I need help with an Aria from Griselda? I have to perform the aria Per la gloria d’adorarvi by Bononcini from the opera Griselda. The problem is that I can not find and information that is helpful in giving me a background to the piece. You know, like the setting, which character was singing, what they were trying to convey, etc. I have found several performances of the piece by many different people on youtube, but that is not quite what I need. And please no wikipedia info. That site isn’t realiable as an accurate source. As I found out the hard way.

Griselda by Bononcini sheet music is available for downloading in digital format.

Check up on the legend of Griselda. If you need more than what I give you below, you’ll need a research music librarian! Because I don’t have it in my books at home, and I’m a book rat. But honestly, unless you are a graduate music student, you don’t need more than this. This is just fine for high school contest. If you are in college and this is a recital piece, read up on the composer as well, and make sure your translation is word for word.The idea is “I will love you even if I have no hope of you loving me in return!” Ernesto is singing this aria. An idiomatic translation of the aria would read: For the glory of adoring you, I want to love you, O dear eyes.Loving you, I will suffer, yet I will love you always, yes, in my suffering, dear, dear eyes.Without hope of pleasure, it is a vain affection to sigh.But your sweet glances! who can admire them and not love you?