WET WET WET – If I Never See You Again (with lyrics)

One of the best Hit of the Wets – If I Never See You Again – from the seventh studio album by Wet Wet Wet – TEN/ 10 (1997) A limited-edition release included a bonus CD, entitled “10 Again” (1997) *UK Album chart positions – #2 (1997) PLAYLIST: youtube.com It was released also as the single. *UK single Chart positions – #3 (1997) © Label / Mercury NO COPYRIGHT© INFRINGEMENT INTENDED / The music, clips and pics are copyrighted to their respective owners. This is a fan made – for entertainment purposes only.

Check out digitalized sheet music for Wet Wet Wet: Wet Wet Wet: Gypsy Girl

WET WET WET – Love Is All Around (with lyrics)

The best Hit of the Wets – Love Is All Around – from the sixth studio album by Wet Wet Wet – PICTURE THIS (1995). The song is a cover version of The Troggs’ and it was taken for the soundtrack to the film “Four Weddings and a Funeral” (1994) and was an international Hit. *UK Album chart positions – #1 (1995) PLAYLIST: youtube.com It was released also as the single and was the third – and the greatest Hit of the band’s three UK number-one singles (it spent 15 weeks at number one – it’s the second longest stay at the top of that chart to date. All told, the song spent 37 weeks on the Top) *UK single Chart positions – #1 (1994) © Label / Mercury NO COPYRIGHT© INFRINGEMENT INTENDED / The music, clips and pics are copyrighted to their respective owners. This is a fan made – for entertainment purposes only.

What is the strangest thing your pet has ever done?

Check out digitalized sheet music for Wet Wet Wet: Wet Wet Wet: Gypsy Girl

My Great Dane ate 17 thumb tacks one time. My Vet saved the x rays and uses them when schools tour the clinic. After being worried it was funny when it was over.

you can believe this or not. My cat was in my room walking around, looked at my sterio for a couple minutes and all the sudden jumped up so he was standing and he pressed the power button on my sterio and played a cd, (the gorillaz)

One time when we were locked outside and it was really cold.and were waiting for someone to get the hidden key, my cat jumps up on the table by the window and her tongue is sticking out like ‘:P you can’t get in!’

My dig sleeps like a human when it is bedtime.she will sleep on the other side and sleep on her back and lay right next to me.lol

Well, I’m only about a foot tall and I chase deer! Also, whenever I sleep, my moustache gets a print of wherever I was sleeping. I’m terrified of street gutters, and my owners have no clue as to why. Small but fierce.

Well, the other day, I bought my cat a toy for xmas. I brought it in and set it down, forgetting about it. Well, my cat, who’s never been known to spray, starts smelling the toy. I take it off the couch, and leave the bag for him to smell. Well, he started getting really excited, meowing and whatnot, then finally just peed all over the couch.i was like, wtf mate?

Our dog is anal, compulsive. If anything at her level is out of place she will put it back where it goes, centerpieces on the coffee table, flowers on the end table., movie cases. When we were still in the vcr era she would push movies into the vcr with her nose if we just ejected them and didn’t take them out. Such a queer dog.

My cat! He will come mewing at the back door, I will let him in, he goes to the front door and mews to go out, like he’s too lazy to walk around the house.I have tried but I can’t break him from it.

well I’ll tell you I had a Golden Retriever pup, loved to swim throw in a pinecone and splash he would bring it back, well on this particular day the neighbors dog decided to follow well my wife threw the pine cone but the neighbors dog went and got it . got out of the water and put it at the base of the pinetree and well peed on it, you should have seen the look on Spirits face, that was his pinecone so after he thought about it he went over and peed on it himself and proceeded to reclaim it. wish I had it on tape would have made some money on AFV.

