Jason Wade’s Bulge (Lifehouse – Hanging By a Moment)

A blatant crotch shot of hot lead singer Jason Wade. The clip is taken from the “Hanging By a Moment” music video.

Wade (Hanging By A Moment) sheet music is available for immediate download.

Zoe and Wade- Hanging By a moment

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In 2006 playoffs, if Kobe is so “clutch,” why did the Lakers lose after gaining a 3-1 advantage? I’m seriously tired of reading all of these over-exaggerations of Kobe. Kobe is just as clutch as Dirk Nowitzki! Yeah, that’s clutch alright! It’s called OVERRATING.Robert Horry has a winning record in every team he played except for that one season where he played under 30 games for Phoenix Suns. Everyone remember at least Horry’s 5 clutch game deciding shots this year alone. I don’t remember Kobe winning in a clutch situation in this playoffs. Kobe could be clutch alright, but he’s just not THAT clutch!If you can convincingly make an argument that Kobe is clutch and the games truly counts, like near the end of the season gunning for better seeds or the playoff/finals,go right ahead.Question: “So yeah you want to call him overrated and compare him to Dirk?? Dirk had an all star squad around him and choked to the warriors, THATS OVERRATED.”Reply: At least Dirk didn’t miss the playoffs in 2005. Who’s better now? I doubt the Lakers can even beat Golden State. Can Kobe beat Dallas? I don’t think so!Question: “What is the point of trying if all your going to do is disagree and counterargue? “Reply: The first question is why did the Laker lose. People have answered that, Kobe cannot win alone. And the second challenge is can anyone make a convincing argument about Kobe being clutch, and no one has met the challenge. It’s that simple. Try convincing everyone Kobe is the most clutch in the NBA. Kobe had eleven years worth of history for you to find your proofs. So prove it.Prashant, I like you. You have the most facts and details rather than just opinions. But I said Kobe was clutch, but just not THAT clutch. How is it that just those 2 performances and that 81 points one make Kobe the most clutch player in the NBA? Didn’t Bruce Bowen make like 5 of 6 three pointer shot to seal the deal against the Suns? Didn’t Robert Horry’s defense cause the Suns to loose 2 games. but then his other “defense” caused them to lose the series (LOL). And didn’t Baron Davis played clutch 3 for all 4 games they won against the Mavericks? Now, how is it that Kobe is the most clutch? Hell, D-Wade led, and I mean he LED, Miami to 2 come from behind series to win the championship. Kobe hasn’t led anyone in a championship. And Kobe is clutch?

Wade (Hanging By A Moment) sheet music is available for immediate download.

If Kobe was clutch his team would NEVER lose a series after being up 3 -1. The media machine never quits the hype for Kobe, and after hearing it 703 times the sheep believe it! Kobe is great, but he would be out of this world if he would lose the attitude. In a battle of the superstar and his subordinates against a TEAM of good players who know how to work together give me the TEAM every time!

To answers your first question, Kobe loss because he’s technically a 1 Man Team, and the suns had MVP Steve Nash, All Star Shawn Marion, and Most Improved Player Leandro Barbosa. while Kobe has players but not as good as suns. Your second argument, Kobe is clutch because in every clutch situation they turn to Kobe..DUH he’s the best player on the team, and he has great shooting touch, and mostly like in the Spurs they would give it to Robert Horry and he would just shoot for the clutch, unlike in the Lakers if you passed to Lamar Odom, he would pass back to Kobe for the clutch because it’s mostly the star of the team that shoots the clutch shot

The Suns are simply a better team in 2006 and 2007. For a seventh seeded team to go 3-1 with the second seeded team, it was impressive. If the league didn’t change the first round from a 5 game series to a 7 game series, the Lakers would have moved onto the next round. Just give the Lakers credit for taking the game to 7.

