Feargal Sharkey – A Good Heart (Full Music Video)

Feargal Sharkey – A Good Heart (Full Music Video)

This title is available as instant sheet music download: Hart (Great Day)

Kevin Hart Presents NYE Block Party Day 2

This is the recap of my 3 days NYE block party at the LA Live Day 2, special thanks to Luda and Kelly for great performance, Stay tune for the finale of Day 3

Who agrees that Beth Phoenix/Natalya was an extraordinary match? I’m sorry about the two day late question, but I’ve been at a friends’ house since Friday.When I watched this match, I realized how sub-par the divas division is made up to be.Not saying Eve & Layla aren’t formidable, but Beth Phoenix/Natalya really showed that when WWE wants to, they can have a good divas division, with good female wrestling.Unfortunately, WWE doesn’t have an option, due to the releases & retirements, over the last few years.

This title is available as instant sheet music download: Hart (Great Day)

I was at work when I watched it so I didn’t pay attention the whole time but I saw them botch several moves during the match and thought it was below their usual standards, That being said even a match that is sub par to their standards is better than 95% of the other divas.

That match was awesome I mean Natayla slapped on the sharpshooter you heard the crowd ROAR! Hahhhhhhh! They kept going it was great! At first I thought “Natalya would let her get to the ropes.” Instead she pulled her right back to the middle of the ring. That was hardcore!Then she KICKED OUT OF THE GLAM SLAM unbelievable no one is supposed to do that. It’s the Divas equivalant to the Tombstone Pile Driver or the 3D nobody is supposed to kick out. But Natalya showing her resiliance. She couldn’t kick out of two of them thought. It was salty when Natalya tried that rolling pin off the ropes and got caught by another Glam Slam for the one, two, three. Those two along with Superfly’s daughter are the best pure skilled women wrestlers in the WWE! TNA knockouts like Gail Kim, Mickie James and Terra are still better however Beth, Snuka’s daughter and the leading lady of the Hart Foundation deserve props too!Too bad Beth is leaving soon. Sources confirm she won’t be sticking around much longer. Damn shame, the WWE divas division gets enough critisism for botch fest matches and weak wrestling the 3 aformentioned WWE divas could have fixed that image had they stayed longer.

They put on a good match, obviously comparing it to what the other divas are doing these days, it is going to seem extraordinary, they are two of the best!

What are the best wrestling books around? I’ve just finished the Bret Hart ‘Hitman’ book and it is friggin’ awsome. now i dont have a book to read on holiday, could you suggest another other wrestling one that is real and not a load of BS kayfabe.
actually most biography books on wrestlers are not kayfabe as are most of their videos made about them, i dont have a book, but just go to borders or somerthing and look for a good one in the wrestling section

Rey Mysterio:behind the mask 2009-everything from training at age 8 to ending JBL’s career at mania 25

Awesome, I just finished that one too and it was a great read! I am now reading Eric Bischoffs Controversy Creates Cash, but im not liking it honestly as it doesnt tell me much that I dont already know, its pretty much about what happened to WCW and why it failed, worth reading if you dont know the true story but I wouldnt rush out and get it if you do. I would recommend Mick Foley: Have a Nice Day. It has to be my favorite wrestling related book. Its funny and informational, basically tells about how and why he got into the business and has a lot of cool stories about his career up until his time in WWE. I have yet to read his second book, but I have read his third one which is called Hardcore Diaries. Its also very good but yeah I like Have a Nice Day a bit more.

Star if you dont want to watch bret hart wrestler anymore? he needs to give it up. He was great back in the day but seriously just stop coming back. Its not enterttaining watching someone who cant even perform moves, him Fliar Hogan & lawler need to retire FOR GOOD .
STAR bro. I mean I am tired of seeing Bret at all. Wrestling or talking it doesnt matter him Hogan,Flair and Lawler need to leave and retire. To me he is tarnishing his legacy I mean Hart vs Mcmahon was the worst WM match I have ever seen! Please Bret I am begging you RETIRE!