Syam my siamese cat- She tries to eat peoples hair. It is the wierdest thing ever!!Scamper is one of our two kittens- every time he gets on a soft blanket, he becomes sexually excited. It is so gross and freaky!!Smokey is Scampers brother- he will put out any candle with his tounge, then he freaks out when he burns his tounge. But then he doesn’t it again two seconds later.Patches- This little girl was walking behind the couch, and she had a little pony tail thing on the top of her head. Patches would run on top of the couch and swat at it. When the couch ran out, she jumped at the girl, missed, and fell flat on her face!!Yoshi is our big black cat- he’ll try to bathe our puppy, and so whenever the dog trys to run away, he’ll chase after.Conan is an orange tabby(huge)- he eats dog food, and when our German Shepherd tries to get to her food, he’ll hiss at her. Then the dog just knocks him to the side.Gypsy is our puppy- she will give people wet willies, and when people talk, she tries to get her tounge in their mouth. It is DISGUSTING!!Dutchess is our G. Shepherd- My brother and I were on the roof, and she hates being away from us, so she climbed the ladder, and we turned around and found her just watching us. I was like wtf!!Kitty, one of my old cats- whenever I was a baby and I was crying, she would put her paw on my mouth.Ying yang, another old cat- whenever I was younger, i would pull at his tail and ears, then he would walk to my mom or dad, and bite them instead.Figaro, another old cat- he would jump back and forth over Dutchess’ back, and then hang onto her collar while she walked around. It was hilarious.

I had a dog one time that didn’t walk on four legs. It dragged itself around with it’s butt. Like it was scratching it but it wasn’t.

When the dog tries to eat the cat food, cat acts like food has been contaminated and starts to scratch the area around the dish, sometimes using the throw rug to cover dish. Also my puppy belches like a grown man after he eats. He is e real little Pekingese mix, so it is hilarious.

This may seem a little gross. but.My dog was pooping outside, right? Well when he was done pooping he had this little dangly poop stick on his butt. It was like a giant poop thread that connected to a huge blob of crap. Lol, then my dog looked at it and got SO scared! He started whining and whining and running around in circles. He started chasing his butt but it still wouldn’t come off! He whined then chased his butt some more, then looked at me all funny, like he was saying “Katie, please help me get this off”. He was so so SCARED! LOL! Then he finally scrubbed his butt on the grass and it was gone. He’s still scared of his poop to this day. LOL!

Not strange, but funny I guess.But my cat, big fluffy gray thing he is, developed an interest in the bathtub that was starting to fill. It was the big, deep whirlpool kind, with slopeing sides making it hard to get out of.He kinda slid down the side opposite the running water in order to inspect what was going on, and then my mom splashed some whater in his general direction. Next thing you hear is this splash followed by what fittingly sounded like a cat flailing and trying to exit the tub, and failing misserably.His paws are furry, thus he has very little traction. The fact that he was two inches deep in water didn’t help, and he’s weird and doesn’t jump, he climbs. This caused for a bad situation for him.In the end, we helped him out and he ran screaming from the bathroom.On a weird note, same cat today tried to climb me like a tree. Jumped up just enough so the he could hook his front claws into my lower back and started clawing his way up my back. It wasn’t too pleasant, but weird I s’pose.

I had this dog name Clyde and if I did not let him go outside when you wanted you would backup, ,take off running and paw the door knob as if you was trying to open the door.

i once owned a hamster named Elvis. One night he chewed his way out of his plastic cage. I woke up to find him gone. I searched everywhere. The last place I ever thought he would be, was where he was. He was in the bathroom.snuggling up to the toiled brush.

True story, a long time ago we had a large bird that had a large cage, we ended up with a retarded parakeet that the big bird named baby baby would be tucked under ole Sidneys wing most of the day, when Sidney would be out with the family the parakeet would try to escape to be with him, some times he would fall out of the cage, here is the strange part.my rag doll cat, Dust Bunny would pick up that stupid parakeet and put him in the cage and shout the door! Believe it or not!

Just attacking my feet whenever I walk in the room! Like my bird will follow my feet around and I have to run and he will chase me until he can get hold of my toes!b

I have a cat who will “introduce himself” to visitors. He will go up to them, stand on his hind legs with one front paw on their leg to balance, and extend his other paw. He’ll stay like this until you shake his paw, then he goes away. He also likes to ride on the cab of the truck, have to be careful when I leave or he’s liable to ride atop the cab all the way into town.

My Border Collie chases his back leg. When he “catches” it, he flips himself over.Same dog does not like it when other animals in the household, or my husband and I, are play fighting. I think he thinks it’s for real and he goes into a frenzy of barking and whining.spazratsspazrats.tripod.com