Imogen Heap – Goodnight and Go

Music video by Imogen Heap performing Goodnight and Go. (C) 2005 Megaphonic Records

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Goodnight & Go Imogen Heap – Lyrics

This is track two taken from her fabulous album ‘Speak For Yourself’ NONE of these paintings or photo’s belong to me, i found them through photobucket and fell in love and thought they deserved to be shown off Lyrics: ( Sorry if wrong ) Say goodnight and go. Skipping beats, Blushing cheeks. I am… struggling.. Daydreaming, Bed scenes in… the corner cafe And then I’m left in bits recovering tectonic… tremblings You get me every time. Why’d ya have to be so cute? It’s impossible to ignore you.. Must you make me laugh so much? It’s bad enough we get along so well.. Say goodnight and go. Follow you home, You’ve got your headphones on And you’re dancing Got lucky; Beautiful shot: You’re taking everything off Watch the curtains wide open And you’re following the same routine; Flicking through the TV, relaxed and reclining And you think you’re alone.. Oh, why’d ya have to be so cute? It’s impossible to ignore you, Must you make me laugh so much? It’s bad enough we get along so well.. Say goodnight and go. One of these days, You’ll miss your train, And come stay with me… {It’s always say goodnight and go} We’ll have drinks, And talk about things and, Any excuse to stay awake with you… You’ll sleep here, I’ll sleep there, But then the heating may be down again, At my convenience… We’d be good, We’d be great together… Go (sigh) {Instrumental pause} Why’d ya have to be so cute? It’s impossible to ignore you, Must you make me laugh so much? It’s bad enough we get along

Does anyone know if the version of Hallelujah by Imogen Heap is on any of the OC soundtracks? I could swear I had this song somewhere and now I cannot find it. I looked on Itunes and it’s not even on there. I also looked on google and it said it was on an OC soundtrack.

Download sheet music pdf: Imogen Heap – Goodnight And Go

Imogen Heap has two songs on OC Soundtracks. “Hide and Seek” on mix #5 and “Goodnight and Go” on mix #4. No “Hallelujah”.

What are some really good songs in the rock alternative and maybe pop genres? wanting to broaden the music I listen too. I feel like I listen to the same stuff over and over and there is so much music out there I want to listen to more of it.Already really like 30stm and paramore!
home by three days grace wake up by three days grace life starts now by three days grace pracctically all three days grace songs

well first off there Anberlin-Feel Good Drag-Disappear-Ready Fuels-ReclusionAvenged Sevenfold A Day To Remember-All i want-Homesick-Have Faith In Me -Im Made Of Wax Larry What Are You Made OfStory Of The Year -Wake Up30 Seconds To Mars-Attack-Hurricane-Closer To The Egde-This Is War-The FantasyThere For Tomorrow-A Little Faster-No More Room To Breathe-Addiction And Her NameChiodosParamoreLinkin ParkVersa EmergeHOPE THIS HELPED 🙂

Alt/pop-Imogen Heap- try Speeding Cars30 Seconds To Mars- try Stranger In A Strange Land or AlibiEmmy Rossum- ALL of her music is completely gorgeous, this is her most well-known song

ROCK:1.)Missing Something by AutoVaughn2.) Back Of My Mind by The Autumn Defense3.) Look What You’ve Done by Jet4.) Hear You Me by Jimmy Eat World5.) Honest Face by Liam Finn + Eliza Jane6.) Skeleton Key by Margot & The Nuclear So and So’s7.) Secrets by OneRepublic8.) The Freaks Are Coming by Smile Empty SoulALTERNATIVE:1.) First Day of My Life by Bright Eyes2.) Kiss With A Fist by Florence + The Machine3.) Goodnight And Go by Imogen Heap4.) Gimme Sympathy by Metric 5.) Animal by Neon Trees6.) All The Right Moves by OneRepublic7.) Walls by The Phantom Band8.) Silver Lining by Rilo Kiley9.) Meet Again by Secret Twins10.) Got Nuffin by Spoon11.) I Walked by Sufijan Stevens12.) Giving Up The Gun by Vampire Weekend13.) Scars by Wow And FlutterPOP:1.) 10,000 Nights by Alphabeat2.) Ghost by Fefe Dobson 3.) You and I by Ingrid Michaelson4.) I’m Good, I’m Gone by Lykke Li5.) Freezing by MoZella6.) I Am Not A Robot by Marina and The DiamondsMmkay.. so basically all the songs by these bands/artists are good but I think that would have taken a long time to write out, so I just did my favorite songs by then. Hope you find something you like!

Breaking Benjamin:-I Will Not Bow-Had Enough-Fade Away-Dance With the Devil-Evil AngelSeether:-Breakdown-Broken-Careless Whisper (Cover)-Fake ItSkillet:-Hero-Whispers in the DarkFlyleaf:-Again-Fully Alive-I’m So Sick-All Around MeParamore:-CrushCrushCrush-Misery Business-Fences-IgnoranceThree Days Grace:-I Hate Everything About You-Time Of Dying-Break-World So Cold-Just Like You-Drown-Animal I Have Become-RiotRise Against:-Savior-Under the Knife-Audience of OneAlways by SalivaPapa Roach:-Forever-Last Resort-To Be Loved-Hollywood Wh*re-Be Free-Scars-Getting Away With MurderGood Charlotte:-The River-MiseryAvenged Sevenfold:-Brompton Cocktail-Lost-Afterlife-Nightmare3 Doors Down:-Kryptonite-Here Without You-Citizen SoldiersApocalyptica-I Don’t Care-I’m Not Jesus-Broken Pieces-Not Strong EnoughThe Killers:-Somebody Told Me-Mr. Brightside10 Years-Wasteland-So Long, Goodbye-Beautiful-Shoot It OutPanic! At The Disco-Build God, Then We’ll Talk-I Write Sins, Not Tragedies.Evanescence:-Bring Me To Life-My Immortal-Everybody’s Fool-Going UnderPretty Reckless-Make Me Wanna Die-Just Tonight-He Loves You Not-Zombie