What is the point of trying if all your going to do is disagree and counterargue? Simply put, he’s a one man team. If you want clutch, in Game 4 when he hit the winning shot to give them the win says it all. How many other players have zero talent around them, yet still keep their team in the game until the final whistle? One man can’t win games forever unless another Wilt Chamberlin comes along, but I doubt we’ll see another player like him ever. So yeah you want to call him overrated and compare him to Dirk?? Dirk had an all star squad around him and choked to the warriors, THATS OVERRATED.

1.maybe you forgot they were against the Phoenix Suns, now i know they were up 3 games to 1 but closing a series is very difficult to accomplish.when a team is down 3-1 it finds ways on how it can get even and win, it becomes aggressive and more focussed and that’s exactly what Steve Nash(3-time MVP), Amare Stoudamire, Shawn Marion and the suns did. They were also the 7th seed and they were facing the 2nd seed. Kobe’s clutchness alone can’t win the team the series, because in order to win playoffs series’, you need the whole team not just 1 player, but back in 2006, kobe is the only player who is doing it for the lakers, he had very limited help from his teammates. That is why they loss to the Suns.2.Kobe is NOT overrated, he is clutch. Haven’t you seen his 81-point game. Now i know it was against the raptors but scoring 81 in a game is very hard to accomplish against any teams. In season 06-07, kobe bryant had 4 consecutive 50+ games.he led the nba in scoring and if you watch all of his games you would see how clutch he really is.did you see his buzzer beating 3 point shot against the celtics, that was clutch.and he is “THAT clutch”.remember back in 2003 or 2002, the last game of the season against the blazers?he sent the game into overtime and he was also the one who made the game winning shot in overtime or how about that playoff game in Pheonix where he also send the game into overtime and he also made he winning shot, to me that game was really important and it is a “game that truly counts”.now that really seems clutch to me.he is not over rated at all.3.Why ask so many questions about kobe? So what if you don’t like his game or if you think he is over rated.just wondering.answer DMAN

OK , look at the facts lakers have one superstar with 1 better than decent player on there team , the suns have a 7 man lineup with 2 really good point guards, u can’t blame kobe since its the lakers that suck not him , remember they are just paying 18mil a season to play, and [and yes frustrating , me being an cali boy laker fan] phoenix is just plain better and no matter how good of a clutch shooter horry is, he doesnt play nearly as hard and is not nearly as good to be compared to kobe

Kobe was only clutch when he had Shaq backing him up and taking all the pressure off of him. Kobe is always clutch in a regular season game that means little and he is always about Kobe. When you watched MJ play he was clutch when it counted and his team needed him, he also was smart enough to get his team into the flow of the game in case later if he was triple teamed he could pass to an open player to make an easy basket. Look at the stiffs that MJ won 6 rings with and had he stayed out of baseball it probably would have been 8 in a row. Besides Pippen, who was a good role player and Rodman who was pass his prime look at the players who played with MJ.

dude shut up. the sun got like 5 potential all stars, maybe more. the lakers got jus 1. that explains it all

Bryant’s very overrated. He was clutch playing with Shaquille O’Neal. Hell, so was Penny Hardaway, Glen Rice & Robert Horry. The only thing easier than being clutch playing with Shaq (1994-2004 version) is being clutch playing with Tim Duncan. (which brings me to where I disagree with you at) Horry has admitted it’s very easy for him to be “clutch” because he’s never been the star of any of the teams he’s played on. He says if he misses the “big shot”, no one is going to blame him. Horry of course is correct. Horry’s 7 rings are the result of only being in the right place at the right time. Comparing Bryant to Horry is like comparing Scottie Pippen to Steve Kerr. Horry is in fact a better standstill pure shooter than Bryant, but Bryant (not the best in the game{overrated}) is a far superior player to Horry. Kerr of course was a much better pure shooter than Pip, but Scottie was a far superior player. If you want to compare Bryant to Paul Pierce, Ray Allen(in his prime), Allen Iverson, Lebron James, Carmelo Anthony, Tracy McGrady and Dirk Notwitzki, I’m with you, but not to Horry. Bryant(overrated aside) is one of the top 10 or 15 players in the league while Horry never was or will be an All Star type player. You have to give Bryant that much.*** You are correct though. There’s no convincing case to be made on Bryant’s behalf as to how “clutch” he is. he’s nowhere near as “clutch” as his reputation alludes. ***Dwayne Wade(the second best player in the entire NBA) is the most clutch player in the league in close games that truly count(regular season & playoffs)A close second to D-Wade as far as being clutch is the league’s best player. Tim Duncan. He’s only second to D-Wade because he usually obliterates the competition so there’s no doubt come 4th quarter how the Spurs are going to do. Duncan’s so good that even when he’s bored out of his skull(2007 NBA Finals) he still leads his team to 4 game sweeps. Tony Parker won MVP because Duncan allowed it to happen. Duncan wasn’t exactly worried about winning the award. If Parker played with James and the Cavaliers, the Spurs still would’ve won the series 4-0. Duncan was clutch when the championship was “truly” on the line. (In the 2nd round against the 2nd best team in the NBA. The Phoenix Suns. The “REAL” NBA FINALS)

