gutters full of rain(cover David Gray) TheRenfordFiasco.AVI

Ive like the slow ballads, and this little ditty is a favourite tune of mine by david gray. I cover this tune, as well as Babylon. But havent yet got desent footage of it. Again this was part of my set last wednesday nite were i had broken the Gstring and continued to play. Enjoy peoples and stay free……….

Downloadable sheet music: Gray – Gutters Full Of Rain

Gutters Full of Rain

This is a cover of one of my favorite David Gray songs. This is from his 1995 album ‘Sell, sell, sell’. Great song. I’ve seen some other versions on here, so I thought i’d do mine.

where can i find these items please? find a list of my biology scavenger hunt stuff?in the woodlands texas please?stuff like foliose lichen, thorns, drupe tree, wasp or hornet’s nest? etc. thanks (:

Downloadable sheet music: Gray – Gutters Full Of Rain

Put honey on a bottle cap and wave it around then leave it somewhere you can watch it in peace and safety. the smell of the honey should attract the whole nest to get it

Hi, normally I would not try to answer in this area, as I am certainly ‘NOT’ an ‘EXPERT’ on it. But. ‘Wasp’s’ are a certain type of ‘bee’ – they differ far from ‘honey’ or the big ‘bumble bee’. – What I can in-fact tell you (I know this not part of your question) the 2 types that I noted above – are very ‘docile’ – you can even let them on your hand and they ‘will not sting’ – ‘unless provoked’.for both of those breeds or types of bee’s – it is a ‘SURE DEATH’ to them if they lose their ‘STINGERS’ (hmmm- It would ‘bee’ interesting to learn if they knew this – and if that ‘sure death by ‘loss of stinger’ may ‘bee’ hinged on their ‘non-aggressive’ nature? ~ but ‘bee’-ings that they can’t talk ~ and don’t pose a threat ~ and for the most part, they are a huge link to ‘pollination’ of flowers and make deliscious honey ~ they are not really a problem to have around.My Oppinion Only. What little I know about ‘Wasp’s’ is that ‘THEY ARE SUPER AGGRESSIVE’ and should you accidentally ‘step’ on a nest or even accidentally disturb one, these bee’s have been known to chase people for miles – to ‘SWORM’ them.and I have heard that even if the ‘PERSON BEING ATTACKED’ is NOT ALLERGIC- IT IS CERTAINLY NOT POSSIBLE THAT NUMEROUS STINGS COULD BE FATAL’. And should a person be ‘allergic’ to ‘bee stings’ ~ Just one sting could cause death.and would most likely never survive being swarmd and stung multiple times. The sad thing is that you rarely ever know if you going to have a relergic reaction, until you have been stung. ~ kinda a ‘catch-22’ ~ So, for all the people who think ahead and prepair for the worst (which I am not ‘knocking’ what so ever, I wish I had it in me to plan ahead ~ as I am ‘chronically 5-10 minutes late to appointments ‘I MADE’ because I can’t find my keys or my wallet or etc.-etc.-etc) Uhg, sry, I’m rambling. What I am trying to say is that for the purpose of the possability of being stung and HAVING AN ALLERGIC REACTION- for those of you who carry a medical kit, it’s not a bad idea to have a it equipt with a ‘bee sting kit’ ~ which should buy enough time to get to a hospital. I live in California, but I would imagine that they would ‘next’ in the same places – you can find ‘hornet’s nest’ or ‘wasp’s nests’ in places such as ~ in trees, like in the bark, in dead wood ~ usually like in a hole in the tree (totally like you would see on ‘Whiney the Pooh’- him reaching inside a ‘hollow tree’ to find honey.But ‘bee’ aware, the nests could also be on the ground ~ I am not sure if that is where they ‘made’ them, or if perhaps – that big chunk of bark fell off of a rotting tree and wasn’t destroyed to the point they couln’t fix it. – bee’s are kinda like ‘soldier ants’ they all have their jobs ~ AND PROTECTING THE NEST IS THE TOP OF THEIR LISTS. OK, so ~ in the woods, they can usually be located in tree’s, especeally a ‘hollow’ tree, places that they can get in and out of easily and places that are protected from the weather. The other place, which, I just found one pretty recently (empty) was under the ‘rain gutter’ on my home.They are grey, the texture is like that of ‘old crumbly dry paper’ – and I don’t know what they use, but the nests are usually very securely glued to what it is they are attached to. They are full of holes ~ I’m sure you have looked them up on the net to see what it is that you are hunting for.the holes are about the size of a medicine ‘capsule’..And you can find them in an assortment of sizes. The one I found on my gutter was quite small, approx. 5″ in diameter.- but I can’t give you a ‘paticular’ in their size, I do know that they can ‘BE FOUND MUCH, MUCH LARGER THAN THAT. And regarding ‘THORNS’ ~ I would imagine if there is ‘berry bushes’, such as ‘black-berry’s’ or ‘marion-berry’s’ in Texas ~ you can find ‘thorns to your hearts content’.And if there is not ‘berry-bushes’ in Texas, try checking your neighbors yard for a ‘Rose Bush’.You can find ‘THORNS’ on those to. o-: But seriously, take percaution if you go out in the ‘wilderness’ to seek ‘Wasp’s or Hornet’s Nest’s’ ~ because, they are aggressive in nature – and they will persistantly chase you ~ and sting you repeatedly. So, I would make darn sure that there is water that you can jump into and submerge yourself to get away from them. As I said, I am not an EXPERT – and I know that you will get much better and detailed answers that I was able to provide, but it was fun to answer you, and I hope that maybe you learned something/anything from what I wrote. God Bless You and Yours with Health, Love and Happiness!!Christina Godbe, Redding, Ca.

