9 Give Me A Little Love – Gerry DeVeaux

From The Album ? RHYTHM? LOVE ? Produced by GERRY DeVEAUX 1 Don’t Take Back ( Your Love ) – ( feat Vanessa Paradis ) – Gerry DeVeaux 2 Come Into My Life ( Ma…

Downloadable music scores: Heaven Help (Deveaux)

Angie Stone “Heaven Help”

Angie Stone “Heaven Help” from the full-length album “Black Diamond” Deluxe reissuing exclusively from BRM / Peace Bisquit angiestoneblackdiamond….

Need some help!! 10 points!? Can someone give me a run down on my race positive and negitive .I was adopted and just found out my race ok I’m : purto rican ,african american ,venezulan ,french and indian .my name is heaven michelle rivera DeVeaux

Downloadable music scores: Heaven Help (Deveaux)

Find The Song Titles? Yep, I’m stealing this idea from Fool4TommyCollins, & he doesn’t care or else he thinks I still care er sumpthin’. Anyway, I went to the bar the other night all full of myself and said, “Set ’em up, Joe!”, which means drinks on the house for those of you out there who are unfamiliar with hillbilly heaven. I went over to the jukebox and played B17 which was a great old song about lonely women make good lovers, my way of dropping a hint, I only hoped it would get the attention of someone I’d like to have the attention of. Marie Deveaux (a honky tonk baby) was waiting tables and she elbowed me then looked at this country bumpkin sitting back in the corner of the bar. I grabbed my Canada Dry and waltzed over and said “Hey, Good Lookin’!” and just grinned like a teddy bear in a teddy, fer sure! I had a Tanqueray as I continued to play music. He said I ought to win the Wurlitzer prize, which I thought was crazy. Soon it was time to go home and I headed right in the wrong direction.Thx Okie! I had a good time making up this little story. I meant to say Marie LeVeaux and was it Honky Tonky Baby or was I right? Ain’t quite sure. And thx to the new guy, too. I don’t remember “seeing” you here b4, but it’s nice to meet cha!kathleen caught Tanqueray (by Vern Gosdin) and B17 (Please Mister) by Olivia Newton-John. Though I don’t think of Olivia as a C&W singer, I do remember that that song was on every country jukebox when it came out. Thx kathleen!I counted 15 song titles.
I don’t know any of the songs, but here are my guesses:All Full of MyselfDrinks On the HouseHillbilly HeavenLonely Women Make Good LoversA Honky Tonk BabyThis Country BumpkinHey,Good Lookin’Headed right in the Wrong Direction

he thinks i still careset em up joehillbilly heavenlonely women make good loversmarie deveauxhonk tonk babycountry bumpkincanada dry hey good lookinteddy bearwulitzer prizecrazyheaded right in the wrong direction..WOW, YOU’RE REALLY GOOD AT THIS, THE BEST ONE I’VE SEEN SO FAR.i hope i did’nt overlook any. this was fun and interesting.

He Thinks I Still CareSet em Up JoeHillbilly Heavenplay B17 (Please Mister)Lonely Women Make Good LoversHonky Tonk BabyCountry BumpkinCanada DryHey Good LookinTeddy BearTanquerayWurlitzer PrizeCrazyRight In The Wrong Direction

He thinks I still careSet em’ JoeHillbilly heavenLonely women make beautiful loversMarie DeveauxHonky tonk babyCountry BumpkinCanada dryHey good lookingTeddy BearTanquerayCrazyHeaded right in the wrong direction