What songs and music are 10 year old girls into today? I want to create a play list for my daughter? My daughter got an ipod for her birthday and asks me to put music on it.I am clueless! Please help me!
its probably disney songs like hannah montana, miley cyrus, selena gomez, demi lovato, jonas brothers and justin bieber. good luck!

– hannah montana / miley cyrus- demi lovoato- selena gomez- justin beiber- phineas and ferb- spongebob tunes- and anything on nick and disney channel

Well personally, my opinion would be for you to put some good classic music on it(mainly what you like) and get her to have good taste in music like many kids love the song Yellow Submarine by The Beatles, and The Monkees, The Turtles, Beach Boys are just a few to name, since your daughters only 10 I wouldn’t reccomend Black Sabbath or any hard rock or heavy metal, trust me if you get her into good music now you won’t regret it later, plus having the same taste in music just gives you two something more to talk about.

10 year olds like Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus, the Jonas Brothers, Demi Lovato, Selena Gomez, and other Disney artists. Wariofan, that is weird, no offense. A 10 year old would be so annoyed listening to that. I know that you like it, but a 10 year old wouldn’t.

Any disney or nick music is probably what she would like. My children got Ipods at early ages too, they love music.I put all kinds of music on them. I put the popular kids music (Miley Cyrus, Justin Beiber, all the people listed in the previous answers) and then I also put some older stuff that I like, and show tunes and classical things. Be creative, it will make your child a music lover!My son is 8 and picks his own music now. His ipod has disney, sponge bob, high school musical, The Who, Pink Floyd, Chicago, Music from Wicked, Rent, all kinds of different stuff I would have never thought he would like!

-Justin Bieber-Miley Cyrus-Selena Gomez-Demi Lovato-Jonas BrothersDisney channel and Nick stuff is good too.Hope I helped 🙂

-High School Musical songs.-Hannah Montana songs.-Miley Cyrus songs.-Jonas Brothers songs.-Justin Beiber songs.-Selena Gomez songs.-Demi Lovato songs.-Taylor Swift songs.-David Archuleta songs.-Akon songs. (clean versions)-Carrie Underwood songs.

First things first. DO NOT PUT ANY DISNEY POP SPONSORED SONG-TYPE THINGS ON IT. Like Justin Bieber and Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus. Just please don’t.Okay. Unless it’s classic Disney stuff like the Little Mermaid or something.I think that some Beatles songs would be good, and have lots of variety.So. I think- Beatles (classic, awesome. Maybe add a little Michael Jackson :D)- Owl City (? They’re pretty good, fun, no swears)- Vanessa Carlton (Pretty voice, nice music)- Imogen Heap (not well known but a really good singer)And for specifics;- Airplanes by B.o.B. (little rap but good message and melody)- One Trust by The Last Goodnight (I just like it. :P)- Daylight by Matt and Kim (little upbeat and happy)- A-Punk by Vampire Weekend (also upbeat)- Love Drunk by Boys Like Girls (references alcohol. not really. Just the drunk part. about love.)- Such Great Heights and Nothing Better by the Postal Service- Check Yes, Juliet by We the Kings- About a Girl by The Academy Is.- That’s Not My Name by the Ting Tings- Paramore (maybe? If she’s into that kind of more rock-y stuff)And then. You could always ask her to be safe.

It depends. Does she watch disney channel? If she does, Miley Cyrus, The Jonas Brothers, Selena Gomez, Demi Lovato.etc. Another great option is Taylor Swift. Taylor Swift is great, she’s a much better role model than Miley Cyrus. Maybe ask your daughter to sit down with you and listen to some of the 30 second itunes clips. Beyonce is good at that age too.Just a tip, for beyonce and other artists you may find, I recommend listening to the full song on youtube to make sure its clean.

evanance(how ever you spell it.)beatleshilary dufffinal fantasy x soundtrackmiley cyrusthe turtleslord of the rings soundtrackhigh school musical

Songs that are really popularTaylor Swift – Love Story Taylor Swift – Our SongMiley Cyrus – The ClimbMiley Cyrus – Party In The U.S.ADemi Lavato – This is meDemi Lavato – Here we go againP!nk – So whatBlack Eyed Peas – Tonight’s gonna be a good night Kellie Pickler – Don’t you know your Beautiful Kelly Clarkson – My Life would suck without youKelly Clarkson – Since you’ve been goneJonas Brothers music Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus – Let’s get crazyThat’s all I can think of! Good luck 🙂

Justin Bieber – Favourite Girl Ke$ha – DinosaurChelsea Staub – FABULOUS (From the “BRATZ” soundtrack)Michael Jackson – Thriller (A great hit!)Jason Derulo – Mm Whatc’ha SayAdam Lambert – Whattya Want from meDrake – Best I ever HadYeah Yeah Yeahs – ZeroLady Gaga – AlejandroLindsay Lohan – DramaQueen (From Confessions of a Teenage drama queen)Demi Lovato – Remember December