If having Bret Hart come back provides an excuse for a break in the monotony, I say so be it. He has earned the right to do what he is doing.

No joke man! I respect that he’s a legend and all that mushy stuff, but he needs to STOP wrestling. Honestly, I would prefer if he just stayed away from the WWE.

Not only Bret but legends of wrestling in general keep on coming back from retirement for several reasons. Either they need money or the promoters give them a high paycheck or they miss their glory days. Since all of these legends spend most of their lifetime on wrestling, hanging up their boots is impossible to do.

When you first started watching wrestling, who was your favourite wrestler and why? Mine was Bret Hart, I liked his underdog thing.Please be honest, a lot of people pretend they’ve watched for longer than they have or that they don’t like wrestlers that they do because they’re unpopular like Cena. I don’t care, real answers please.
Mine was Ultimate Warrior, he was so larger than life, the face paint, the coloured tights, tassles on his arms and boots, superman physique, crazy promo’s and even though looking back he wasn’t a great wrestler I thought he was amazing. The Warrior tape I had years ago got worn out because I’d watch it every day. The matches on it were Andre the giant, Haku, Bobby Heenan(weasle suit match) and Ravishing Rick Rude. Great stuff!

Unfortunately, my favorite at first was the Immoral Hulk Hogan. It was the mid 1980’s and if you were a fan of wrestling then, you were a fan of his. Now, I hate the man.

Eddie Guerrero, it was before his pushes and he wasnt always that popular but i just really liked him.

Mine was Triple H, I was really interested in his entrance and the way he plays.And fortunately now my favorite superstar is still Triple H, for me FIRST LOVE=LAST LOVE !

I started watching Wrestling around 2002,My First favorite and still is the Undertaker,I became a fan of him around his American bad@ss Years.And he’s still my favorite,He’s the one who got me into wrestling after all.

Hogan because he’d get beat on for 10-15 minutes, his opponent will do his finisher, and then Hogan will Hulk up and win because he said his prayers, ate his vitamins, and believed in himself and with the 24 inch pythons blazing the trail, WHATCHA GONNA DO WHEN THE POWER OF HULKAMANAIA RUNS WILD ON YOUUUUU!Yeah, I was a big Hulk Mark.

When I first started to watch professional wrestling (Georgia Championship Wrestling) in March of 1981 my favorite wrestler was Ted DiBiase because he was from my home state of Nebraska. Two weeks after I started watching the infamous piledriver match took place. Ted DiBiase and the Junk Yard Dog were scheduled to face the Fabulous Freebirds (Terry Gordy and Buddy Roberts with Michael Hayes in their corner) the next night in the Omni. Somebody (I can’t remember who.) wanted the match to take place on the tv show instead. Anyway, deep into the match, DiBiase was going into the ropes, when Hayes pulled them down sending DiBiase to the floor. Hayes then ordered Gordy to piledrive DiBiase on the concrete floor, which he did. DiBiase was somehow able to roll into the ring (it was only about a foot off the floor). Gordy gave him another piledriver. DiBiase kicked out. Gordy gave him a third piledriver and he kicked out again. Gordy then tried for a 4th piledriver when Tommy Rich hit the ring.

I was around 6 when I started watching wrestling back in 1999 lol. I don’t remember everything, but when I find matches that happened during that time I start to remember haha. My favorite was Booker T. Don’t ask me why cause I was still a kid lol, I can’t say because I liked his moves or his gimmick or whatever like the others, I just simply liked him more than the others lol.

I started watching in 2002, and the first match I saw was John Cena vs. Kurt Angle, which was actually Cena’s debut. He instantly became my favorite wrestler, but now that I watch other companies like Dragon Gate USA and Ring of Honor, he is not my favorite, but he is in the top ten.

Shawn Michael’s and Triple H. It was during the original DX run. I have always liked heels more than faces and i loved the cocky heel persona or shawn Michael’s. He was also great in ring and the best showman. i started watching in 1997.

When i was new to wrestling, i was a huge fan of Hogan. Something about him and the way he talked made a huge Hulkamaniac.