Trenchtown Rock- Bob Marley and Brad Nowell

Bob Marley with Brad Nowell singing Trenchtown Rock. WHAT A GREAT SONG!!! Requested from hurlnuts69. Thank you.

Download digital sheet music: Greatest-Hits (Brad Nowell) and play it off-line

Bradley Nowell 15 Year Anniversary Tribute Video

Please sign the petition below to release more Sublime (w/ Bradley Nowell) audio/video recordings! A tribute video I edited for the late great Bradley Nowell, lead singer of Sublime, after the 15 year anniversary of his tragic death… “Look at all the love we found” FOREVER MISSED BRADLEY NOWELL 1968 – 1996

I need a sublime history? Can someone give me a brief history of the band sublime please

Download digital sheet music: Greatest-Hits (Brad Nowell) and play it off-line

My favorite band!Sublime was formed in Long Beach, California in 1988 by Bradley Nowell (vocals and guitar), Bud Gaugh (drums), and Eric Wilson (bass).Basically, Bud and Eric were best friends and they formed a band called The Juice Bros with Michael Happoldt (the future Sublime manager). When Bradley dropped out of UC Santa Cruz, he met Bud and Eric and they started the band Sublime. On 4th of July, 1988, Sublime played their first show.Bradley formed his own record company called Skunk Records, and Sublime produced the cd 40 OZ. of Freedom under Nowell’s Skunk Records. (popular songs from this album include Waiting for my Ruca, Smoke Two Joints, and Date Rape).In 1996, Sublime was signed to MCA Records by Jon Phillips, who later became the band’s manager. In 1996, Sublime began their first headlining tour called the SnoCore Tour. Their second cd entitled Sublime was recorded and finished. (songs include Wrong Way, Santeria, Doin’ Time) Right after, Bradley Nowell died on May 25, 1996 of a Heroin overdose in San Francisco California.After the death of Brad, a greatest hits album, acoustic album, live recordings and rare albums were released. Eric and Bud formed Long Beach Dub Allstars in 1997 (shortlived)Today, Rome is now lead singer of Sublime with the original Eric and Bud.

look’ll find everything! in doubt, always look at wiki

Sublime? is the shit?1. I would get down on my knees and propose to ANY girl I EVER see wearing a Sublime shirt.2. Anybody ever seen Sublime?3. Anybody even own a Sublime album?4. Answer my questions with the numbers please.5. I have OCD.6. You MUST use the numbers.7. TY.
1) you might wanna met some of my friends2) Nope3) I have 40 oz of Freedom burned 4) OF Course5) Me too6) Why won’t I?7) Your welcome

2. I think I saw them on the Warped Tour back in 90’s but not sure. They were unknown then so I may have watched their set but didn’t know who they were.3. I’ve got all of their albums including a couple of bootlegs and then all other bands associated w/them after Brad died – LBDAS, Long Beach Short Bus, etc.

aww! #1 is sweet. i have two sublime shirts :)2. no3. yes, two. stand by your van and 40 oz to freedom4. ok5. really? everyone does about something.6. hahaha7. your welcomebrad nowell is THE BEST. i love his voice. i love sublime. im obsessed. i have a dog and guess what his name is. lou dead serious.

1. Might be jumpin the gun, eh?2. I’m 14 so Brad died in ’96. I was 3 years old so no.3. Yep. I had Robbin the hood but it got scratched up beyond belief. Bradley Nowell and friends that acoustic one and that got effed up as well. I got 40 oz to freedom, self titled, greatest hits, and the gold set. So overall I have 6, but 2 I can’t listen to.4. Taken care of buddy.5. I’m sorry to hear that.6. I am7. Dont mention it

1. That might not be a good move, especially if it is her boyfriends shirt lol2. Never got to see them live, Brad died in what 94. so I was 11.3.I own 40oz to freedom and the self titled album. 4.I am using the numbers like a champ.5. Me too!6. I did.. i did..7. NP8. That one was just to mess with you a lil! 😉