1928 Ben Selvin – Happy Days And Lonely Nights (as ‘The Knickerbockers’)

Here is one of the occasions in which prolific bandleader Selvin contributed his own quirky vocal stylings. Ruth Etting’s ballad version of the song also sold a few copies. Transferred from the original (worn) 78rpm: : Columbia 1596-D – Happy Days And Lonely Nights (Fisher-Rose) by Ben Selvin & His Orchestra (as “The Knickerbockers”), vocal by Ben Selvin, recorded October 8, 1928

Fisher: Happy Days And Lonely Nights sheet music is available for immediate download.

Ben Selvin’s Knickerbockers – Happy Days and Lonely Nights (1928)

Charted at #13 in December 1928. Also #9 for Ruth Etting in 1928, #18 for the Fontane Sisters in August 1954, #12 for Frankie Vaughan in January 1955 (in the UK), #14 for Suzi Miller and the Johnston Brothers in January 1955 (in the UK), #6 for Ruby Murray in February 1955 (in the UK) and #88 for Connie Francis (Cash Box Singles chart) in 1958. Also recorded by Vaughn DeLeath, Eva Taylor, Ken Dodd, Dick James, Kathy Kirby, Kay Starr, Max Bygraves, Russ Conway, and Ted Heath. The artist is simply credited as “The Knickerbockers” on this record. Written by Billy Rose and Fred Fisher. The other side of this record is “Doin’ the Raccoon”.

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Fisher: Happy Days And Lonely Nights sheet music is available for immediate download.

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Help- so VERY tired Mama of a 13 month old? We have had sleep issues from Day 1.our son is 13 months old and has always had a hard time keeping asleep. He eats and drinks great (solids and breast milk), is in the 90% for height and weight, plays hard all day, very active and happy. He sleeps in his crib, does not nurse to sleep (although if he could, he would), but upon waking from his sleep cycle (sometimes every hour at night, sometimes every 2), he cannot fall back asleep on his own without help. We try to give the most minimal amount of help so he can learn to do this.just shooshing and patting, not picking him up, etc. Crying it out is not an option as he cries for HOURS, finally falls asleep and then is up again an hour later, cries for HOURS again (over and over all night). So, we have tried allowing some crying/fussing (maybe 15 minutes) but all he does is cry and cry. So, is there anything to do as a compromise between the “cry it out method” which DOES not work for him and just allowing him to wake my hubby and I up every hour? There has got to be a solution! We are sooo tired. He has only slept a handful of times longer than a 5-6 hour stretch.I do not know how much longer I can function with this severe sleep debt! Waking up every hour is no way to live and I feel bad for my hubby AND our baby too( how can that be good for him to not sleep and dream in the deep sleep cycle. Sigh.we are at our wit’s end.we have read every book, tried everything, he still cries and cries unless we are physically present there to lie down in the bed next to his crib or shoosh him or whatever, it changes every night. It is NOT getting better as he gets older and I do not know what to do. Any words of wisdom, any advice, anyone else going through this? My friends have one year olds also and they have all pretty much slept through the night since around 3-4 months of age. So, no one can relate. It feels so lonely and I am so tired of being tired. Please help!
Perhaps he is not eating enough. When my son was about 6 months old, I would slip tiny amounts of rice cereal in his bedtime bottle and he might only wake up once or twice a night. I have also heard Colic causes babies to have a lot of gas that makes them cry. I gave my son a bottle or sippy cup of formula or milk before bed til my son was like 3 1/2. Good luck. If these tips do not work, take your baby to the doctor. A lot of crying is not good for the baby.

i understand you. i am also sleep deprived, have been for years but for different issues. Sleep equals life and sadly and frustratingly some of us lack it. Have you talked to his pediatrician? maybe he can give you a few tips or even maybe medication. It sounds to me that he’s a very smart child. my oldest (5) has always been very active. he would wipe everyone out and still have the energy of a horse. I took him to his doctor because i was worried but it turns out that this activeness that frustrates us is actually intelligence and a thirst for knowledge. so (although you might laugh at this) we are actually very very lucky parents. you just have to fill his little head with the most educational fun you can.I don’t know if you are close to a pool but this relaxes even the most energetic person so you might want to take him swimming often in the afternoons.you can also turn the tables on him one day. take him to the zoo (talk a lot during the trip, mention all of the animals and if possible feed them), take him to a children’s museum, play a sport, don’t let him have a nap, and around 7 PM take him swimming for 2 hours, all in the same day, i doubt any person will have the energy to go through such a hectic day. i promise you this will wipe him out. one day we accidentally did this little routine that metaphorically killed our son. he slept like he never had so now every day we play any sport for about 3 hours, he loves it, and it also helps us to get a little more tired. after we are done i put him in a Lavender bath and let him splash until he’s wrinkled, i put him to bed, tell him a few stories and before i know it he’s snoring.i really hope this helps, i know how horrible it feels to see the hours passing by before your eyes and i must imagine being worst watching the love of your life crying miserably.good luck!!

he sounds like a physical baby, so i know most parents dont like this , butlet him sleep in your bed that way he is actually touching you , they he will probably sleep through the night, that what i had to do , because my son was the same way , now i put him to bed and if im not in bed by midnight he walks up and takes y hand takes me to bed, so mybe that will work for you and your husband

He does this because you have allowed him to be the boss.Stop his day time naps, make sure he’s sleeping in his own crib in his own room, keep the room dark except for a night light and play some calm soothing music. Shut his door and do NOT jump when he makes noises! He will never stop doing this to you until you learn how to be the ‘boss’. If he cries – let him cry.he must learn how to go back to sleep on his own and the longer you allow him to be the ‘boss’ the worse it will get. Step up to the plate and be the parent ‘boss’!

Does he have a ‘lovey’ or two in his crib that he can reach for? Or a blanket to help soothe him when he wakes up? My son has one of those Fisher Price Aquarium Soothers in his crib, when he wakes up at night, he reaches up and turns it on, and that helps him to fall back asleep. You may have to tough it out for a week and just let him cry. He’s learned if he keeps up the crying, you will come in. If you can’t do this, then you may just have to co-sleep with him and deal with breaking him from that later on. Best of luck to you, whatever you decide.

I sssssssssssoooooooo understand you. I am literally going thru the same thing. my son is almost 16 months old and reading your story was freaky because those are my very same words !what can I tell you ? first of all, if you possibly can, nap in the day. when baby nap YOU nap. at least till this stage passes and things are better.try skipping the day naps. I know it doesnt seem like it but maybe he needs to be more tuckered out.make sure you put him to bed with a full tummy.make sure he is not to warm or coldI know this things are obvious but it helps to go over themI’ve even considered the possibility of nightmares ?But I hate to tell you what I know to be true. I hate to say it because I have to do it myself and I am also really tired. They have to know that YOU call the shots. you have to win this game !! if that means crying it out, so be it. I know how unappealing this is but he has got to learn to fall asleep on his own.I truly sympathize with you. try it CONSISTENTLY for a few nights, DONT give in.good luck