Goodbye Kiss – Capodanno 2013 con Sergio Pizzorno (Piazza M

Sheet music for Goodbye Kiss (Pizzorno) is available for downloading in digital format.

The Waves – Goodbye Kiss (Kasabian Cover)

This is our cover of Goodbye Kiss by Kasabian. Made it just for fun. Follow us on facebook: “Goodbye Kiss” is Kasabian’s third single from their fourth album, Velociraptor!. The track has been released first as a music video and then as a single A-side 10″ Vinyl on February 20. Also, it is available as a digital download. On 27 November 2011, Kasabian performed “Goodbye Kiss” during the BBC’s Formula 1 and performed on 2011 closing season montage and on BBC’S The Graham Norton Show. All right reserved to Sergio Pizzorno and Kasabian.