs but not really a solid #1 CB that could lock down a teams #1 WR.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers Ive been a fan since i was a kid lived most of my life here so im jsut being truthfulBest part- Offensive line is pretty decentWorst: Linebackers

Strongest: Linebackers (DeMarcus Ware, Anthony Spencer, Bradie James, Keith Brooking) and running back (Felix Jones, Marion Barber, Tashard Choice).Weakest: Kicker and safety. Also, Dallas lacks depth on the offensive line. They need good draft choices here.

Strong points:O-line – I truly believe the Dolphins O-line is one of the best in the NFL. Led by Jake Long, one of the league’s best young tackles. Berger, Carey, Thomas, Smiley.all these guys helped a 32-year old back get to 1000 yards rushing. They also made Chad Henne’s development a hell of a lot easier.RB – Brown, Williams, Hilliard, Polite.a wide range of runners who helped Miami become a top 5 rushing offense last year.CB – Sean Smith and Vontae Davis showed glimpses of greatness last year, and with Will Allen returning, the CB unit seems to be set for the future.DE – Randy Starks had an amazing year, as well as Langford and Merling. Cameron Wake, the CFL phenom, was an effective pass-rushing force.with Mike Nolan taking over the defense, expect them to be more effective next year.Weak points:LB corps – During blitz situations, they were not able to put pressure on the QB, and they had trouble dropping back in coverage as well. They need a consistent force coming off the edges, placing pressure on the QB. This will be addressed in FA or the draft. Karlos Dansby is a hot prospect. And from the draft.Rolando McClain, Sergio Kindle, Brandon Spikes. All good choices.WR – With Chad Henne now under center, he needs a deep downfield weapon in order to be efficient. Miami’s current WR’s are all good, but are not legit #1 receivers. A player who strikes fear in the hearts of the secondary would be good. This will be addressed in the draft, more likely than not. I’m liking Dez Bryant, Arrelious Benn, or Golden Tate.NT – Jason Ferguson is getting old, and I don’t believe Paul Soliai is the long-term answer. Vince Wilfork reportedly wants to come and play for the Dolphins, he’d be quite good.S – Bell and Wilson were not the safety tandem many Dolphins fans pictured them to be before last season. Gibril was often lost in coverage. Depending on what Nolan wants to do, a new S will probably be sought. Antrel Rolle, another Cardinals prospect, would be nice.

Strongest part of my team Peyton Manning, Weakest part of my team our gutless and neutered Coach and GM