The other question you entered yesterday indicated you had a life-size pinup poster of kobe but you didn’t mention if it was in full color. how much do they cost? just curious.you ever wonder what happened to the white coed that kobe raped? maybe you think getting raped by kobe would be a good thing? you really like kobe a lot don’t you? would you say he is pretty?

They were after all 6 seconds away from eliminating the Suns right? if it wasn’t for Kwame’s blunder of flying over Tim Thomas when the Suns needed a 3, the Lakers would’ve won!He pushed them to the limit.which wasn’t expected of him and his no.7 team against the MIGHTY no. 2 seeded phoenix suns who were dominating everyone in the regular seasonAnd what do you have to say about the Game 4 heroics when they were down by 6 with under 30 seconds left in regulation and Kobe brought them back with a buzzer beater and won the game in overtime with another buzzer beater, with Diaw and Bell hanging on him.not clutch enough?D- Man:Lets put basketball aside for a moment.Thanks for the compliment. I know its hard to put your pride aside and say something like that to a Kobe fan but kudos to you. Alright now to answer your question:Those two performances weren’t the only ones that make Kobe clutch.How bout the buzzer beater in New York in 2005 to tie the game when the lakers were down by as much as 10 with 50 seconds to go?There’s the video. Lakers went on to lose the game but they didn’t give up. The comeback was led by KB.youtube.com/watch?v=VP26TL2Rf3MHow bout the buzzer beater in charlotte in 2005 when lakers come back after being down 12 with 3 minutes to go?youtube.com/watch?v=51mxg3oAeVcHow bout the 27 point 4th quarter comeback against the mavs in 2002?Kobe scored 15 points in the 4th and scored the game winner.youtube.com/watch?v=94vj4tXU1-wHow bout the 18 point deficit in the 4th quarter against Orlando in 2004. Kobe scored 24 points in the 4th with a bum right shoulder while shutting down TMAc who was torching Rick fox thru the first 3 quarters?youtube.com/watch?v=Jf8RndUf-0YHow bout the NBA finals in 2004? Lakers down 6, 35 seconds to go.Kobe penetrates and gets Shaq the ball and he gets an easy dunk and gets fouled. Lakers down 3. On the other end he guarded Chauncey Billups and made him miss a shot and Kobe got the rebound. With 11 seconds to go, Kobe took the ball drilled a 3 to tie the game with like 2 seconds leftyoutube.com/watch?v=8ZVg-ub9980How bout the Kobe buzzer beater last year against Charlotte in the 4th to tie the game? In the following video, see it at the 1.25 markyoutube.com/watch?v=-SgUHlOKCYIHere’s a video of 8 minutes of clutch baskets by Kobe which gave the Lakers the lead or tied the game when the Lakers really needed a basketyoutube.com/watch?v=NwnKpUGfl4Y42.3% (most votes) of General Managers in the league in 2003 voted for Kobe Bryant to most to likely make a last second shot if a game depended on itnba.com/preview2002/General_Manager_Survey.htmlAlmost 8% (3rd most votes) said in 2003 that Kobe is one of the best defenders the league too.There is a reason why Kobe has so many fans.not because he plays for the Lakers or not because he makes a lot of flashy plays. Its because dude is REALLY good and REALLY REALLY CLUTCH.you can’t argue with what the GM’s saidAnd as for D-Wade.wellI think he is a very good player. I’m gonna give him that but his finals series win in Miami was unconvicing for me. He was given 97 free throw attempts in 6 games. Thats ridiculous! More than 16 free throws a game? are you kidding me? Just because you drive to the hole hard, doesn’t