Lauren Lucille Trio – Gravy Waltz

‘Gravy Waltz’ (Ray Brown / Steve Allen) performed by Lauren Lucille. Recorded live at the Basement, Gold Coast Arts Centre, October 2, 2010. Produced by Dave Dwyer Lauren Lucille – Vocals Jeremy O’Connor – Bass Wade Gregory – Piano Visit Lauren

Digital sheet music source: Ray Brown – Gravy Waltz

Gravy Waltz – Pamela York

Gravy Waltz is a composition by Steve Allen and Ray Brown. This solo piano version was performed at Sherman Clay Piano in Houston in February 2010.

Famous Jazz Bass Players? Preferably electric bass; I play it in my middle school Jazz band and our assignment was to find a famous jazz musician on our instrument. So do you know of any? Links are appreciated.

Digital sheet music source: Ray Brown – Gravy Waltz

Jaco Pastorius, is the most innovative bassist of all time. Check out the tune portrait of tracy, it absolutely amazing. Stanley Clark and Ray Brown are also great, but If you have to pick one, Jaco is like the Jimi Hendrix of the bass.

Ray Brown (1926-2002) Who wrote “The Gravy Waltz” Carter (born 1937) Studio musician on more than 2500 Clarke (born 1951) Electric bassist, has written many film Fambrough (born 1950) Composer for the Jazz Haden (born 1937) Associated with Ornette Jones (1894-1956) Bassist, bandleader & prominent songwriterMarcus Miller (born 1959) Grammy-winning Mingus (1922-1979) Prodigy, bandleader, composer, Charlie Parker Mitchell (1927-1992) Double-bassist, composer, lyricist, poetJaco Pastorius (1951-1987) Electric bassist and fusion-funk Peacock (born 1935) Teamed with Bill Evans, Art Pepper, Barney Kessell, Bud Shank & Keith JarrettPhil Upchurch (born 1941) Jazz & R&B backup artist, electric bassistChris Wood (born 1966?) Electric bassist, member of Medeski Martin &

of course, Mingus was the man. but, hey, folks: what about Dave Holland? or, for that matter, Cecil McBee? Reggie Workman? how about Richard Davis? one of the most versatile, skilled bassists ever, to be sure.

You should listen to Stanley Clarke, especially the Return To Forever albums and his solo album Schooldays. Anaother electric jazz bassist is Abraham Laboreal But if you want the grandmaster jazz bassists, they all played uprights.Listen to Ron Carter, Charles Mingus, George Mraz, Eddie Gomez, Percy Heath, Dave Holland.Godd Luck!1LD

Stanley Clarke from Philly in the band Return To Forever that just came off there 60 city tour in the states and in Europe saw the show at the Mann Music Center Aug 5 2008 great show.

Usually I would list a number of great jazz bassists, but in this case I believe that only one needs to be mentioned.Jaco Pastorius.He is THE most amazing electric jazz bassist that ever existed, and most likely, the best that there will ever be.All of his songs are amazing in their own ways, but I’d have to say that my favorite song of his would have to be his cover of The Chicken, with his new Soul Intro. It’s just amazing.

Jaco Pastorius is the greatest jazz electric bassist of all time.he was an innovator. Check out some of his music and take a look at the biography “Jaco” by Bill Milkowski. There is a great album called “Word of Mouth: Revisited” which has some great modern electric bassists (Victor Wooten, Marcus Miller, Victor Bailey, Jimmy Haslip, etc.) playing his music. Presenting this album to your class would be a very interesting way to incorporate Jaco but show his influence on today’s electric bass virtuosos.

In electric bass -: Jeff Berlin, Victor Bailey, Mark Egan, Marcus Miller, Abe LAboriel, Chuck Rainey, Gary Willis, Miroslav Vitous, Alphonso Johnson, Anthony JAckson, Victor Wooten, Eberhard Weber, Marc Bertaux, Jonas Helborg, Kai Eckhardt, Ralph Armstrong,