Does my cat have a disease? what’s the deal? ok . here’s the situation.My cat is approximately 5 months old. i found her in a gutter after a bad rain storm, near death when she was at about (veterinarian estimate) 3 weeks old. well over the course of this 5 months, she has only grown a little bit in size. she still looks like about a 1-2 month old cat.Also, she had a full coat of black and white fur. over the course of about 1 week (recently) about 10-20% of her black fur turned grey/white, as if she was getting very old. are these symptoms of a disease that I am not aware of? I know i need to get her to the vet either way, but the money thing is kind of a problem.
She might have been so sick and malnourished as a young kitten that it’s affected her development. Definitely bring her to a vet and see if they have a “charity” program where animal lovers in the community donate the money for a pets medical needs to owners in need. Call all vets and clinics in your area to find out.

The vet can work out a payment plan that works for you.Try to get her to the vet as soon as possible.

My tuxedo 7 month old kitten was small when I first got her (stray) at 8 weeks. My vet said she’s most likely going to be a small cat. She seems to be catching up now though.Her fur also changed as she grew, more white fur growing out of the black. Weight is what you want to pay the most attention she eating & eliminating normally & gaining weight. Has she had a vet prescribed de-wormer, has she had her initial vaccinations? She’s due if she hasn’t been seen since she was 3 weeks old. Also have them check for Felv/Fiv ( that’s around $40.- depending) Not that what you describe sounds like it. It’s just a necessary test for any feline born outside. If you shop around & try to find a smaller vet practice you might be able to get these things done for under $150.- My vet charged $100.- as she includes the exam in with her office fee for a kittens initial visit. It’s not really the de-wormer or vaccines that are costly.some really sock it to you on the other I mentioned. All the best to you & kitty !

Can you swing the $35 for a standard exam for her? Having the vet look at her is your best option, especially if she’s got a fur color shift. It could be a vitamin deficiency. Tell them what foods you’ve been feeding her. They’ll need to know.

Has this kitten EVER seen a vet? I have a feeling the answer is “no” so you could have a very sickly animal on your hands. I know you like to think you “rescued” her but if you can’t provide the care an animal needs it’s hardly being rescued. Especially if it’s sick and suffering. Surrender this kitten to your nearest no-kill shelter ASAP so it can get the care it needs and then be adopted by someone with the means to provide for it.