Christmas Greetings – Hark the Herald Angels Sing (not the one you know!)

Be ready for a surprise, perhaps even a shock. This is not your ordinary church choir, but West Gallery singing, a traditional style from rural England. Vigorous and natural rather than ‘sweet,’ the familiar verses of ‘Hark the Herald Angels Sing’ are here set to a West Gallery tune, ‘Newton’s.’ also called ‘the Curly Hark.’ Accompanying images of scenes based on the gospel stories of the nativity. Give it a listen – you might enjoy it!

Christmas Carol: Hark! The Herald Angels Sing (folklore) sheet music is available online.

Judith Durham – Hark! the Herald Angels Sing! & Morning Town Ride

Judith Durham, OAM (born Judith Mavis Cock, 3 July 1943, Essendon, Victoria, Australia) is an Australian jazz singer and musician who became the lead vocalist for the Australian popular folk music group the Seekers in 1963. She left the group in mid-1968 to pursue her solo career. In 1993 Durham began to make sporadic recordings and performances with the Seekers, continuing into the 2000s