Interview with The Fray interview with Denver, Colorado’s The Fray, who are basking in international success from their debut album, How To Save A Life, as well as their self-titled follow-up. In this video, learn more about this piano-rock band from members Joe King and Ben Wysocki.

Download digital sheet music: Happiness – Wysocki and play it off-line

The Fray- Isaac Chats With the Crowd & Happiness [Live] @ Turning Stone

Isaac talks about how he recently went to see “Death at a Funeral” and about his encounter with a fan 😀 Then the band plays “Happiness”. And the excitement for ‘glenwood’ is because that was the name of my elementary school. Totally irrelevant to what he was talking about, but it made me more excited than I already was. Cool story, eh? April 20th, 2010