mean you deserve to get free throws.any defender who was in the vicinity of Wade was called for a foul in that series, it was ridiculousIF it was Shaq given that many free throws, I would understand that because he gets hacked and grabbed every time down the floor, but come on rewarding soo many free throws to a guy who made 45% of his shot during the series? THATS BSBut im not gonna give an excuse for the choke job that Dirk did at the free throw line..he had a chance to tie it and he didn’t and the dumb timeout called by Josh HowardThe play that stood out the most for me was when Dallas was up 1 and Wade was dribbling and he walked into Dirk and Dirk was called for a foul with 25 seconds left.Here’s the videoyoutube.com/watch?v=5y8nI1PPYOkRead more about it here.sportsline.com/nba/story/9517893″ However, it will always be remembered as a title soaked in controversy, and the conspiracy theorists got a little more fodder with 26.2 seconds remaining in Game 6, when Dirk Nowitzki was whistled for fouling Dwyane Wade on a drive. Wade went out of his way to initiate contact, something he normally does and normally gets.He didn’t draw any contact at the end of Game 5. Replays have shown as much. On this particular drive, which resulted in two made free throws for Wade and a three-point lead for the Heat, it was Wade who stuck out his elbow. Plain and simple.Two superstars, one call to be made.The difference between the Mavericks and Heat, one could argue, was the referees’ judgment in granting Wade his superstar calls and not offering Nowitzki the same luxury. “Also Wade gets away with Traveling like nobody else in the league, check out what Phil Jackson said (if you respect his opinion)sports.aol.com/fanhouse/category/redskins/2006/12/26/phil-jackson-says-shaq-is-lazy-and-wade-travels/”On Wade: “He travels on that spin move. He picks up that pivot foot . everybody knows it. Dwyane Wade can cover so much ground when he makes that move. As you know, he can go 20 feet with that spin move and get to the basket.””Here are videos to prove it.most of these are instances where he traveled in the playoffs with a ref right next to him! ANd a couple of those videos were towards the end of games too when the traveling occured.youtube.com/watch?v=_QLTtl6sbnEyoutube.com/watch?v=0WI0VZcapto&mode=related&search=youtube.com/watch?v=cFSd5YE63Dw&mode=related&search=youtube.com/watch?v=aySGUzzxjGEThe point i’m trying to make is Wade is a very exciting player! I’ll give him that. But the league is pushing him as much as possible in the spotlight and putting in favorable positions to win games so that THE LEAGUE GETS MORE TV RATINGS! They’re desperate to have the same attention that Jordan brought so they’re using Wade and his “success” to bring back those ratings..

because the suns have steve nash, the best point guard in the league. they also have boris diaw, marion, barbosa and tim thomas back then.. give lakers some credit, they capitalized suns’ weakness, and that’s interior defense.. after a crushing game 4 loss, the suns regrouped, they did not point fingers, which was a good gesture and got back in the series.. game 6 was. damn.. whew! one of the best games of that season, my suns were almost knocked out by lakers.. thanks tim thomas, for the 3 point bomb in the last 6 seconds.. game 7 was decided in the second quarter when the suns erupted and kobe suddenly stopped shooting for no reason, that’s why he was criticized by barkley. barkley said kobe wants to show the world that the lakers cant win without him thats why he stopped shooting in the second half..