Rizzoli & Isles- Casey Says Goodbye To Jane

Okay so i just had to upload this so don’t get me wrong i do love jane/maura but i also love Jane & Casey together i think they are so cute but i was so upset during last episode. He doesn’t want to be with her and he might die. He’s so stupid can’t he see that she loves him ugh! Okay now that my rant is over i hope you like Please comment & Subscribe!!! Show: Rizzoli & Isles Song: Toy Soldiers By Eminem Rights: Janet Tamaro Program: Sony Vegas 11.0 HD I OWN NOTHING! MUSIC BELONGS TO EMINEM & CLIPS TO TNT & JANET TAMARO!!!! I own nothing but the editing! 🙂 FAIR USE Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for “fair use” for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favour of fair use

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Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye – Luke Bryan (Casey Cattie Acoustic Cover)

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When will CNN quit beating up on sweet little Casey Anthony? That evil wench Nancy Grace, i hope Casey sues her for every dime she can! Nancy Grace tried to manipulate the jury against Casey in a effort to put her on death row! Its time for CNN to be held accountable for their actions, they are no longer a credible news network!

See and download Goodbye by Casey sheet music

As soon as the next tabloid story comes out. God forbid they cover some real news like the ATF running guns into Mexico to frame the 2nd amendment.

When they try to get her interview, they will quit.People don’t care about the evidence, they just want to bash Casey. Why don’t they look up Dr. Vass, the one who claims there was a shocking amount of chloroform present. He also dabbles with divining rods, ok? DIVINING RODS. This trial was a joke and people are media-brainwashed, pitchfork-toting sheep.Nancy Grace stirs the THUGS up emotionally with the precious baby girl and devil is dancing stuff. They are also clueless about reasonable doubt. I don’t mind if someone thinks Casey is guilty, I DO mind when people say they hope she is killed on the street, or that the jury should be killed. The verdict was just. Proof media lies/misleads: CAYLEE WAS NEVER FOUND WITH DUCT TAPE STUCK TO HER NOSE AND MOUTH.Mouth was rotted and bones chewed by animals, so how can they say tape was? on mouth? But I covered my dog’s face with cloth and tape before I buried her. It is almost universal, people want to cover or close eyes and mouth before burial, not throw dirt in open eyes, etc, Maybe Caylee had mouth open, with death gasses coming out, flies crawling in it, fluid leaking, so they cover with cloth then tape, maybe just tape. THEY FOUND 3 Pieces of tape, one for mouth area, two for eyes? You don’t want to kiss child goodbye without closing mouth and eyes by mortician wax, insecticide, and thread, or at least tape or cloth in a panic. I think the body was gonna get moved again to some final resting place, or possibly “cremated”.Expert witnesses said tape was likely applied after death. There was a piece of tape stuck to her hair and side of skull. Expert says tape was probably simply holding jaw bone to skull. Also, tape sticky enough to stick to matted hair, but no DNA on tape leads one to believe tape might not ever have been on skin. Tape could have come from the bag. Three small pieces of tape cannot be murder weapon by themselves, you would need to tie arms back too, do something else. And there was no heart sticker found on Caylee, that’s a fact. But so what if there was? Dad probably told Casey he would bury child, because she could go to jail for drowning accident, police will call it murder. Casey went along with Dad’s plan, did not report death. Accidental drowning MUCH more common than? someone killing child in order to have more sex. ACCIDENTAL DROWNING NUMBER 2 KILLER OF KIDS UNDER 5. Casey might have drowned in grandad’s pool, he didn’t want to lose his house and insurance. Perhaps Grandad had bad fence around pool, or negligent in some other way? Casey could then sue her parents for negligence. Maybe Casey was negligent in some way. You want evidence of drowning, like finding water in lungs? Sorry, you can’t have that. The body was rotted.Waiting 31 days to say child was missing, well because she was dead. Maybe someone was negligent about the drowning because they had drugs in their system, and that’s why they waited a month to clean system? Now I don’t know this happened AT ALL. But people don’t report car accidents, taxes, injuries all the time. People make Bad decisions. There are reasons why someone would cover up accidental death.Prosecution COULD NOT EVEN PROVE A MURDER TOOK PLACE, COULD NOT RULE OUT ACCIDENTAL DROWNING. Jury was right to come back with not guilty verdict.Casey’s support system is young and socializing, not in her room alone with her. That is why she goes out. Regarding the tattoo, lots of people in this country drink and get memorial tattoos shortly after a loved one dies. “Bella Vita” could be a tribute to her daughter. She certainly couldn’t get RIP Caylee at that time. Couldn’t wear an ever-popular memorial t shirt. Couldn’t put a memorial sticker on her car.I google bank heists, bullet-proof shirts, ice bullets, and poison pens. I just googled chloroform. Googling is not a crime. Casey googled chloroform after she saw a joke about it on the internet. Doesn’t make her a murderer. 84 times googling is a ridiculous, unreliable number. Do they count reading several search results for the term as googling it several times? Or refreshing page? Or favoriting? Or emailing to oneself?The reports of a “no regrets” diary entry confessing to a murder are just not true. Look for the YEAR the diary entries were written. The chloroform stuff was insignificant traces that proved nothing. YOU probably have chloroform in your house right now.Bottom line, NO PROOF A MURDER OCCURRED, NO PROOF CASEY DID IT. NOT GUILTY. Disagree with my theories and opinions about what happened and there is still not enough evidence. Before you sentence someone to death, the dots MUST to be clear and close enough on their own for you to see the picture before you connect them.

Whether some still don’t believe a murder took place and that it was an “accident”, that still doesn’t explain how she got thrown in the swamp to rot!

They really aren’t a credible news network in terms of making this story all they talk about every evening. It has nothing to do with sweet littles or evil wenches – it just isn’t news.

Unfortunately truth is an absolute defense to defamation. Damn you Zanny the Nanny, why coudn’t you have been real?

Yep, Shen has a BLOATED EGO and cannot see her contradictions. There are so many holes in her arguments that you can drive a truck through.

OH CNN will be so sorry to hear you think they aren’t a credible news network. They will change their ways. Write to them directly, they love to get suggestions from crackpots.